Corona: The events from September 20 to 26, 2021

Corona: The events from September 20 to 26, 2021

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Sunday, 09/26/2021

8:00 p.m.: Upper Austria: Corona vaccination skeptics surprise when you choose

Surprise in the state elections in Upper Austria: The Corona vaccination skeptics of the list of human-freedom fundamental rights (MFG) made it easy to take to the state parliament when they first competed.After the first projections, they came to around seven percent of the votes.The hurdle is four percent.

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7.45 p.m.: Russia: President Putin ends quarantine

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has ended his Corona quartan with a multi-day fishing trip to Siberia, as the Kremlin announced.As a precaution, Putin had isolated himself in mid-September after dozens of people from his surroundings suffered from Covid-19.

7.40 p.m.: End of Corona rules: Parties in Norway

With numerous parties, the people in Norway celebrated the end of the Corona rules.Night clubs and pubs were full, in many places there was an exuberant mood.Songs were sung in queues in front of discos and bars.In the city of Trondheim, several people had to be cared for who passed out for the long time.However, brawls, injuries and arrests were also reported from several cities, as the public service broadcaster NRK reported."There were many administrative offenses, outbreaks of violence and fights," said Rune Hekkelstrand from the police in Oslo.Norway had previously lifted the vast majority of Corona measures.Among other things, the one-meter distance rule no longer applies, and the restrictions on participants in events and gatherings are also eliminated.

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4:38 p.m.: Barcelona: arrests in illegal open-air parties

Once again, around 40,000 mostly young people gathered in the Catalan capital Barcelona for huge open-air parties.The occasion was the city festival of La Mercè, which will be held on September 24 in honor of the city patrona La Mercè.This resulted in severe riots of small groups of young people, especially on Saturday night, as reported by the newspaper "La Vanguardia".There were arrests and injured both on the police and the rioters.Again and again there have been conflicts in Spain in the past few weeks due to illegal open-air parties.Most bars and nightlocks are still closed due to the corona pandemic.That drives many young people onto the street to celebrate.

3:37 p.m.: Whether Reiter - Wiesn 2022 not without admission controls

In 2022, the Oktoberfest - after two years of Corona -related forced break - will be able to take place again, hopes Dieter Reiter (SPD).However, according to Munich's mayor in the Munich "Abendzeitung" (Saturday), one has to assume entry controls."We are currently considering how we can best implement this technically and personally."Rider campaigned for "a high international vaccination rate" in relation to a possible Oktoberfest 2022.

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3:21 p.m.: President of European bishops: More cooperation against Corona

The newly elected President of the Council of the European Bishops Conferences (CCEE), Gintaras Linas Grusas, campaigned for more international cooperation to combat corona pandemic at the end of the general assembly in Rome.Pandemic is a global problem, emphasized the Archbishop of Vilnius."We cannot look at these challenges as if they were only a European problem."The Council of the European Bishops' Conferences based in Sankt Gallen/Switzerland (Latin Consilium Conferentiarum Episcoporum Europae) wants to promote the cooperation of the Catholic bishops on the continent.The committee founded in 1971 currently belongs to 39 members.Together they represent the Catholic Church in 45 European countries.

3:15 p.m.: Virologist Streeck: Corona is from pandemic to endemic

According to the virologist Hendrik Streeck, Corona is currently changing from a pandemic to an endemic.There is a state, according to the director of the Institute of Virology at the University of Bonn in the "Augsburg Allegemen", "where the virus is still there, but most people have immunity and thus the virus becomes less dangerous".Now you have to vaccinate all over 60 years of age: "I think that we can take our horror to the virus."

2.41 p.m.: BVB study: Corona harms football in Germany

According to a scientific study commissioned by the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund in cooperation with the University of Dortmund, Corona pandemic in Germany has severely harmed.28,000 BVB fans were asked about football in their lives.Almost over 80 percent of those surveyed stated this as "high" for the time before Corona.With reference to "their" association, BVB, it was even over 90 percent of those surveyed who gave football a high priority.According to the experience of the pandemic, the values in spring were only 50 and 60 percent.However, the value in the long term should also recover: only 0.5 percent of the study participants stated that they no longer want to visit games in the stadium after the end of the pandemic.

2:34 p.m.: Free voters: No mask obligation for students in the square

Free voter boss Hubert Aiwanger does not want to extend the mask obligation for students at the seat."The currently gratifyingly low cases of positively tested in schools no longer justify mask obligation," said Aiwanger on Saturday in an interview with the German Press Agency.The schools are "very safe".At the beginning of school, the mask obligation had initially been introduced until October 1st to prevent possible infections from returnees.Aiwanger said that the freelance voters would not agree to an extension of mask obligation.

1:32 p.m.: Computer in vaccination centers are running again

In all Bavarian vaccination centers, the computer system failed on Sunday morning.A network problem in the Bayimco data center was the cause, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.At noon the program and thus the vaccination centers ran back in normal operation.

Previously, the city of Rosenheim had announced that the software in all vaccination centers failed throughout the Free State.Everything had to be carried out manually.

Corona: Current figures for vaccination in Bavaria and Germany

12.46 p.m.: Vatican calls for "sibling" solidarity

In view of the ongoing Corona pandemic, the Vatican calls the international community for "sibling solidarity".No state could cope with the crisis alone, said Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in a video message to the UN General Assembly in New York.The United Nations would have to work together to prevent unnecessary suffering and dying in countries with inadequate medical care.Vaccines should be accessible to everyone, especially in conflict areas, according to the cardinal.

11.04 a.m.: Milan - riots for corona measures

During a demonstration against the Corona measures, riots occurred in Milan on Saturday.Several of the several thousand protesters who took to the streets against vaccinations and against the extensively prescribed "green pass", several with police officers and Carabinieri.According to media reports, some demonstrators were slightly injured. In other cities such as Rome or Trieste, the government's measures were also protested.Police officers were also attacked in the capital.

Risk areas and number of cases: Corona data for Europe

06.49 Meghan and Harry advertise for vaccination justice

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry promoted the Global-Citizen concert in New York Central Park for vaccination justice.The current situation of preference for wealthy countries in Corona vaccines is a human rights crisis, says Harry.

"My wife and I believe that the way you were born should not decide that you survive".Prince Harry

Duchess Meghan pointed out that only about three percent of people were vaccinated in Africa, while in the richest countries in the world there are now plenty of vaczine against Corona.

06.18 p.m.: Seven-day incidence increases to 61.4

The Robert Koch Institute reports 7,774 new positive tests.That is 437 more than on Sunday a week ago.7,337 new infections were reported.The seven-day incidence increases to 61.4 out of 60.6 the previous day.The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.28 other people died in connection with the virus.This increases the number of reported deaths to 93,393.In total, more than 4.19 million corona tests have been positive in Germany.

This is how the Corona numbers in Germany develop

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

8.30 p.m.: Elton John gives Corona beefiz concert at the Eiffel Tower

In front of the backdrop of the Paris Eiffel Tower, Elton John called for global cohesion in the Corona crisis."We can't leave anyone behind," he said with a view to Covid 19 vaccinations on Saturday evening in Paris at the Global Citizen Live.With solidarity and love you can make a better future, according to the British pop star.

The 24-hour Great event Global Citizen Live wants to collect donations from states and companies for the climate and against poverty.Specifically, it is about financial support for climate protection in poorer countries, funds for the fight against famines and donations from Corona vaccines.

6.15 p.m.: Berlin Technoclub Berghain announces the opening

The Berghain wants to open its doors again.On his homepage, the club, which residents in a former teleys heating plant, announced a first "club night" for Saturday 2 October.The Technoclub also wants to open its regularly besieged entrance on the following Saturdays.If you want to be pure, you not only have to go past the guards of the "toughest door in the world", but also vaccinate against Corona or recover from Covid-19 (2G).

The Berlin Administrative Court overturned the general ban in commercial dance events in closed rooms in August.It argued that, against the background of Corona pandemic, unreserved openings were still not allowed, but events were only allowed for vaccinated and recovered persons

5:35 p.m.: After a year break: Berlin marathon with around 25,000 participants

After the corona-related failure last year, the traditional Berlin Marathon will take place again this Sunday (9.15 a.m./ARD and RBB).At the 47th edition, the organizers expect around 25,000 runners.Although there were more than 40,000 recently, according to the organizers, it is still the world's largest marathon since the beginning of Corona pandemic.According to their information, more than 90 percent of the participants will be vaccinated against Corona or will be recovered by an infection.All others had to undergo a PCR test at the earliest 48 hours before the start.

5:15 p.m.: Dutch State Secretary released in the dispute over Corona course

In the dispute over the Corona course of the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte released the Secretary of Economics Mona Keijzer on Saturday without notice.The unusual step is followed by criticism by Keijzer in the introduction of a Corona pass in the Netherlands, which she had expressed in an interview with the newspaper "de Telegraaf".As Rutte said after a statement by the government, the State Secretary's statements did not deal with the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers.

The 1.5 meter spacing rule to protect against a corona infection was abolished in the Netherlands on Saturday.However, there is a violent controversial Corona pass.From now on, everyone from the age of 13 must prove that they are vaccinated, tested or recovered from the age of 13 before visiting restaurants, cultural or sporting events.Keijzer had heavily criticized this in the newspaper interview.

2:48 p.m.: Israel wants to advance vaccination refreshments

Israel penetrates the expansion of vaccination refreshments against Corona to almost all people from the age of twelve.A third vaccination syringe helped suppress the youngest Corona wave in Israel, said government officials.The most important question now is which groups should be the first to get a refreshment, said the chairman of the association of publicly employed doctors, Nadav Davidovitch. Israel is primarily relating to the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer and had already fully vaccinated in March in March.When the particularly contagious deltavariant reached, Israel began to refresh the vaccination in July.In the meantime, more than three million of the approximately nine million inhabitants have received a third vaccine injection.

