"everybody's talking about Jamie" on Amazon Prime: in War Paintin

"everybody's talking about Jamie" on Amazon Prime: in War Paintin

England, the small town of Sheffield, a classroom. Jamie sits in one of the rear rows at the window. A slender young man, blue school uniform, large eyes, bright skin, the hydrogen-blonde hair combed into the forehead, he looks into the rain. Since today he is sixteen years old. Matching this break, it & APOs; s about the future plans of the class. "you can't be all pop stars," says the teacher. When she asks Jamie about his "realistic expectations" for his career, he doesn't say "pop star", but he says "performer". What he means, but doesn & APOs; t dare to say yet, is drag Queen.

Drag. What a magic, so wonderfully specific: men who wear hyperfemale old egos, but Don & APOs; t want to be women per se. The longest eyelashes, the most touristy wigs, the most beautiful creations. Drag queens sing, dance, model, lipsyncen, tell jokes, in short, they entertaine. The fact that 2021 in the cinema "drag Queen" stands as a cheeky alternative for "Popstar" is remarkable, great for several reasons-and perhaps out of place in this film.

"everybody's talking about Jamie" is a film adaptation of a celebrated English musical. "it's the Jamie show and you Don't even know", the openly homosexual protagonist Jamie sings at the beginning in a good-mood pop number that will be followed by many, with a high kitsch factor. If you can withstand a bit of fluff and feel comfortable in an underdog story, you can lose yourself in the liveliness, the shiny look and the expectable but nice gay-culture footnotes. Here it looks like this: young wants to become drag queen and present his drag persona to the public for the first time at the school & APOs; s prom. Narrow-minded little spirits in school and his father are against it. Boy becomes-what a surprise-nevertheless drag queen.

Drag has made a career over the past ten years. Immense

„Everybody’s Talking About Jamie“ auf Amazon Prime: In Kriegsbemalung

Despite all the frosting but crunching something in "everybody's talking about Jamie"-the time. The musical on which the film is based is based on a BBC documentary: "Jamie: drag Queen at 16". She accompanied a real boy in the north of England who wanted to go to his prom in 2011 against all resistance in drag, which moved many people back then. Of course, otherwise you wouldn & APOs; t have made a musical out of it. But ten years have passed since then. And something happened that nobody really expected: drag made a career. Immense.

The 13th season of RuPaul's drag Race, a casting show for drag queens, is currently running. A simple ingenious concept, moderated by the most legendary drag queen ever (excluding Marsha P. Johnson): RuPaul, now eight-time Emmy winner with star on the walk of fame. He has made profitable brands out of drag queens-they are influencers with millions of followers, fashion icons, musicians, make-up artists, comedians, social commentators, in short superstars.


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