Game Studio-then I & APOs; m doing my own game!

Game Studio-then I & APOs; m doing my own game!

Hand on heart, how often you thought when playing a game: I would have done that better!With the game studio software for Nintendo Switch, from which there is a free demo, you can show how much potential as a developer: in you.And who knows, maybe the whole thing is a hidden entrance exam in the circle of the Nintendo development team?First of all: the game studio is primarily a learning software.You can find out exactly what this means in our game test!

Nintendo gives a detailed look at the game studio in the following video:

But how does it work with programming?Which programming language do you have to know?Java, C ++ or Phyton?Anyone who has ever played Nintendo Labo could have seen the basic concept in the Toy-Con workshop: you combine so-called knotixes.Simply select the desired knotix from one of four categories and link with others depending on the purpose.Unfortunately, it's not that simple.There are many different building blocks from which you can choose.While objects such as balls, cylinders or cuboids are still easy to see through, it becomes more tricky with logical operators or sensors to pull the right links.But for this, in the “Interactive Licables” mode, exercises are presented in which you will be taken by Bob and he shows you step by step how you create your own racing game, for example.

An exercise takes time

Each lesson is divided into several subconiums, so that you never have to complete the complete exercise in a row.This is an advantage because these can take between 40 and 90 minutes.I personally preferred the exercises as a whole.And then it doesn't even take a minute for you to play through your own creations.Who would have thought that a game couldn't just be shaken out of your sleeve?

But not only Bob is enough for you a helping hand.Alice ensures that you have to apply what you have learned beforehand by putting a handful of riddles before the next lesson can be started.It also explains the exact functionality of the individual knotixes as soon as they are in the lessons for the first time.A brief explanation of how it works can also be called up via digital instructions during programming.

Once you have worked through the interactive lessons, you can test the newly learned skills in the “Free Pergramming” mode.To be allowed to start this, you don't necessarily have to do every exercise in the other mode, but it is very advantageous.Here you can look back on the completed exercise projects and copy and adapt them if necessary.If you want, you can also share your creations with other programmers: inside.Unfortunately, this runs in a way that seems to be very popular with Nintendo: by code.At the moment there is no way to browse the works of other people.But the community was already busy and has already produced pages like a look at my modified variant of alien attack, from the third lesson, to: g 007 8DX myn.

Flappy Bird is an app by the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen from 2013. It was published by .Gears Studios.On February 8, 2014, Nguyen announced on Twitter that he would remove the application from the app stores.He later called the reason in an interview.He stated that the game was addictive, which would conflict with his actual intent to make Flappy Bird an occasional game.On February 9, 2014, the app was removed from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store without comment.However, this announcement caused a massive download increase in the app in advance.Even used smartphones were offered on eBay, on which the game was already pre -installed.Also from Flappy Bird, who is surprised, there are already numerous versions on the website mentioned above - please try it out!

Maus & Tastatur Support

When programming in handheld mode, it happened to me every now and then that when I wiped the Knotixe work surface, I unintentionally shifted or reorganized connections.If you play the game studio in TV mode, keyboards and mice connected to the docking station can be used via USB in order to be able to make entries a little more precisely than with the touchscreen.This is also urgently necessary if you have gathered many objects in a small area.

You have the opportunity to paint textures for your objects, but you need a certain level of artistic skills. For example, if you adapt a UFO with it, it turns into a flat 2D object in a 3D environment. 3D objects cannot be adjusted at all, so most games have a certain unit look. The assembly of 3D objects needs almost as much practice as creating projects. If you compose objects, you can influence their size, position, rotation and connection points with X, Y and Z coordinates. But in the end the objects were very different than expected. If you build such a composed object in the middle of the level, you either have to move the starting point again or play through the level to this point to see what the object looks like. At this point it would have been great to be able to save such objects in a separate editor in order to later import them into other projects. Anyone who has built a tree does not have to reinvent it in another game.

The Link’s Awakening Diorama can reach the game studio ID G 002 MPY 9DY.This is a conceptual homage to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.It is the beach scene with Marin.The diorama has only a very low freedom of movement to control the camera a little to the left and right.

Charming tutorials and many creative game developers

Spielestudio – Dann mach ich halt mein eigenes Spiel!

Just a few days after the publication of the game studio, the players showed how much potential there is in the software.I myself had a lot of fun with it, which could also have been a little my general interest in games with level editors or the like.If you are unsure whether you like the game studio at all, you should perhaps first download the demo from the Nintendo Eshop, which covers the first lesson.The tutorials are very charming and explain how a younger audience can develop a feeling for how (games) programming works.On online mode and the 3D objects, updates are welcome to be improved.A variant for those who only want to play the creations of others would be a wonderful extra.

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Totally score


Detailed explanations

Ridden to consolidate what you have learned

USB devices are supported

Many possibilities


Difficult optical adjustments

Work area can be easily confusing

No way to browse creations of others