1:55 p.m.: Moderator Pocher dissipated at the police concert

Oliver Pocher was accompanied by the police at a concert in Hartenholm in Schleswig-Holstein because he is said to have violated the organizer's hygiene concept.The moderator and comedian initially attended Pietro Lombardi at a beach chair Open Air concert on Friday evening, but then came on stage himself, as the 43-year-old reported in his Instagram story.From there he went to the audience, but pointed out everyone present because of the Corona rules to stay in their places.

According to police, Pocher does not violate applicable corona restrictions.However, his trip to the audience was not coordinated with the organizer's hygiene concept, said a police spokesman on Saturday.According to this, the organizer Pocher then banned the house and referred the celebrity of the site in the Segeberg district.

1.45 p.m.: Number of aircraft passengers doubled in the summer of 2021

In Germany, significantly more people have traveled on summer vacation than in 2020 - but the pre -crisis level is far from being reached.In the 12-week period of this year with time-violated summer holidays in the federal states, 28.6 million travelers used a German airport as the start or target point on vacation.This was announced by the ADV Airport Association.

This corresponds to an increase of 14.9 million passengers compared to the summer vacation period 2020. From the preliminary crisis level 2019, the number is just a good half away.

11:10 p.m.: Nuremberg crosses 100 incidence - two municipalities under 50

In Middle Franconia, only the city of Nuremberg is currently above a seven-day incidence of 100. The value there is 122. This is evident from the current figures of the Robert Koch Institute (as of September 25, 2021, 03.15 a.m.).With a value of 99.9, the city of Schwabach is only just below this brand.The districts of Nuremberg Land (43.8) and Erlangen-Höchstadt (47.8) are the only one in the administrative district an incidence of 50. below the threshold of 35, which is decisive for the 3G rule, there is no municipality in Middle Franconia.

10.40 a.m.: 2G-Hamburg drops the masks

After long restrictions in corona pandemic, Hamburg has dropped the masks: In clubs, bars, restaurants, cultural and sports facilities that take part in the so-called 2G model, there have been no restrictions on the number of Visitors or participants of an event. So where only vaccinated and recovered people are allowed in, it can be celebrated, dancing without distance and without a mask, films and theater can be watched or excited about sporting competitions. However, contact details must be collected and hygiene concepts must be observed. A corresponding contamination regulation of the Senate was issued on Friday. The mask obligation for sellers is also eliminated at weekly markets. However, it continues for customers as in supermarkets. In addition, negative corona test certificates can only be used by the employer of unvaccinated for professional purposes, for example no longer for a visit to the cinema. During sporting events, visitor flows at the entrances and outputs must be equalized. If the events take place in the interiors, air filter systems must be present.

9:20 p.m.: Münchner OB Reiter expects admission controls to the Oktoberfest 2022

According to Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD), an Oktoberfest 2022 will not be able to exist without admission controls."You have to assume that at the moment," he told the Munich "evening newspaper" (Saturday edition)."We are currently considering how we can best implement this technically and personally."This year the Wiesn fell victim to the second time as a result of Corona pandemic.It is still unclear what it looks like in the coming year.For him, "above all a high international vaccination rate is necessary so that the Oktoberfest can be as safe as possible and enough visitors come when Corona restrictions are required," said Reiter of the newspaper.

07.55 p.m.: Around 230,000 mask compulsory violations in rail traffic

This year, according to "Welt am Sonntag", the federal police have so far recorded around 230,000 violations of mask obligation in trains.In most cases, the officials could have left it in the event of instruction, the newspaper reported.In around 11,300 cases, the responsible authorities were informed on site to initiate fine procedures.According to the report, so -called promotion exclusions were imposed 745 times - the refusers had to leave the train.In January, more than 42,300 admonitions were pronounced, since then the number has decreased and was still almost 23,000 in August.

07.25 a.m.: British Corona expert: Majority of the children will be infected

In view of the high Corona case in British schools, an expert assumes that most children will be infected with the virus in winter or were already infected."I think the majority will have infected itself in six months," said public health expert Azeem Majeed from Imperial College London.Since the end of the school holidays in England, the number of cases among 5 to 14 year olds has increased enormously.The incidence is more than twice as high as in other age groups, as can be seen in an evaluation of the “Financial Times”.

07.10 a.m.: 1.5 meters of meter ends in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are on the way back to a normal life. On Saturday, the obligated safety distance of 1.5 meters is abolished - after a good 18 months. "We take a clear step towards a society without restricting Corona measures," said the government on Friday in the Hague. However, the Dutch cannot yet celebrate a "Vrijheidsdag" (Freedom Day). Because the violently controversial Corona Pass takes the place of the 1.5 meter rule. From then on, everyone from the age of 13 before visiting restaurants, culture or sport must prove that they are vaccinated, tested or recovered. In view of falling infection and patient numbers as well as a relatively high vaccination rate, the government considers it to be responsible for loosening measures. Full stadiums and pubs are allowed again and restaurants, shops and theaters can allow visitors to unlimited again - but only after the Corona Pass. If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you can have a test center tested free of charge.

6.50 a.m.: Survey shows attacks on vaccination centers all over Germany

Since the beginning of the vaccinations against Coronavirus, there have been attacks against vaccination centers or disorders of vaccination campaigns in almost all federal states, and especially many in Bavaria and Saxony. Like a survey by the Evangelical Press Service (EPD) among the ministries, state criminal offices and a association of health insurance, these were mostly property damage, especially smearings. But there were also threats, insults, physical attacks and arson in Saxony. The attacks against vaccination centers are not recorded uniformly. According to the survey, there were at least 190 relevant police in the nationwide of cases in connection with Corona protection vaccinations. According to the Interior Ministry there, there were 56 crimes in connection with vaccination centers since December 2020, in Saxony alone this year 54. All federal states alone Above all, report property damage. In Saarland, the word "poison center" was made from the lettering "Vaccination Center".

6.30 p.m.: US state officials must be vaccinated by the beginning of December

As the White House in Washington reports, millions of state employees and employees of US companies with government orders are obliged to be vaccinated against the coronavirus by December 8th.US President Joe Biden already signed a corresponding law at the beginning of September, now the White House announces the formal instruction.The US government also wants to include a corresponding clause in future employment contracts that prescribes vaccinations.

6.10 a.m.: Masks should be mandatory in the first aid box of cars

Masks in cars should become compulsory in the future.As the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" reports, drivers will have to have two masks with them in the future after the Corona pandemic.This is confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Transport to the newspaper.Accordingly, the masks should be added to the prescribed content of the association box in cars, trucks and buses.According to the spokeswoman, it is intended to implement the requirement with the next change in the road traffic registration regulations.The regulation is expected to apply in the coming year.

About the article: "Ministry of Transport: Taking masks in the car is mandatory"

05.30 a.m.: STIKO boss Mertens calls for more persuasion for vaccinations

"We have to convince the vacancies!"The head of the permanent vaccination commission, STIKO, is dissatisfied with the course of the vaccination campaign in Germany.On Bavarian Radio, Professor Thomas Mertens said that, in his view, it was sad that the decisive age group of 18 to 59-year-olds cannot be vaccinated at the moment as the STIKO would like to see it."It is clear from all mathematical modeling that this age group will also be decisive for the course of this fourth wave and ultimately also for the further course of the pandemic in Germany," said Mertens.According to his words, people who do not want to be vaccinated are still to do a lot of persuasion.The goal must be to make people understand that vaccination is crucial for the entire population.The view of the neighboring country of Italy shows that restrictions can also lead to people being vaccinated.

About the article: "STIKO boss Mertens: 'We have to convince the vacancies!'"

4.50 a.m.: RKI reports 7,211 new infections - incidence drops to 60.6

The Robert Koch Institute reports 7.211 new positive tests.That is 1,690 less than on Saturday a week ago when 8,901 new infections were reported.The seven-day incidence falls to 60.6 out of 62.5 the day before.The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.62 other people died in connection with the virus.This increases the number of reported deaths to 93,365 within 24 hours.In total, more than 4.18 million corona tests have been positive in Germany.

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00.10: Corona test whirls through Harris interview in the US show

Corona caused a bizarre scene in a well-known US talk show: Vice President Kamala Harris Live in the New York studio should actually be interviewed in the program “The View” on Friday morning (local time). In the middle of the show, the two moderators Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro suddenly asked to leave the set. The two women got up and disappeared. Moderator Joy Behar and Sara Haines remained behind. "We will tell you why in a few minutes, said moderator Behar." Should I now introduce the vice president? ", She asked." Yes ", called a voice from off - only a few seconds then said very vehemently:" No ! "Behar was visibly irritated and said goodbye to advertising." How we always do it on TV when we put in our clamp: we are right back. "What happened? Hostin and Navarro were up before the show The Coronavirus was tested - and these tests were positive. According to media reports, Harris had no contact with the moderators. After all, she was only switched to the studio for an interview.

Friday, September 24, 2021

10:20 p.m.: The Czech Prime Minister Babis can be vaccinated for the third time

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is vaccinated against the Coronavirus for the third time.The 67-year-old said in a television debate on Friday evening in a television debate.This is one day before the beginning of the two-day parliamentary election in the EU member state, in which the founder of the populist party Ano goes as a favorite.In the TV debate, however, Babis had to take sharp criticism of his Corona policy.His challenger Ivan Bartos from the Pirate Party accused him of having played the trust of the citizens.

7.41 p.m.: German researcher and Biontech biochemist honored with US prices

Two German brain researchers and the Biontech biochemist Catalin Karikó are among the providers of the renowned Lasker prices this year.Karikó, who joined Biontech in 2013, is awarded together with Drew Weissman from the University of Pennsylvania for the discovery of a new therapeutic technology based on the modification of messenger RNA, which enabled the highly effective covid-19 vaccines.This was announced by the Lasker Foundation in New York on Friday.The mRNA vaccines are based on the method against the coronavirus.Karikó and Weissman are also considered a candidate at a Nobel Prize this year.

