Delete Apple ID permanently: How to delete your Apple account

Delete Apple ID permanently: How to delete your Apple account

Kris Wallburg

Anyone who uses an Apple device most likely also has an Apple ID.Your purchases in the app store, in Apple's media library and also your stored data in the cloud are managed via these.However, if you want to delete your Apple ID, this is easily possible.

You can easily delete your Apple ID.

If you want to delete your Apple ID for whatever reason, it is very easy.Because at the latest since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (short: GDPR), all companies in the EU have been obliged to make exactly that, i.e. viewing and deleting your own data.However, not only your data is irrevocably deleted, but also your purchases made such as apps or films.And this is how it works:

Delete Apple ID via the Apple website

Call up the Apple website for data and data protection under this link.

Click on "Delete your account".

On the next page you will be informed about what happens to your data and shopping when you delete your account.In summary: All your stored data will be deleted, including your iCloud backups and personal data.This also includes purchases made, for example films and music.

At the bottom of the page, choose the reasons why you want to delete your account and click on "Next".

After that, you still have to click through a few pages where you can also find tips on how to best secure your data.You should also do this if you have secured important data in the iCloud.

After all, you have to state how Apple should contact you to the status of your deletion.You can choose from a telephone number or email address.

Apple sends you a code using the selected contact method, which you have to enter on the website for the final confirmation of deletion.

The deletion is thus completed.The process can take a few more days, you will receive a notification of Apple as soon as the account has been finally deleted.Note that you can no longer access your data and purchases at Apple as soon as the account is deleted.

In Apple's data protection settings, you will also find the option to delete your Apple ID.

Delete Apple ID using the contact form

Alternatively, you can also apply for deletion using the contact form.You can get to the contact form via this link.In the form you simply enter your region and data, then explain your concern in the lower text field.An Apple employee will then contact you.

Prepare iPhone, Mac and Co.

Apple ID dauerhaft löschen: So löschen Sie ihren Apple-Account

Sollten Sie Ihre Apple-ID löschen, ist es wichtig, Ihre Geräte darauf vorzubereiten. Ansonsten kann es zu Schwierigkeiten kommen, sollte ein Gerät noch auf die gelöschte Apple-ID registriert sein. Entfernen Sie Ihre Apple-ID also vorher von Ihren Apple-Geräten. Die Funktion findet sich in den Einstellungen des jeweiligen Gerätes und dem Register "Apple-ID". Diese Bezeichnung kann je nach Gerät etwas variieren, auf dem iPhone heißt sie zum Beispiel "Apple-ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store" und findet sich ganz oben in den Einstellungen.

Before deleting, it is possible on the data protection page to download your own data.This data is available:

Information on Apple media services (concludes app store, iTunes-store, Apple book, Apple Music, Podcasts activities)

Apple ID account and device information

Apple online store and retail store activity

Wallet activity

Apple-Care support course, repair inquiries and more

Game center activity

iCloud bookmark and reading list

iCloud calendar and memories

iCloud contacts

iCloud notes

Report the problem (cards)

Marketing messages, downloads and other activity

Other data

Files and documents on iCloud Drive

iCloud mail

iCloud photos

Use this option to ensure that you do not miss any data after deleting your Apple ID.