Create Instagram account: So simply register

Create Instagram account: So simply register

Alle deine Freunde sind auf Instagram und du möchtest auch dazugehören? Wir zeigen dir, wie du dir im Handumdrehen deinen eigenen Instagram-Account erstellst.Instagram-Account erstellen: So einfach meldest du dich an

Instagram is now the social media channel of Generation Y and offers you the opportunity to share your photos and videos with your friends and acquaintances.Creating the account only takes a few minutes and you can act freely on the platform.Simply follow our step-by-step instructions.

How to create your own Instagram account

You can use Instagram via your smartphone app or the web app on the PC.However, not all functions are fully available on the PC.We therefore recommend that Instagram mainly use the app via the app.

Create Instagram account via the app

1.Download the Instagram app via your app store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on the cell phone.2.Click on here.Now you have the selection of registering with Facebook on Instagram or with your email address or mobile phone number.The advantage of a Facebook registration is that a lot of information has already been pre-filled and friends can also be proposed directly.4.If you decide to register via email address and / or mobile phone number, you must then fill out all fields such as name, password and username manually.Then you confirm and the app asks you if you want to synchronize your contacts.This allows you to display possible friends and acquaintances directly in the app.5.Set up your profile as desired.

Create Instagram account via the browser

1.Go to the side of Instagram: on the field.3.You now have the selection of registering via your Facebook account, or you choose manual registration.The advantage on Facebook is that you are directly suggested by friends and acquaintances with whom you are also networked on Facebook.In addition, the fields are already filled with ahead.This is not the case with manual registration.4.Now you can set up your profile according to your wishes.

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Create Instagram account: You should consider that

Depending on what you want to use your Instagram account for, it is important to fill it with life.For example if you use it for your company.We have a few tips for you:

Profile picture: Set up your profile picture.Ideally, it shows you as a person.That makes the account much more personal.You can choose a nice picture of yourself with which you feel comfortable, or you use your logo.Make sure that Instagram shows your profile picture in a circle.A format of 110 x 110 px is used.

Website and Bio: The organic is your profile, so to speak.Here you can tell in 150 characters what you're doing on your account.You can get inspiration about this from other Instagram users.In the organic you also have the option of linking to your website or another page.

The operation of Instagram is not rocket science.After installing the app, it is time to try it out, test and above all to the consequences of the people who are interested in you.We wish you a lot of fun in the colorful and diverse world of Instagram.And if you would also like to try TikTok soon, be sure to take a look at our instructions on how to register in the popular app.

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