The German brain researchers Dieter Oesterhelt from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry near Munich and Peter Hegemann from Berlin Humboldt University were awarded their US colleague Karl Deisseroth from Stanford University - for the "development of a technology that enables researchers, activityto control brain cells by using light rays to trigger the ion flow in and from neurons ".

The Lasken prices that have been awarded for 75 years and endowed with $ 250,000 are considered the most important biomedical research awards.Dozens of Lasker award winners then also won a Nobel Prize.18.00: Biden calls up beneficiaries in the USA to corona refresher vaccinations

After the approval of Corona refresher vaccinations for certain population groups in the United States, President Joe Biden has urgently called on to use the offer.In a speech in the White House, Biden appealed to those entitled to give themselves a third vaccination as soon as they were their turn.The US drug authority FDA had approved Corona refresher vaccinations with the means of Biontech/Pfizer for older people and risk groups a few days earlier.

However, there had been discrepancies beforehand which population groups are justified.US President Biden had already announced the intention of providing a large part of the American population with refresher vaccinations.According to this, all adult Americans should be able to get a third dose eight months after completing their first two vaccinations with the preparations of Moderna or Pfizer/Biontech from the end of September.

A FDA expert committee, however, recommended that the refresh be only for people aged 65 and at risk in the past week.On Thursday, a advisory committee of the US health authority CDC for refreshments for people aged 65 and over, as well as for people who live in old people's and nursing homes and risk groups.This should also be possible for people aged 18 and over from risk groups, but only after prior individual risk and benefit analysis.

General refreshments for people who are exposed to a higher risk due to their profession did not recommend the committee explicitly - CDC boss Rochelle Walensky stood out in an unusual step and tied these people to the official recommendation published on Fridaywith a.

5:36 p.m.: STIKO boss Mertens: "We have to convince the vacancies!"

The head of the permanent vaccination commission, STIKO, is dissatisfied with the course of the vaccination campaign in Germany.On Bavarian Radio ("Interview of the Week" on BR24) Professor Thomas Mertens said that in his view it was sad that the decisive age group of 18 to 59-year-olds did not be vaccinated at the moment as the STIKO would like to see it.It can be seen from all mathematical modeling that this age group will be decisive for the course of the fourth wave.

According to Mertens, people who do not want to be vaccinated are still to do a lot of persuasion.The goal must be to make people understand that vaccination is crucial for the entire population.The view of the neighboring country of Italy shows that restrictions can also lead to people being vaccinated.He also explains that German politics is currently trying to put more pressure on this group of unvaccinated.

In Germany, about 64 percent of people are now completely vaccinated, significantly less than in other EU countries, such as Denmark or Spain.This is not enough to stop a fourth wave of Corona, experts say-including the STIKO.

4:50 p.m.: No mask obligation and minimum distances at Wolfsburg home games

At the Bundesliga and Champions League home games of VfL Wolfsburg, no mask obligation and no minimum distances in the stadium are now valid."The new Corona Ordinance of the State of Lower Saxony opens up opportunities that we have been waiting for for a long time," managing director Tim Schumacher is quoted in a message from the Bundesliga club on Friday.

After the international break in October, VfL wants to allow up to 25,000 spectators to the Volkswagen Arena again.Due to the short -term, however, the home games against FC Sevilla (September 29) and against Borussia Mönchengladbach (October 2) will remain in the coming week.Against Seville, only 1377 visitors are allowed to the stadium in the Champions League, all tickets are already out of stock.In Wolfsburg, the 2G regulation applies to home games: spectators must either be vaccinated or recovered.

4.45 p.m.: Judgment: Fitness studio may not extend the contract for corona closure

A fitness studio must not extend a contract around the time of the corona -related closure.This was prohibited from the Würzburg district court of a operator of gym and thus gave a lawsuit by the Federal Consumer Center (VZBV), as he announced on Friday.

4.40 p.m.: In the USA, third -party vaccination also for employees with increased risk of infection

In the dispute over Corona refreshment vaccinations in the USA, the head of the health authority CDC, Rochelle Walensky, spoke a word of power and overlooked the recommendation of an expert committee.From then on, the CDC recommends a third -party vaccination with the Vakzin from Biontech/Pfizer for employees in professions with a high risk of infection, as the authority announced on Friday night.The refresher vaccination campaign in the United States can start with this.

3:20 p.m.: STIKO recommends parallel corona and flu shot

Vaccinations against corona and flu can now be made on an appointment according to a recommendation of the constant vaccination commission (STIKO).It will be advised at a time from October.The prerequisite is that the influenza vaccine was a dead vaccine, the STIKO said on Friday.

Dead pins contain inactivated viruses or components of the viruses.According to the Robert Koch Institute, the influenza vaccines for children and adults approved in Germany are mostly dead.Previously, the STIKO chairman Thomas Mertens and the general practitioner association had already spoken out for vaccination.

To the article: STIKO - parallel vaccination against corona and flu possible

3:00 p.m.: Referred to the masking of masks in polling stations in North Rhine -Westphalia

In the Bundestag election next Sunday, voters in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have to bear a mask according to a court decision during the urn.On Friday, the Higher Administrative Court in Münster rejected an urgent application of a man against the mask obligation in pollen in North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday that the regulation is expected to be a proportionate protective measure and legally not objectionable (AZ: 13 B 1534/21.NE).This means that the voting is not made more difficult, the decision says.

2.40 p.m.: Switzerland offers free tests for ten days longer

Switzerland offers free covid tests for longer than planned.Instead of until October 1, the government will now cover the costs for the tests until October 10th.People who have already received a vaccination dose should even be able to be tested free of charge by the end of November.

Most major parties had previously spoken out to continue to offer free tests, including to avoid conflicts among the population.However, the government remains when assessing that it is not the responsibility of the general public to cover the test costs for people who did not want to be vaccinated.The country has one of the lowest vaccination rates of Western Europe.

2.30 p.m.: 2,215 Corona new infections and twelve deaths in Bavaria

Within one day, 2,215 new corona cases have been reported in Bavaria.This emerges from the current figures of the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL).Status: 24.9.21, 8 a.m.Accordingly, 718,561 people have been infected with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.Since yesterday, twelve other people have been reported in Bavaria who have died in connection with Covid-19.This increases the number of deaths in Bavaria to 15,584.The average seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants is currently 82.6.At 42.7 in Upper Franconia, the incidence is the lowest and highest with 100.8 in Upper Bavaria.

7-day incidence and more: Corona numbers in Bavaria's counties

2.20 p.m.: Ministry: Despite the decline in Corona numbers in many areas, no all-clear

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the current decline in Corona infection numbers is due to several factors.One reason is the decline in summer travel traffic, said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health in Berlin on Friday.A decrease in the infections found at the beginning of school was also recorded.In addition, the vaccination rate achieved and the 2G or 3G regulations introduced in many places are likely to contribute to a decrease in the infections.

"Basically, however, it is too early to speak of an all -clear or a persistent trend," the ministry spokesman emphasized at the same time.He referred to the repeated appeal by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) to have been vaccinated to be vaccinated.

1:35 p.m.: FPÖ boss in Austria rejects rumors about secret corona vaccination

With a publicity appearance, the party leader of the fortifications FPÖ in Austria tried to demonstrate on Friday that, in other words, he did not have secretly vaccinated against the Coronavirus.Herbert Kickl took the unusual step with the detection of a negative antibody test at a press conference in Vienna.As a reason, he stated rumors that he had secretly vaccinated - this was a "frontal attack" on his credibility, said Kickl.

With a video and a negative antibody test, Kickl now tried to prove that he was neither vaccinated nor recovered against the coronavirus.He also filed a lawsuit for omission.The government party ÖVP, in turn, was not enough: it called for a oath state declaration by Kickl.In Austria, only around 60 percent of the population have been completely vaccinated against the coronavirus.The government party ÖVP is responsible for coronaleugner, which is supported by the FPÖ under Kickl, responsible for stalling the vaccination campaign.

1.30 p.m.: According to an online survey, majority towards the end of all Corona editions

Most Germans are against a rapid end of all Corona editions.At an online survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 61 percent of those surveyed turned against an immediate cancellation of all restrictions.However, 33 percent would be for this."In Germany, around 62 percent of people were recently completely vaccinated," was the question."Should all restrictions to combat corona pandemic in Germany?"

1:02 p.m.: Norway reveals Corona restrictions

Norway ends its restrictions on containing Corona pandemic.The restrictions would be lifted on Saturday afternoon, Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced on Friday."It was 561 days since we introduced the toughest measures in Norway in peace," said the Prime Minister."Now the time has come to return to normal everyday life."

Several measures had already been loosened, now the distance requirement has also fallen away.Restaurants can use their full capacities again, as can night clubs, sports arenas and other event houses."In short: we can now live normally again," said Solberg.At the same time, she emphasized that the pandemic was not over yet.If you infect yourself, you still have to be isolation to prevent the virus from spreading.According to the health authorities, 67 percent of the population of Norway are fully vaccinated.Around 76 percent have received at least one vaccination dose.

12.46 p.m.: Federal Government strokes Côte d'Azur from Corona risk list

From Sunday with the exception of some overseas areas, France will no longer be managed by the Federal Government as a Corona high risk area.As the last French region in Europe, the PROVECE-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area popular with tourists will be deleted from the risk list, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced.This eliminates all quarantine rules for those who travel from this region.

The EU country Slovenia, on the other hand, is now classified as a high-risk area.Those who are not completely vaccinated or recovered from there will have to quarantine for ten days from Sunday.A liberation is only possible after five days with a negative test.Slovenia currently has the Council Presidency of the European Union and is organizing a western balcangic summit in early October, in which Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is also to take part.From Sunday, the small Balkans will be the only EU member that is classified as a high-risk area.

