Free homepage: 5 providers in comparison

Free homepage: 5 providers in comparison

Es gibt reichlich Anbieter für eine kostenlose Homepage. Nicht alle sind gleich gut. Wir haben 5 bekannte Anbieter getestet und nennen Vor- und Nachteile.Kostenlose Homepage: 5 Anbieter im Vergleich



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You always have to show yourself that nobody has anything to give away.In any way, a provider of free homepages has to make a profit.In such a situation, sometimes only means that the customer does not have to pay money.For this, however, the provider shows z.B.Advertising on the homepage.This is not a bad business at all.If you have thousands of homepages on your server and that are also well attended, there is already a sophisticated sum.And also a clearly visible note of the species "Created with the free Homepage Basken from XYZ" is not suitable for each page.

My tip: basically the rules and the terms and conditions or.Read through data protection rules beforehand!

At the same time, this also means that such free websites for a professional or.Commercial use actually fail.What is the impression when a plumber has a loud advertising banner on his website and can't even influence what is being advertised for?And even the website address should not be too strange or too complicated.In my opinion, for example, the Israeli homepage provider Wix did not research well enough before he also entered the German market.;-)

Tip #1: Free homepage at webvisite

Creating your own homepage is on webvisite for free and really quickly done.The Hanoverian provider provides us with a whole range of different layouts and the use of the modular system is really also very easy for beginners.

Of course, like all providers of such services, the company tries to persuade us into a paid account.The homepage is financed with an advertisement that consists of a small link in the foot of the website in this case.This is not very intrusive and certainly no problem for private websites.

The free accounts offer the user an address as a subdomain among the two to.The address of the website "Harry" would therefore be or loud.If you have no problems with it, this is a good, easy -to -notice offer.The homepage owner can add a lot of its own menu items and also miss a guest book for his website.


Easy to use

Quick results

Attractive designs

Free of charge

A prepared imprint in which you only have to enter your data


Advertising at the foot of every website

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