Gender -friendly language - Genderstern has already been burned in the federal administration

Gender -friendly language - Genderstern has already been burned in the federal administration

Including who feels excluded - that should enable the star: politicians - this so -called gender star has been applied in recent years and at the same time caused heated debates.Other characters such as the colon are also used or the deep line, the gap.

Federal Chancellery: Double name or "neutral"

The Federal Chancellery has recently published the following instructions: "The Federal Chancellery is aware that people who are not captured by the conventional binary gender model are not represented in a language that also only knows two genders as women and men."

The instructions of the Federal Chancellery

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Geschlechtergerechte Sprache - Genderstern ist in der Bundesverwaltung bereits verglüht

The Federal Chancellery continues to understand the concern.However, in their view, typographic means such as the gender star, the colon, the gender gap and the gender mediopunct are "not suitable for doing justice to this concern".On the one hand, they did not do what to do, and on the other hand, they caused a number of linguistic problems, according to the Federal Chancellery.

This means that instead of politicians, the double name of “politicians” should be chosen.Or - where possible - a neutral wording.The generic masculine - the male form that all means "the politician" or "the citizen" - is therefore not permitted.So the gender star has already been burned up again.

That leaves bourgeois young politicians cool.There are enough alternatives, the St. Gallen SVP National Councilor Mike Egger states: The federal administration is already doing a lot.For example, it can be written according to couple forms, or gender abstracts or gender -neutral forms could be used: "This should actually take into account the whole thing."

His colleague from the FDP, Andri Silberschmidt, says everyone should write as they wanted.The Zurich National Council says about the outlook: "I assume that we are not yet at the end of the Latin and that many and creative suggestions will come on how to integrate all minorities."However, it will probably not always be practical in everyday life, after all, reading -friendly solutions are needed.

It sounds different on the political left side.The Basel Bidder SP national councilor Samira Marti regrets the instruction: «At first it is a missed chance.Many cantons already deal with this topic.The universities are also waiting for the Federal Chancellery and actually hope for a nationwide solution. »

In addition, the Federal Chancellery is proceeding, because the guide will be revised by the end of the year.Marti demands that experts from the office for equality and the transgender network are included.

Federal Council promises solutions

The middle faction in the question time of the parliament had pushed for a clarification last week.It was shown that the government also sees language policy and legal problems behind the graphic signs.The Federal Council promised that gender -friendly language would be revised and that the Federal Chancellery is looking for solutions.In order to include those who do not understand each other as a woman or as a man.