Other new high -risk areas are Ethiopia and Burundi in Africa as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.Japan and the West African Senegal are also deleted by the risk list.

The countries and regions with a particularly high risk of infection are classified as high -risk areas.But not only the number of infections are decisive.Other criteria are the pace of spreading the virus, the burden on the health system or missing data on the Corona situation.

12.30 p.m.: Detections for counterfeiting vaccination cards

Two men have been temporarily arrested in Berlin due to suspected falsification of vaccination cards.The 43 and 41 -year -old men were observed and checked on Thursday evening in the Prenzlauer Berg district of police covers when handling stamps and other objects, the police said.During the search, several vaccination cards were found, some have already filled with data, others still blank.In addition, stickers with batch numbers for vaccines and various stamps of a hospital were found.The police are investigating forge of documents.

12.21 p.m.: Russia reports more Corona deadly than ever in one day

Russia has recorded more Corona deaths in one day than ever since the beginning of pandemic.According to the authorities, 828 people died within a day.The fourth day in a row, more than 800 people each died within 24 hours in connection with the virus.The authorities have been reporting hundreds of deaths every day for months.The particularly contagious Delta variant of the virus spreads in the largest country in the world.

According to official corona statistics, more than 202,200 people have died of Covid-19.However, a high number of unreported cases is assumed.Other statistics from the authorities also allow this conclusion.According to the Interfax agency, the Kremlin had only excluded a nationwide lockdown - restrictions at the regional level.

According to the statistics, there was 21,300 new infections on Friday.This value has been increasing again for days.The number of vaccinated is still comparatively low.28 percent of the population are twice vaccinated.Russia has around 146 million inhabitants.

12.08 p.m.: Hospitalization incidence in most federal states declining

The number of hospital admissions - the essential parameter for tightening the corona restrictions - is declining in most federal states.According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the current values of Friday in 11 out of 16 countries are smaller than the comparison number of the previous week.In four federal states, this hospitalization incidence was slightly higher than seven days ago (Hamburg, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia), it remained stable in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Nationwide, the RKI indicated the number of hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants and week at 1.58 - a decline by 0.3 compared to the previous week.This incidence is particularly high in Bremen (3.38), Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate (1.88) and Bavaria (1.84).Low values report the Saarland (0.81), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg (both 0.87).It should be noted that these values underestimate the actual situation somewhat because some patients are still registered.

This 7-day incidence has also been declining for two weeks.However, since more and more people are vaccinated, the meaningfulness of this value decreases.Therefore, the focus should be on the position of the clinics.In the Infection Protection Act it says: "In particular, the number of persons recorded in a hospital in a hospital in a hospital in terms of the Coronavirus disease-2019 (CORONAVIRUS INSCIALIENTIONS in each 100,000 inhabitants within seven days."It is up to the federal states to determine critical thresholds from which further restrictions apply.

Corona in Bavaria: Where is the hospital spamp?

11.47 a.m.: Bavarian economy grows significantly after Corona-deep

The Bavarian economy recovered vigorously in the first half of the year.The gross domestic product increased by 3.7 percent, as the State Office for Statistics announced, citing preliminary figures.This was significantly faster than the nationwide average of 2.9 percent - however, the Bavarian economy in the first half of 2020 was also braked above average by Corona: at that time the 7.0 percent was 5.5 percent in the year it was 5.5 percent.

According to the preliminary data, Bavaria lies fourth in the federal state comparison of growth in the first half of 2021 behind Baden-Württemberg with 5.5, Saxons with 4.3 and Lower Saxony with 3.9 percent.However, the State Office for Statistics emphasizes that all data is preliminary values that can still change.

11:14 a.m.: Highest stand for new infections in South Korea

South Korea has reported more Corona cases in one day than ever since the beginning of pandemic.The disease protection authority reported 2,434 new infections on Friday, 1,750 of which were demonstrated in the area of the capital.Employees of the authority were worried about the declining vigilance of the residents despite the enforcement of the strictest distance regulations since July, which almost equal to a lockdown.

The increase occurred after the return of people from the most important holidays in the country, the Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Festival, which lasted until Wednesday.During this time, millions of people usually travel through the country to their relatives.

"It will be crucial to maintain the effectiveness of our anti-virus campaign next week if the impact of the trips during the holidays will become more apparent," said South Korea's Prime Minister Kim Boo Kyum during a briefing.

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10.48 p.m.: WHO recommends preventive therapy for covid-risk patients for the first time

For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a medication as a prevention against a severe Covid 19 disease in infected risk patients.She refers to studies that the antibody combination of Casirivimab and Imdevimab from the US company Regeneron and the Swiss company Roche can improve their chances of survival.The WHO published its new recommendation in the "British Medical Journal".

In Germany, this antibody combination is already used in special cases for corona patients.Many countries that cannot make any risk reviews themselves are waiting for such WHO recommendations.Aid organizations usually only use funds recommended by the WHO.

The WHO now recommends the administration of the funds in Corona patients with previous illnesses, which therefore run the risk of falling hard to develop covid-19 and then treated in intensive care units.Likewise, seriously ill people should be treated with this who have no antibodies against Covid-19.

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10.10 a.m.: Ifo index sinks again - mood of the economy has been clouded

Although the German economy is growing again in the spring due to the Corona loosening, the mood on the executive floors of German companies is deteriorating for the third time in a row.The IFO business climate index fell to 98.8 points from 99.6 points in August, as the Munich Economic Research Institute announced under 9,000 managers for its survey.Economists surveyed by Reuters had expected a minus to 98.9 points.At the third decline in a row, experts speak of an economic trend reversal."The problems with the procurement of raw materials and preliminary products are braking the German economy," said IFO President Clemens Fuest.The managers assessed their location and business prospects for the next six months more skeptical than last.

The German economy had shrunk by two percent due to the Corona crisis at the beginning of the year, but then grown by 1.6 percent in the course of the Lockdown loosening in spring.Despite delivery bottlenecks in important preliminary products, many economists assume that growth should have accelerated in the current summer quarter.The Kiel IFW Institute, for example, expects the gross domestic product (GDP) to increase by 2.2 percent to the previous quarter.

To the article "Ifo Institute Capps Growth Forecast for 2021"

10:02 a.m.: Military supports hospitals in Northern Ireland

The British military wants to support several hospitals in Northern Ireland, which are heavily burdened due to Corona patients.Around 100 military doctors are to be used in up to three hospitals in northern Irish cities, as the broadcaster Sky News reported, citing the British Ministry of Defense.Several Scottish hospitals are also reported by the military.

With Wales and parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland is currently one of the parts of the United Kingdom most affected by the pandemic.The seven-day incidence of the British province is currently 431. In the past few months, despite a high vaccination rate in the country, the pressure on hospitals has increased again.

9:10 p.m.: Sydney and Melbourne control Lockdown ends too

In the two largest cities of Australia - Sydney and Melbourne - an end to the lockdowns is getting closer thanks to increasing Corona vaccine.The head of government of the state of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, promised an opening for October 11, provided that 70 percent of the adult population is fully vaccinated.On Friday she restricted that the loosening up "with a measure of caution and responsibility" would have to take place, otherwise too many people would land in hospitals.Sydney in particular is the focus of a Corona outbreak that is attributed to the highly contagious delta variant.

The health minister Martin Foley there also reported an "enormous" increase in vaccinations and a great willingness to vaccinate from the neighboring state of Victoria, where the metropolis of Melbourne is considered a Corona hotspot.As far as the interest in protective piksters are concerned, there is "no lack of enthusiasm," reported Foley.

On Friday, the authorities in New South Wales recorded 1,043 new Corona cases and eleven deaths in connection with the virus, in Victoria 733 new infections on the same day and a death.

8:47 p.m.: Japan's Minister of Health is aiming for restrictions

In view of an improvement in the Corona situation, Japan's Minister of Health Norihisa Tamura promises to be revoked in most parts of the country.At the end of the month, it could be so far, he says to journalists: "The cabinet will make a final decision after hearing expert opinions."

The highly contagious Delta variant had triggered a fifth Corona wave in Japan.The government therefore expanded restrictions.Among other things, it was appealed to restaurant operators to close earlier and not to serve alcohol.In addition, the Japanese should work as far as possible from home and do without when traveling.

To the article "'Freedom Day' ': Who is in Bavaria for it - and who against it"

07.50 a.m.: Knigge trainer keeps little of "ghetto fist" as a pandemic greeting

The Munich Knigge trainer Petra Marzin believes little of the widespread "ghetto fist" as a Corona-compliant greeting."I find the ghetto fist that you can now see with many politicians terribly," Marzin told the Evangelical Press Service (EPD).The fist has something aggressive and somewhat exaggerated young people: "It just doesn't fit everyone and not for every situation."

Marzin was also not convinced of the elbow or foot check.She could imagine that a lot will be made about eye contact and a smile in the future.The big question is now which welcome form will now prevail as "normality" at the end of the pandemic."We are currently in a transition phase," emphasized Marzin.Whether shaking hands comes back in the form like before Corona - Marzin is not so sure.You could imagine that it would be less.

By the way, shaking hands can be rejected politely and with a clear conscience, emphasized Marzin.About the form of greeting is all still unsure.In order to dissolve the embarrassment, you can react with humor or simply ask in the group how to handle it: "You just have to improvise a bit, because: rules are not everything."

07.03 p.m.: Spahn expects to comply with quarantine even without continued wages

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has again defended the expiry of the continued payment of wages for unvaccinated in Corona quartanta: "Vaccination protects health. And now it also saves money. Many should convince," said Spahn of the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

It cannot be assumed that the quarantine requirements would now be broken in many ways, which the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach warned against others: "Anyone who does not follow quarantine requirements commits an administrative offense. And this is checked and punished with sensitive punishments," said Spahn:"I can't imagine that many will risk that."

