Fortnite: Refer A Friend - Get a friend into play and receive free rewards

Fortnite: Refer A Friend - Get a friend into play and receive free rewards

Epic Games started the beta of the new Fortnite refer to a friend - in German a friend in German - that allows you to invite up to five friends into play to play together and do special tasks.As a reward, five exclusive cosmetic objects like the rainbow raser Skin, who can dust off you and your friends.We will show you on this page how you can take part in the campaign, what conditions and what tasks and rewards await you.

Fortnite: Refer to Friend Content:

Fortnite: Refer to Friend explanation - this is how the friendship program works

Fortnite: This is how you bring friends into play

All refer to friends and rewards in Fortnite

Fortnite: This is how you bring friends into play

If you have one or more friends that you want to bring into play as a Fortnite gambler via the new friendship program, you have to keep the whole thing as "recommendation".Don't worry, that is with just a few clicks and is very simple.You should only consider the period of the action and the conditions for participation (see next point).Below we explain step by step how you can invite friends and new players:

Visit the official page of from Epic Games and register there with your EPIC account.

At this point you now have two options to invite players. With a possibility you can invite friends who already own an epic account and have already played Fortnite (Fortnite pauser), while the second option for new players without Epic account is intended: Possibility 1: With a click on the button "One Add Fortnite friend "opens a new window by displaying all players on your friend list. Whether a player fulfills the permissions (see above) for participation is shown right next to his name. Simply select one or more players that you want to invite and click on "Add". You can invite up to a maximum of 5 friends. By the way: If you do not yet have a player on your friend list, opens the other window. Opportunity 2: If you want to invite new players who do not yet have an EPIC account, you instead click on the "Share" button. Another window opens here in which a unique link is generated (it is displayed below the image). Click on the "Copy link" button (or mark the URL and copy it with the key combination Ctrl + C) and then send the link by email, WhatsApp, Discord chat or whatever to the players that you want to invite. You can invite up to 5 players.

After you have invited your friends and new players, you and your new gambler buddies are available to you "get a friend in the game".So jump into the game and put yourself in the team to solve the simple orders to unlock the rewards.

Fortnite: Refer to Friend explanation - this is how the friendship program works

If you have been playing Fortnite for a long time, the various friendship programs such as Reboot A Friend should already be known to you.In contrast to the "reactivate a friend" program, "Refer A Friend" is aimed not only at players who have given up for Fortnite (and are to be brought back), but also to completely new players.

So you can invite both "Fortnite pauser" and newcomers with the new "get a friend into the game" program.Of course, your friends could just start (again) with Fortnite, but if you bring them to the island via the friendship program, there are a few advantages for you and you such as special tasks for leveling and of course rewards such as the rainbow rasiner Skin (moreThere are again to the Rewards below).

When starts and ends Fortnite: Refer A FRIEND?

The "get a friend into the game" program is divided into two sections (registration and completion of the tasks):

From Monday, October 25, 2021 (10:00 a.m.) you can register, register and join the program by Sunday, November 14th (5:59 a.m.).

Fortnite: Refer a Friend - Hol dir einen Freund ins Spiel und erhalte kostenlose Belohnungen

Players who participate in the refer to Friend program can complete the associated tasks and earn rewards from Monday, October 25, 2021 (10:00 a.m.) by Monday, January 10, 2022 (5:59 a.m.).

Which players are eligible to participate?

Basically, the following applies: players who want to invite the refer to a friend program may not have spent more than 120 minutes in one of the Battle Royale game modes "Solo", "Duo" or "Team" in the last 30 days.Important: This also includes new players.So if you have a friend who started for example with Fortnite five days ago, you can also invite him.Apart from that, the usual rules such as the minimum age of 13 years (including only with the permission of the parents) and a valid EPIC account apply.

All refer to friends and rewards in Fortnite

If you have invited a friend, there are five simple tasks available that you can / should solve together.Each task throws a special reward of the "Holo-Verkehr" set.Below you will find out which orders and cosmetic objects await you:

Create a connection reward: charging screen "street action"

Play with your boyfriend 1 game in Fortnite [*] Reward: painting "Colorful Schillern"

Land 3 times with your invited friend in the TOP 10 [*] reward: hanging director "Farbenfahrt"

Eliminiere 10 opponents with a friend's reward: pointed hoe "Steuerschläger"

Get up 60 levels and wait until your friend also rose 60 levels: Skin "Rainbow raser"

Attention: You can complete the same tasks with different friends several times, but you can only unlock any reward once.In addition, the tasks and progress are not displayed in the game, but only on the "Fortnite Refer A FRIEND program website".

Can you dust off the "Get a friend" rewards without friends?

Although it is certainly not so thought of Epic Games, you can also receive the tasks and rewards via a detour.Since you can also invite new players via the program, this also includes the opportunity to create a second account and then invite it.Maybe you already have another account because you play Fortnite on various platforms, then you can easily invite it.The solution to the tasks is then a bit cumbersome because you have to control two accounts / characters alone.

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