Google delivers new best practices for e-commerce in the search

Google delivers new best practices for e-commerce in the search

A business must be found easily on Google these days and can draw attention to itself there.Regardless of whether products and services are only offered digital or offline.People are looking for, whether locally or with regard to a certain product, numerous via Google Search.Now the search engine company provides a new documentary for best practices that are available in Google Search Central.This enables developers: Inside and page operators: Simply understand how you can display product data in the best possible way on Google or which of your product content where on Google.

Google's New Best Practices: Guides for the success of e-commerce websites

The new compilation was discovered by Google's Guides by Google and Search expert Kenichi Suzuki:

Various topics that are dealt with in the guides are presented on the Google documentation website.This includes, for example, the aspect where Commerce Content can appear at Google's search.On this underside it is then shown that e-commerce business can appear both on Google Maps (if there is an offline store) and Google My Business.The products can appear in the shopping day, on Google pictures or in search and can even be found by users via Google Lens.So that this potential can be used, Google gives tips on how to create a business content.From the live stream to digital catalogs to the product reviews relevant to purchase decisions.

The best practice page shows these detailed assistance on various categories:

If you also operate e-commerce, you should always optimize your performance in Google search.The new Best Practices from Google can help you or at least give information about what you are doing particularly well.

The Power of Online Reviews

One of the strongest weapons on the Internet are users: internal reviews.They give the customer: not only security inside.The purchase decision is also significantly influenced by you.Find out now how you can best benefit from the resulting possibilities.

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Google liefert neue Best Practices für E-Commerce in der Suche



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