Corona-Warn app for iPhone and Android version 2.0 is ›The app supports check-ins for events and places via QR code

Corona-Warn app for iPhone and Android version 2.0 is ›The app supports check-ins for events and places via QR code

During the course of the day, the Robert Koch Institute published the next major update to version 2.0 for the Corona warning app for iPhone and Android. With this update the possibility of a check-in for events and places via QR code was introduced. The Corona-Warn-App thus enables efficient tracking of infection chains. People who host events or have a business can create a QR code through the app. By scanning the QR code, guests can check in upon arrival, registering their presence without providing contact information. If desired, the app creates a corresponding diary entry. If a checked-in person later reports a positive corona test via the app, all people who were checked in at the same time can be warned. It also comes with the usual bug fixes and improvements to make the app more reliable. The version 2.0 update requires a device running at least iOS 12.5 or Android 6.0 and is available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, otherwise you will be notified when it is available for your device. Further information can be found below or in the official blog on the Corona-Warn-App.Corona warning app for iPhone and Android version 2.0 is here › The app supports check-ins for events and locations via QR code

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The new Corona warning app can now be downloaded: iOS users can now download the current version manually from the iTunes App Store. Because of the almost 25 million downloads in the meantime, the current version of the Corona-Warn-App will be available for download in waves over the next few days - as with previous updates. The Google Play Store does not offer a way to initiate a manual update. The new version of the Corona warning app is available to users here for the next 48 hours.

‎Corona warning app

Price: Free

Corona warning app

Price: Free

Version 2.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

The project team from Deutsche Telekom and SAP has released Corona-Warn-App Version 2.0, which will be available to users within the next 48 hours. With the update, the Corona-Warn-App gets an event registration functionality that allows users to check in via QR code in retail stores, at events or private meetings.

With event registration, organizers and retailers can use the Corona-Warn-App to create a QR code in which all necessary data about the event is encoded. This includes, for example, the location of the event, date, type of event and, if applicable, the start and end of the event. Visitors and guests can check-in to the event by scanning the QR code. The check-in is saved locally on your smartphone and automatically deleted after two weeks.

iOS users who scan a QR code but have not installed the Corona-Warn-App are automatically directed to Apple's App Store. There they can download the app and then check in. Android users are directed to a website that takes them to the Google Play Store, where they can also download the Corona warning app.

How does check-in and check-out work?

In version 2.0 of the Corona-Warn-App, users will find the "Check-In" tab in the Corona-Warn-App tab. This takes them to an overview of their check-ins and enables them to check in or out for an event. To check in, users can scan the corresponding QR code. On iOS, this works via the camera, on Android devices it depends on the manufacturer whether the smartphone camera can read QR codes. All check-ins can be automatically transferred to the contact diary. Guests and customers can also check out in this area by clicking on "Check out now" under the event. Alternatively, organizers can also set an automatic check-out after a previously specified time. Users will then receive a notification that they have been checked out, but can manually adjust the time afterwards via the tab.

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The Corona-Warn-App requires a device with at least iOS 12.5 or Android 6.0.

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