The health ministers of the federal states had agreed on Wednesday that unvaccinated in quarantine should no longer receive compensation for the loss of earnings at the latest from November 1st.There should be exceptions for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and have a certificate for it.For citizens, for whom there is still no public vaccination recommendation, they should continue to be paid.

To the article "At quarantine: Do you continue to pay unvaccinated civil servants?"

06.24 a.m.: US authorities argue about admission of refresher vaccinations

In the United States, two authorities have made contradictory recommendations to admit refreshment vaccinations.An expert committee of the US health authority CDC recommended refreshing with the vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer for people over the age of 65 and people with a higher risk of serious illness - but not for employees in professions with a high risk of infection.

The CDC boss Rochelle Walensky still has to encourage the recommendations, but it is expected to give it green light.On Wednesday, the Medicinal Authority FDA had approved the Pfizer vaccine for refreshing even in employees with high infection risk such as "Employees in the healthcare system, teachers and daycare staff, employees in grocery stores and in homeless homes or prisons".

However, the CDC committee voted nine to six votes against the admission of this group of people in the vaccination campaign.This reflects the split expert opinion in the question of the meaningfulness of refresher vaccinations for younger groups of people.

According to the FDA permit, around 13 million people in the United States, who are at least 65 years old and receive Pfizer vaccine more than six months ago, are now entitled to a refreshing vaccination.This is significantly less than the government of President Joe Biden originally intended for the refresher campaign.This actually wanted to start booster vaccinations at the beginning of the week with all recipients of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine.

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6:07 am: Number of deaths in Brazil is approaching 600,000 marks

The Coronavirus continues to spread in Brazil.The Ministry of Health reports 24,611 new infections.This increases the total number of infections to around 21.3 million.The number of deaths increased by 648 to 592,964 within 24 hours.

5.00 a.m.: Majority towards the end of all Corona editions

Most Germans are against a rapid end of all Corona editions.At an online survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 61 percent of those surveyed turned against an immediate cancellation of all restrictions.However, 33 percent would be for this.

Denmark recently lifted all Corona restrictions with a vaccination rate of 83 percent."In Germany, around 62 percent of people were recently completely vaccinated," was the question."Should all restrictions to combat corona pandemic in Germany?"33 percent categorically rejected this, 28 percent replied with "rather no".19 percent are decisive for a cancellation, 14 percent chose "rather yes".There was the strongest rejection of an immediate end of all restrictions in old people.

In the meantime, according to the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany, almost 64 percent of people have been completely vaccinated against the coronavirus.

To the article "'Freedom Day' ': Who is in Bavaria for it - and who against it"

04.25 a.m.: RKI: Incidence continues to fall on 62.5

The seven-day incidence in Germany has dropped again.The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated the value of the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Friday morning with 62.5.The number has been declining for around two weeks.The previous day the value was 63.1, a week ago at 74.7.The health authorities in Germany reported 9,727 Corona new infections to the RKI within one day.This emerges from numbers that reproduce the stand of the RKI dashboard from 04.25 a.m.A week ago, the value was 11 022.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

10:25 p.m.: CDC consultants recommend vaccination refresher from 65

A consultant's committee of the US health authority CDC has spoken out to recommend Corona refresher vaccinations with the means of Biontech/Pfizer for people aged 65 and over.The 15 members of the "Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices" (ACIP) unanimously voted on Thursday after two -day consultations.The recommendation also applies to all people who live in old people's and nursing homes.

In addition, the members of the committee advocated recommending the refresher vaccinations at least six months after the first two vaccinations for people between 50 and 64 years of age.The members also voted in favor of recommending people aged 18 and over, the risk groups belong to refreshing vaccinations - but only after prior individual risk and benefit analysis.

6:55 p.m.: Portugal ends almost all Corona restrictions

Portugal wants to cancel almost all of the remaining Corona restrictions.From October 1, for example, all seats in restaurants and cultural events are likely to be filled again, said Prime Minister Antonio Costa.Bars and night clubs that have been closed since March 2020 can now open again.With the end of the legal restrictions, responsibility is transferred to each individual citizen.

Furthermore, masks would have to be worn in public means of transport, at large events, in nursing homes, hospitals, shopping miles and supermarkets.According to official information, more than 83 percent of the Portuguese population are now vaccinated.

6:15 p.m.: Dutch boy enforced his vaccination in court

A Dutch boy has enforced his right to vaccination in court.The twelve -year -old from Groningen, whose father rejected a vaccination, wanted to be vaccinated out of concern for his sick grandmother, as can be seen from the judgment published on Thursday.

In the Netherlands, children and adolescents aged twelve to 17 can be vaccinated.But you need the approval of both parents.

6.10 p.m.: STIKO recommends risk patients vaccination refreshment

According to its chairman Thomas Mertens, the permanent vaccination commission (STIKO) has decided to give a recommendation for the Corona refresher vaccinations that have already started."The STIKO recommends refreshing recommendations for people with immune defects or diseases in which the immune system is regulated medically, for example in rheumatism or after a transplant," Mertens told the newspapers of the Funke media group.There was initially no official publication of the STIKO on Thursday evening.

"We have completed the viewing of all scientific data on the question of refreshing vaccinations for certain risk groups and decided on a recommendation as a commission," said the STIKO chairman.There is currently no general recommendation for certain age groups.The commission "testifies the extent to which the study situation justifies a general vaccination recommendation in certain age groups".

About the article: "Vaccination commission recommends vaccination refreshment for risk patients"

5.30 p.m.: In the European survey, a large majority sees science positive

Even if Corona pandemic repeatedly causes conspiracy myths and skepticism to researchers: Most people in Europe are positive about science and technology, as a survey published on Thursday by the EU Commission shows.Over 37,000 people were interviewed in April and May in the EU and eleven neighboring countries.In the EU countries, 86 percent considered the influence of science and technology on the society to be positive or very positive, even in the other countries, this assessment clearly outweighed.In Germany it was 88 percent, in Portugal even 99 percent.At least the view shared the respondents in Romania with 72 percent.

5:10 p.m.: Spahn warns more controls from 3G evidence

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has warned stronger controls of evidence if corona access rules only apply to vaccinated, recovered and tested."I believe that more binding reviews can still convince us of one or the other to be vaccinated," the CDU politician told the Watson news portal."When I visited Rome, I was checked more often in one day for the meeting of the Health Minister of the G20 countries than here in two weeks."

With regard to autumn and winter, the federal and state governments have agreed that the 3G rule should apply in certain interiors such as restaurants or at events: access only for fully vaccinated, recovered or currently negative tested.This must also be proven by evidence.

5:10 p.m.: Novavax requests for an emergency approval for Corona vaccine

The US pharmaceutical company Novavax and the Indian serum institute have claimed to apply for an emergency approval for their corona vaccine at the WHO.This could use the preparation as part of the international auxiliary initiative Covax to supply poorer countries with vaccines.The application to the World Health Organization is based on an already submission to the responsible Indian authorities, it said.

The Novavax vaccine is easier to store and transport than some other vaccines.High hopes for better care for developing countries with vaccines rest on it.In June, the manufacturer said that the vaccin was effectively against symptomatic covid-19 diseases.Novavax, based in the US state of Maryland, signed a contract with the Gavi vaccine alliance on the delivery of 350 million cans to the Covax program supported by the UN.Most of them are to be produced by the serum institute.

To the article: "Corona vaccination: Should you wait for the deadly?"

5 p.m.: EMA expects biontech application for less than 12 year old

The Covid 19 vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer for children in the European Union could still take place this year.The European Medicines Authority EMA declares that it has not yet received an application to expand the approval for under twelve -year -olds.However, it expects them for the beginning of October.The assessment of the application for admission should then take around four weeks.At the beginning of the week, the two companies had submitted results from the study with the vaccine for the use of five to eleven-year-olds and declared that they now want to apply for approval for this age group as quickly as possible.

3:05 p.m.: In Greece, the judiciary should reject ads from Corona deniers

In the future, the judiciary in Greece does not want to initiate any proceedings in the event of criminal complaints from opponents and Corona deniers if the complaints are directed against compliance with Corona measures.This was announced by the public prosecutor of the Supreme Greek Court of Justice, Vassilis Pliotas, on Thursday in a circular to the prosecutors across the country.The lawyers should check the cases immediately.However, they should reject the advertisement as inadmissible if the advertiser is obviously concerned with pronouncing the Corona measures issued by the state, it said in the letter that the daily newspaper "Kathimerini" was available.

This was preceded by an advertising wave of vaccination opponents and Corona denials in the past few weeks, which was primarily directed against teachers and doctors.For example, parents had repeatedly reported the school management or individual teachers because they did not allow them to send their children to school without a mask and corona test.Both protective measures are mandatory in Greece.

Doctors also always got targeted.There were cases in which Covid patients did not want to be ventilated in the hospital because they contested the existence of the virus.Several doctors who still ventilated the sick were reported and had to explain themselves.Even exhumers have already been ordered because survivors doubted the cause of death Covid-19.

3:00 p.m.: In Bavaria within one day 15 Covid dead and 1,977 new infections

Since yesterday, 1,977 new Corona cases have been reported in Bavaria.This emerges from the current figures of the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) based in Erlangen.Status is 23.09.21, 8 a.m.Accordingly, 716,346 people have been infected with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.Since yesterday, 15 other people have been reported in Bavaria who died in connection with Covid-19.This increases the number of deaths in Bavaria to 15,572.The average seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants is currently 81.4.At 46.1 in Upper Franconia, the incidence is the lowest and highest at 96.5 in Upper Bavaria.

Corona in Bavaria: Where is the hospital spamp?

2:35 p.m.: In Israel, teachers without a "green pass" without a salary are permitted

In Israel, teachers will be released from class without the so -called green pass, who also do not want to be tested for the coronavirus.The green pass is available for vaccinated and recovered.The teachers are then not allowed to teach online and do not receive a salary, as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education confirmed on Thursday.

