Furor of the clientele for the new Ikea teapot

Furor of the clientele for the new Ikea teapot

He has done it again. When Ikea launches its annual catalog, we usually look for the novelties that most attract our attention or if any of its most iconic furniture has lowered its price. It is always a good opportunity to look for a bargain or find a piece of furniture, accessory or complement that we need for the house and that, when you see it, fits. And again the Swedish multinational has managed to capture the attention of customers.

Among its novelties for this 2022 that has just begun, it has a collection that has conquered the public that comes to buy at the Swedish center. Ikea has opted for products inspired by Morocco and one of the most popular is the Hembjuden teapot. "The teapot is made of porcelain with feldspar, a natural and durable material that maintains the aroma of the tea and the heat for a long time." This product can be purchased in the Swedish shopping center for 25 euros.

The Ikea Fashion Trolley

But many times we overlook "little great jewels" that can become the most beautiful in our home. Now, Ikea has lowered the price of one of its star products. This is the Nissafors kitchen cart. "This cart fits into any corner and can be easily moved around. Use it to have more space to store kitchen utensils, office supplies or gloves, keys and mobile phones. You can use the cart in different ways: as an additional work surface in the kitchen, as practical storage in the entryway or as a bedside table in the bedroom. The product accumulates a large number of positive comments and its price has just been lowered. It can be purchased for 24 euros.

Furor de la clientela por la nueva tetera de Ikea

The new Ikea teapot that is all the rage among its customersikea.com

Cheap Dressers In Ikea

What we liked most about the Lommparp chest of drawers is that it is tremendously versatile. You can place it in your living room as a perfect piece of furniture to store the crockery in its upper doors. In addition, with its lower drawer you can get even more out of it and place, for example, tablecloths, trivets, table runners and napkins. But if you have a large hall, it can also be the ideal wardrobe. You can take advantage of its wide doors to store your shoes using a box, bags or a handkerchief.

And last but not least, it can be the perfect chest of drawers for your bedroom. The chest of drawers is practically square (101x102 cm) and has a depth of 43 cm, making it ideal for storing your clothes or accessories. Its price is 249 euros.

Ikea's Discounted Dresser

But if you are looking for a cheaper and therefore smaller option, the Swedish giant also has the option of LOTE, a chest of drawers with three white drawers and measures 55-62. Its price is 24 euros.

If you prefer, you can also use it as a bedside table and it is characterized by being very light and having handle-shaped sides. The comments on the web highlight that it is very functional and some have even chosen to put it inside a closet to store underwear.

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