From 2022: With Google's standard search campaigns, only responsive search ads can be created

From 2022: With Google's standard search campaigns, only responsive search ads can be created

The constant change in Google users' search behavior also requires flexibility from the marketers who create search campaigns.Google indicates that 15 percent of daily search queries represent completely new searches that had not yet come about.To adapt to the user needs, the search engine advises automation.Responsive search ads in particular are valuable.Therefore, these will be the only type of search for the coming year that can be created and processed in search campaigns.The extended text ads are discontinued - but with good reason.

Responsive Search Ads provide more conversions

Ab 2022: Bei Googles Standardsuchkampagnen können nur noch Responsive Search Ads erstellt werden

In the Google Ads aid and via Twitter, Google announces the news that marketers have to adjust to.It is stated that responsive search ads reach an average of seven percent more conversions than extended text ads;And that with an almost same cost-per-conversion.

From 30.June 2022 Google then only supports the responsive search ads.Extended text ads that exist will continue to play the search engine.One way to create or edit the same then falls away.However, users can continue to track the performance.Marketers can also continue to create and edit Call Ads and Dynamic Search Ads.

With more and more complex and very differentiated search queries, the responsive search ads based on machine learning can always provide the right message for the right search query, according to Google.In this way, marketers should have to create fewer ads and get the chance of incremental conversions.Google recommends up to 30.June 2022 to integrate at least one responsive search ad per advertising group in the search campaigns.In the Google AdS aid center you will receive all the important information about creating such advertisements and the use of Ad Customisers at these.The latter help with advertising optimization in real time.

If you operate search engine marketing, you should adjust to this central change on Google.However, it also offers advertisers the opportunity to increase their ad performance and the conversions in the long term with less effort.Google delivers various examples of success in the post office.