According to media reports, green passports are only valid for up to six months after the second vaccination from October 3.After that, those affected have to receive a third syringe as a refreshment.

In view of high infection rates, Israel tries to increase the stagnating vaccination rate and to achieve vaccination skeptics and refusal.The Ministry of Health reported 5,921 New Corona cases on Thursday for the previous day.So far, around 60 percent of the 9.4 million inhabitants have been vaccinated twice, almost 34 percent triple.

About the article: "For quarantine: Do you continue to pay unvaccinated civil servants?"

2:05 p.m.: Research funding for the investigation of "Long Covid"

The federal government has the late consequences of corona infections researched.As Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) announced, ten research projects are funded with a total of 6.5 million euros.So far, it has been unclear which factors a "long covid" disease is used to favor.There are also no specific therapies and treatment approaches.

It is estimated that every tenth of the nationwide around four million Covid 19 patients suffer from long-term consequences such as exhaustion, difficulties of concentration, headache and shortness of breath.That is why Karliczek had promised five million euros in research funding at the end of May, which has been increased by another 1.5 million euros in the past few months.The money flows into almost all parts of Germany: Projects in Hamburg, Cologne, Jena and Regensburg are funded.

12.50 p.m.: Program "Corona break for families" starts

Families with small incomes and families who have relatives with a disability can book a cheap vacation from today.From October you can recover in a non -profit family ferry service center from October, as the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs announced.

The program is called "Corona break for families-facilitate family holidays" and is part of the two billion euros comprehensive program "catching up to Corona for children and families".Justified families only have to pay about ten percent of the cost of accommodation and meals for their stay.The aim is to enable families to recover from the burdens of corona pandemic.

12.40 p.m.: Associations demand leisure bonus for all needy children

In an open letter, various associations require a leisure bonus for all children.At the moment, children from single parents in particular did not receive the child-free bonus, although one-parent families in particular were exposed to special time and financial burdens during the Corona pandemic, the letter published on Thursday says.The signatories include the Future Forum Family, the Social Association of Catholic Women and the Catholic Women's Community in Germany (KFD).

The one-time payment of 100 euros should benefit underage children and adolescents from needy families as well as families with small incomes so that they can take care of holiday and leisure activities and to be able to catch up with.The payment is not counted towards other social benefits, but it depends on whether a child received services in August 2021 after the second or twelfth social code or whether child allowance or housing benefit was paid for the child.

According to the associations, the children are currently going empty, who live without an independent claim to performance with their parents in a community of needs according to the second Social Code.This is particularly often the case in children of single parents.According to calculations by the associations, more than 100,000 children fall through the grid.

12.35 p.m.: In Africa only 3.27 percent of people fully vaccinated

According to information from the Health Authority of the African Union, just 3.27 percent of people are completely vaccinated by Corona on the African continent.The leader with a good 46 percent is Morocco, but in West Africa the vaccination rate is still in the single -digit range almost everywhere.

The United Nations warn of an increasing imbalance."Africa is left behind by the rest of the world," criticized Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO).

12.30 p.m.: Voßkuhle: The rule of law has worked in corona pandemic

The former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Andreas Voßkuhle, sees no omissions of the judiciary in Corona pandemic."Of course, one can argue about the content of the decisions, but the rule of law worked and continued to work," said Voßkuhle, whose term of office ended in June 2020, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".The Karlsruhe judges "looked closely at".It is clear to everyone involved how central the questions are and that it takes good judgments.

The Federal Constitutional Court was partially accused of leaving too much time in view of the wave of lawsuits against the restrictions on the fundamental rights and only having an urgent and no fundamental decisions.

Many pending constitutional complaints are directed against the so-called corona emergency brake, which enabled stricter rules nationwide.For this purpose, the court promised a main thing in October or November.

12.20 p.m.: In Russia 820 Corona-dead in one day

In Russia, the number of Corona deaths reported daily has risen to the previous maximum.The authorities reported a further 820 deaths in connection with the virus and thus as many as the record on August 26, the government's task force announced.The number of confirmed infections rose to more than 7.354 million within a day at 21,438.

11.50 a.m.: Associations: Corona bonus must reach all children

In an open letter, various associations require a leisure bonus for all children.At the moment, children from single parents in particular did not receive the child-free bonus, although one-parent families in particular were exposed to special time and financial burdens during the Corona pandemic, the letter published on Thursday says.The signatories include the Future Forum Family, the Social Association of Catholic Women and the Catholic Women's Community in Germany (KFD).

The one-time payment of 100 euros should benefit underage children and adolescents from needy families as well as families with small incomes so that they can take care of holiday and leisure activities and to be able to catch up with.According to the associations, the payment depends on whether a child received services in August 2021 according to the second or twelfth Social Code or whether child surcharge or housing benefit was paid for the child.

At the moment, however, the children are going empty -handed, who live in a community of needs with their parents without an independent claim for performance.This is particularly often the case in children of single parents.According to calculations by the associations, more than 100,000 children fall through the grid.

10.30 p.m.: RKI: 63.6 percent completely vaccinated

63.6 percent of people in Germany are now fully vaccinated against Corona.This emerges from figures from the Robert Koch Institute on Thursday.Accordingly, 260,500 vaccine doses were reported on Wednesday.Around 56.1 million people (67.5 percent) have now received at least one vaccination, 52.9 million are fully vaccinated.In adults, 78.3 percent are vaccinated at least once, and almost 40 percent for 12 to 17 year olds.

According to the data, Bremen recorded the highest proportion of fully vaccinated with 74.1 percent.With 61.3 percent in Germany, Bavaria is in 12th place, only followed by four East German federal states.The bottom of Saxony is 57.3 percent.

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10.08 a.m.: Corona lets life satisfaction from high school graduates drop

The life satisfaction of the high school graduates of 2020 has dropped drastically compared to the time before the Corona pandemic."This slump is atypical for young people in this phase of life. It corresponds, for example, to the drastic decline in life satisfaction in war zones," said Malte Sandner from the Nuremberg Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB) on Thursday.The decline was very satisfied with 0.5 on a scale from 0 for very dissatisfied up to 10, specifically from 7.3 to 6.8.The decline in the total population was much less strong.

With every sixth student, the pandemic had a great influence on the decision of the first educational path after graduating from high school, the survey continued.Around 47 percent of young adults surveyed chose a degree.Almost everyone would only know their university through audio and video events.The least satisfied with their general life situation is high school graduates who had not yet taken a path of education at the end of 2020 and were in a bridging year."In the event of future considerations of infection protection measures, the strong negative effects of school and university closings must be taken into account," said IAB researcher Sarah Bernhard.

8:05 p.m.: Moderna boss expects the end of the pandemic in one year

The head of the Moderna vaccine manufacturer, Stephane Bancel, assumes an end of pandemic in one year.By mid -2022 there were enough cans to be able to vaccinate all people, he told the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung".From then on, Covid-19 becomes a normal flu."Pandemic is over in a year."The Corona vaccination could then be part of a combined immunization against respiratory viruses.Moderna has already developed such a vaccination, it should be ready from 2023.

About the article: "Moderna may better protect against delta infection"

7.15 a.m.: Continuation of continued wages: Greens expert fears "hidden pandemy"

The Green Health expert Janosch Dahmen criticized the deletion of continued wages for unvaccinated quarantine."As a doctor, I may not indicate that people can no longer state if they have a positive test result, no longer go into quarantine and thus become a danger to others, and we can get something like a hidden pandemy," saysthe doctor in ZDF morning magazine.

The necessary first step would have been that the workplace would be tested more consistently and that 3G rules would be introduced at the workplace."Other EU countries have shown it."Dahmen also believes that with a continued low vaccination rate, a vaccination obligation for individual professional group should become an issue.

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7:00 p.m.: Over 230 million corona infections worldwide

Since the beginning of pandemic, more than 230.05 million people have been demonstrably infected with the coronavirus.This results in a Reuters count based on official data.More than 4.92 million people died with or on the virus.

5.35 p.m.: Incidence continued to decline slightly

The Robert Koch Institute reports 10,696 new positive tests.That is 2,229 less than on Thursday a week ago when 12,925 new infections were reported.

The seven-day incidence falls to 63.1 out of 65.0 the day before.The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.

115 other people died in connection with the virus.This increases the number of reported deaths to 93,238 within 24 hours.In total, more than 4.17 million corona tests have been positive in Germany.

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5.30 a.m.: Holetschek warns of more Corona infections in autumn

According to Bavaria's Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU), the end of summer increases the Corona infection risk for all non-vaccin."Now it is high time to be vaccinated, because autumn is cold and therefore also a breeding ground for Corona".

Only with the vaccination, according to Holetschek, could the healthcare system and everyone there be relieved."I therefore appeal to all citizens of Bavaria: Let yourself be vaccinated now, vaccination is the best protection."

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

9:53 p.m.: 97 percent of United Airlines vaccinated

Less than a week before the expiry of a period, 97 percent of their employees in the United States are vaccinated against Coronavirus.Unpolished threatens to dismiss.The airline based in Chicago and 67,000 US employees is a group of companies that have a vaccination obligation.United also set the deadline in August, September 27th, next Monday.Those who are not vaccinated must expect the termination procedure to initiate a termination procedure from Tuesday.A small number of employees had requested that they were excluded from the obligation to vaccinate for medical or religious reasons, the airline explained.Anyone who is rejected will get another five weeks to be vaccinated.

9:39 p.m.: Bolsonaro after returning of the UN Assembly in self-tensolation

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro goes into self-tensing after his return from the UN General Assembly.The background is the positive corona test by Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, who accompanied Bolsonaro to New York and is now in quarantine.According to the government, all other members of the Brazilian delegation were negatively tested.Bolsonaro does not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus on the grounds that he was better protected against the virus because of an earlier Corona infection than by any vaccination.

9:25 p.m.: Twelve players Corona -positive - Wagner's Hachinger with shifts

Because a dozen players were tested positively for the coronavirus, football regional league SpVgg Unterhaching with coach Sandro Wagner has to move two more games.Due to the "current corona -related location", the home game planned for this Friday against 1. FC Schweinfurt is postponed to November 2nd.In addition, the next home game against TSV Buchbach is to take place on October 12, as the club announced on Wednesday.Twelve Unterhachingen professionals were tested positively for the virus, the club said when asked by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".The other, mostly negative tested, could continue to train.The game of the Hachinger against SpVgg Bayreuth had to be canceled at the weekend.

9:03 p.m.: Announcement for staff forces French clinic in emergency operation

After the introduction of a compulsory vaccination for clinic staff in France, the hospital network of the Alsatian border town of Mühlhausen had to switch to emergency operation.Of the approximately 6,000 employees, more than 170 have not yet been vaccinated and therefore suspended from duty, the broadcaster RTL reported on Wednesday.The employees had demonstrated against the measure in front of the hospital and laid on the ground under white sheets.The vaccination obligation for employees in the healthcare system has been working since September 15th.Similar serious problems as in Mühlhausen have so far not been known from other regions.Mühlhausen was one of the epicenters of pandemic in France during the first wave of Corona.

8:05 p.m.: 2G rule - Werder Bremen can play again in front of full ranks

Werder Bremen soccer team will soon be able to play in the nearby stadium in front of full spectator ranks.Werder President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald (60) and club boss Klaus Filbry (54) had the crucial discussions in the Bremen town hall, including interior senator Ulrich Mäurer."If we apply the 2G option, we can use the full viewer capacity again. This is good news and challenge for us that we definitely want to tackle. Our goal is to use the 2G concept against HeidenheimBring, "said Hess-Grunewald the" Bild ".

Only last details are to be clarified, it said.The Bremen Senate had adjusted the Corona Ordinance on Tuesday.If the association only leaves vaccinated and recovered to the stadium, the restrictions are eliminated.The innovations come into force on October 1, when the home game against 1. FC Heidenheim is also increasing.

7:28 p.m.: Olympic fire for winter games 2022 should be inflamed without spectators

The Olympic Fire for the Winter Games 2022 in China is to be lit again in October without spectators.As the Greek Olympic Committee announced, the ceremony in ancient Olympics is planned for October 18.On October 19, the fire in Athens is to be handed over to the Chinese organizers of the games as part of another ceremony.

Because of the pandemic, the ceremony will "take place under strict compliance with health regulations," said the committee.The torchy run in the Greek area is also shortened.

As early as March 2020, the Olympic fire for the summer games in Japan was lit for fear of Corona attachments to the exclusion of the public.The ceremony was also overshadowed by the death of the first Corona patient in Greece.The games in Tokyo ultimately only took place this year with one year.

7:21 p.m.: Biden calls other states to generous corona vaccination donations

In the worldwide fight against Corona pandemic, US President Joe Biden has called on other industrialized nations to spacious vaccination donations to poorer countries."This is a global tragedy," said Biden during an online summit for corona pandemic.An international effort is necessary to push the virus back."To defeat the pandemic here, we have to defeat it everywhere."The White House had previously announced that the United States wanted to donate another 500 million vaccine doses to poorer countries.Overall, the US commitments will amount to donations of 1.1 billion vaccine doses.

"The United States is leading worldwide at vaccination donations," said Biden.He called on other states to also give up vaccinations on a large scale and to comply with commitments.The President announced that U.S. Secretary of State Antony would flash together in the course of the year to get colleagues from other countries in order to talk about progress in vaccination donations.In the first quarter of 2022, another online summit with heads of state and government should take place on Corona pandemic.

According to the White House, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Canada, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau, the presidents of South Africa and Indonesia, Cyril Ramaphosa and Joko Widodo, as well as EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, took part on Wednesday.With information on the participants, the US government center had been closely covered by the end.

6:19 p.m.: Brazilian health authority recommends quarantine for Bolsonaro

After the positive Corona test by Brazil's Minister of Health during a business trip in New York, the health surveillance authority in Brasília recommended 14 days of quarantine for the Brazilian delegation around President Jair Bolsonaro.In the early morning hours, the anvisa sent a corresponding letter to the "Casa Civil", comparable to the Chancellery, it said in a statement by the authority at the request of the German press agency.According to this, the anvisa had presented the existing regulations and expected hygiene recommendations for the protection of travelers and the Brazilian population.

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga had accompanied the right-wing populist Bolsonaro to the UN Generalbatte in New York.Yesterday he was tested positively for the coronavirus and remained in quarantine in the USA.In the past few days, Queiroga has tweeted photos with Bolsonaro, his wife Michelle, representatives of investment funds and a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who in turn met US President Joe Biden.

The anvisa, which also allows Corona vaccines, had recently caused a stir when the World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina in São Paulo was initially interrupted by officials from the authority and then canceled by the referee.The Anvisa employees had entered the field to get three Argentinians off the pitch for alleged violations of the Corona regulations in Brazil.

5:50 p.m.: DGB criticizes Minister of Health

At the end of the compensation payments, the German Minister of Health significantly criticized the decision of the Health Minister in quarantine.DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann told the RBB that the employers would now have to query the vaccination status of their employees in order to apply for compensation payments."There is no legal basis for this, because it can sometimes lead to the fact that sensitive health data of the employees must be disclosed," said Hoffmann.

5:24 p.m.: Macron's vaccination certificate on the Internet - responsible persons threaten consequences

After the vaccination certificate of the French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on social networks, the authorities found those responsible.Those healthcare were identified that have agreed to the data irregularly and violated professional ethics, the German Press Agency learned from the state French health insurance company.The National Council of the Medical Association announced that the consequences for those affected are now being decided at the local level.There was talk of a serious violation of medical confidentiality.

It became known on Tuesday that Macron's vaccination certificate was circulating online.A QR code as well as name, date of birth and vaccination information from the President were seen in pictures.The presidential palace confirmed the authenticity of the code.France's health forces have access to a centralized system with vaccination certificates.Macron's QR code was brought into circulation from the circles of this staff.

Corona: Die Ereignisse vom 20. bis 26. September 2021

5:10 p.m.: Patients protectors criticize the end of the compensation for unvaccinated

At the end of the compensation payments for unvaccinated, the decision of the health minister has met with violent criticism among patient protectors.The German health system so far on the solidarity of everyone, said board member Eugen Brysch of the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Dortmund.Neither vaccination status, age, need for care, illnesses, eating habits nor particularly risky hobbies have so far led to services being refused.

"With today's decision, the health ministers have dissolved these ethical consensus," said Brysch: "The door and goal is open that social majorities decide on individual demands on basic care."

With Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU), the health ministers of the federal states had decided on a joint procedure at the end of the compensation payment for unvaccinated.From November 1st at the latest from November 1st, employees in Germany can no longer receive government support if they have to be in quarantine due to suspicion of Corona and are not vaccinated, as the "Spiegel" reports.However, the entitlement to continued wages in the event of illness remains.

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4.46 p.m.: FDP boss Lindner questions motifs behind Söder's Corona course

FDP party leader Christian Lindner questioned the motifs behind the strict corona policy of politicians such as CSU boss Markus Söder."Sometimes I have thought in dark hours whether maybe a getting used to the state of emergency for politicians like Markus Söder," said Lindner at an election campaign event in Stuttgart: "And that maybe some rule does not serve to protect health alone, but that behind it, but that behind itThere is also the feeling that you can do it. That you have power. And that the appearance as a strict father has contributed to popularity for many months. "

But that is no longer the state of the Basic Law, said Lindner.Not the Markus Söders and Winfried Kretschmanns, the government does not grant the citizens the freedom, but rather the citizens of the government to intervene in their rights as long as this is necessary."There must be no reversal of the burden of proof."The government has to do everything that Lockdown will not happen in autumn, said Lindner.

4:27 p.m.: Greek Corona denial against doctors - "It is a madhouse"

Greek doctors are affected by the actions of vaccination opponents and corona denials.In the past few weeks there have been cases in Greece in which Covid patients did not want to be ventilated because they contested the existence of the virus.

Several doctors who still ventilated the sick were charged.Even three exhumers have already been ordered because survivors doubted the cause of death Covid-19."It is now a madhouse," commented the Greek virologist Marios Lazanas on Skai TV and asked the government to support the doctors in their work and to protect against complaints from Corona deniers.

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16:02: Kubicki gives a visit to the pub despite the Lockdown

Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) has openly known to have disregarded Corona rules during the Lockdown.In his place of residence beach in Schleswig -Holstein, "as in every place I know" - pubs were open despite the ban.And "of course" he was also in these pubs, he admitted in a video interview with the "Bild" newspaper.People had met at their regulars' tables "because they said: there is nothing here," said Kubicki.

Therefore, he does not have a guilty conscience: "I made use of my right to autonomous action," said the FDP vice and defendant that "nonsensical measures" had led too much annoyance among the population in pandemic.Against this background, he also targeted the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach.Despite different views, he personally appreciated Lauterbach, but at the regulars' table in strands, people reacted "not positively" to the Social Democrats: "You would say 'spack' or 'Dumpfbacke' in the north."

Lauterbach reacted angrily to Kubicki's statement.For a Bundestag vice, this is "an unworthy admission", wrote the SPD MP on Twitter: "I also know what is said about Mr. Kubicki. But I still achieve media presence without insulting colleagues."

3:43 p.m.: Survey - high school graduates felt left alone during Corona

According to a survey by the University of Paderborn, most high school graduates felt alone by politics during the Corona pandemic.57.6 percent of the potential first voters approved this statement, as the university announced.Around 7,650 students from the past two high school graduates from all over Germany took part in the non-representative online survey.

Around two thirds of the respondents stated that they did not feel seriously taken during the pandemic, and attested politicians that they had no understanding of their interests, as the university explained.As a "driver" of disappointment and frustration, the education policy of the federal states plays a special role, it said.The graduates would have rated both the organization of the Abitur examination and the communication between Ministries and schools very bad.

Around 80 percent found that politics should have found a solution for the Abitur much earlier.Over 70 percent believed that the burden of the final exams during pandemic had been underestimated by politics, which increased inequalities.

3:16 p.m.: Germany has given 5.3 million vaccine doses so far

According to the federal government, Germany has so far given 5.3 million vaccine doses to other countries.This is done via the Allianz Covax and bilateral, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office on Wednesday in Berlin.Being the recipient of his Usbekistan and Tajikistan, including Mauritania and Sudan."We continue to strive for a fair distribution of vaccines worldwide," said the spokeswoman.

The numbers cannot be seen where Germany is in international comparison.Germany is a founding member of the anti-pandemic cooperation Act-A, launched in April 2020, and also provides considerable amounts of money.Most of the money flows to the COVAX vaccine platform, smaller amounts to the platforms for diagnostics and medication against COVID-19.Covax promotes research into corona vaccines and directly procures vaccine doses.The financing for 92 of the poorest countries takes over richer states.

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2:56 p.m.: France wants to enable an extension of the Corona proof

France's government also wants to be able to impose a corona proof after mid-November.The current regulation is limited in time.The possibility of being able to use the so -called health pass with a corresponding epidemic location would have to be extended, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal in Paris.In France, the visit of restaurants and museums or the journey with the long -distance train is only possible with a negative test, recovered or vaccinated.

In the fight against a fourth Corona wave, head of state Emmanuel Macron announced stricter corona rules in summer, including the obligation to provide evidence.Attal defended the health pass as a very efficient means.Without him, several facilities should have closed in the middle of summer.

Due to an improving infection situation, somewhat looser rules should apply from October 4.In departments with a 7-day incidence of under 50, the mask obligation in primary school then does not apply, as Attal said.In addition, there will be no upper limits in these areas at events or in buildings.

The number of infections in France has been declining for weeks.Most recently, around 74 on 100,000 people were new to the Coronavirus within a week.More than 70 percent of the population are fully vaccinated against the virus.

2:34 p.m.: Economic study underestimated underestimated Corona numbers in Africa

According to a new study by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IFW), the number of COVID 19 deaths in Africa is significantly underestimated in the official data.The IFW said that the registration is particularly large compared to other world regions.The cause is low test and surveillance capacities in many countries.Nevertheless, the mortality rate in Africa is relatively low because the population is comparatively young.Corona pandemic significantly affects the economy in Africa and is also likely to harm the economic development of the continent in the long term.

According to the IFW countries in which services, tourism and international trade are of great importance, particularly strongly affected by pandemic.Oxporting countries such as Algeria, Angola or Nigeria, on the other hand, benefited from the significantly increased raw material prices.Africa should not reach the preliminary crisis level at the gross domestic product per capita until 2023, many countries even only in 2025.

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2:18 p.m.: Spahn - Quarantine control "Question from Fairness"

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has emphasized that the regulation on wage replacement performance for unvaccinated is the implementation of the applicable infection protection law.The deadline was set until November 1, "because until then everyone had the chance to vaccination," said the CDU politician.

The fact that unvaccinated in quarantine no longer received wage substitute is also a question of fairness.If you do not want to be vaccinated, it must be clear that "the responsibility comes to bear financial consequences".Potentially only unvaccinated persons who had had contact with an infected person or who had returned to Germany from a high -risk area.In general, vaccinated and recovered should not be in quarantine.

2:02 p.m.: Holetschek - Continued wages for unmasked would be unsolidaric

According to Bavaria's Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU), a continued payment of loss of earnings for unvaccinated due to Corona quartan requirements.After the decision of the Minister of Health, he said that the continued payment of wages for most unvaccinists in November.

"We will make a sign that unvaccinated people have to take responsibility in the fight against Corona pandemic. Anyone who rejects a vaccination-for whatever non-medical reasons-cannot expect the community to come up with the loss of earnings,that arises from the quarantine obligation. That would be unsolidaric, "said the incumbent chairman of the Health Ministers' Conference.

Of course, there are also exceptions, emphasized Holetschek: "If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasonsbefore the separation arrangement. Whoever is sick also receives money. "

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1:51 p.m.: Poland approved vaccination refreshment for over 50 years

In Poland, over 50 years of age and medical nurses can receive a refresher vaccination against the coronavirus.As the Ministry of Health announced, the regulation also applies to people of all ages with a weakened immune system, whose immune response on the vaccinations initially administered could not be sufficient.They should receive the refreshment 28 days after complete vaccination.

Over 50 years and medical staff with patient contact should get the refresher at the earliest six months after the second dose.The means of corporations Biontech and Pfizer should be injected to them, according to which studies act well as a refreshment and should be very compatible.The dates for the refresher vaccination are to be automatically assigned via the central system in which the vaccinated ones are registered.

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1:33 p.m.: From November no longer compensation for unvaccinated with quarantine

In the event of a loss of earnings due to arranged Corona quartans, most non-vaccinated should no longer receive compensation from November 1st.The majority of the health ministers of the federal and state governments agree on this in a decision that is available to the German Press Agency.Bremen and Thuringia therefore abstained in the vote.Only people for whom there is a vaccination recommendation and who can also be vaccinated are affected.

The ministers' consultations were about a nationwide uniform line.The first countries had already decided that non-vulnerable would soon no longer have any claim for compensation.The Federal Infection Protection Act also provides for this if a separation could have been avoided by using a recommended vaccination.Since there is now also sufficient vaccine available, this should now be implemented.The countries themselves regulate the details.

Basically, employees who have to stay at home due to a quarantine order are entitled to wage replacement by the state in full in the first six weeks, from the seventh week of 67 percent.

From November 1, this regulation will no longer apply to people for whom a vaccination recommendation is available at the latest if you have to go to quarantine and not to work as contact persons of Corona-infected or as travel returners from a risk area abroad.As a rule, no quarantine arrangements apply to fully vaccinated people.

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1.14 p.m.: Bavarian state parliament from next week again in full line -up

Due to the high vaccination rate among MPs, the Bavarian state parliament will meet again in full occupation from next week.From October, mask obligation at the seat in the Maximilianeum is to be relaxed as long as the Corona traffic lights on green.In addition to the plenary sessions, the committees will also meet again in full strength.The majority of the Elders in Munich decided.

"The gratifyingly high number of fully immunized ones now enables us to meet all MPs as a constitutional body," said Landtag President Ilse Aigner (CSU).However, the risk should continue to be kept as low as possible by distances or cutting discs.

The background to the loosening is a survey of the state parliamentary office, according to which almost 86 percent of MPs are twice vaccinated.Visitors also get access to the state parliament again: the 3G rule applies to them.So you have to be vaccinated, tested or recovered by a corona infection.Events are still limited to the bare essentials and take place under hygiene requirements.

12:52 p.m.: So far no federal funds for ventilation devices at schools

The federal states have not yet been used by the federal states to protect mobile air purifiers for protection against Corona at schools and daycare centers."Means have not yet been accessed," said a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics to a request from the Green Group in the Bundestag, which is available to the Evangelical Press Service (EPD).

On July 14, the Federal Government decided to support the countries in the procurement of the devices with up to 200 million euros.The aim of the funding is to "counteract the risk of infection indoors in autumn and winter and to maintain childcare and face -to -face lessons at schools," said the Ministry.In August, the federal and state governments had agreed on an administrative agreement.Only eight federal states had signed them by mid -September.

According to the answer, the financial support of the federal government is not an independent federal funding program: "Rather, the design of the respective funding programs and their administration are responsible for the countries."Parents, teachers, experts and many politicians had repeatedly called for the use of ventilation systems in summer to protect students.

12.40 p.m.: Record number of top companies in Germany corrects forecasts upwards

Corona restrictions are gradually loosened, the demand is increasing- just like the mood in leading German companies: Since the beginning of the year, 234 of a total of 309 in the so-called Prime Standard listed company has corrected their profit or sales expectations, as the management consultancy EY explained.However, the experts warned of exaggerated optimism in view of the fault -prone supply chains, raw material bottlenecks and the unclear development of pandemic.

The number of positive corrections in the current year is a record: In the first eight months, it was more than every year since the start of the 2011 survey. Compared to the previous year, the number of these reports increased by 179 percent, the number of sales and profit warnings, i.e. the negative corrections, dropped by 83 percent at the same time.

After corporate profits had been dramatically collapsed in 2020, the opposite development has now been observed, Ey expert Milan Knarse said: "The economy is recovering much faster than expected, some companies have just reported record profits."

12.12 p.m.: USA want to double vaccination donations - another 500 million cans

In the fight against Corona, the United States wants to donate another 500 million vaccine doses to poorer countries.US President Joe Biden will announce this at a virtual Corona summit this Wednesday, a high government official said before the virtual meeting.Pfizer/Biontech's cans should be produced in the USA and go to poorer countries.This donation is not linked to any conditions.

"We prove that you can not only take care of yourself, but also help others," it said.The United States had already announced a donation of 500 million vaccine boxes before the G7 summit in Cornwall in English.

According to the information, the United States wants to buy the vaccine boxes from the manufacturers Pfizer and Biontech at a "non -profit -oriented price".Overall, the commitments from the USA amount to 1.1 billion vaccine donations.So far, around 160 million of these doses have been delivered to about a hundred countries in the world - including Peru, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Ethiopia.More doses would be sent every day.

Biden convened an online summit for Corona pandemic for this Wednesday.The central topic at the meeting is to improve just access to vaccine in the world.At the online summit, biden wants to call for other countries to act urgently to "eradicate the virus," said the government official: "We cannot do it alone."

12:02 p.m.: New version of the Corona Warn app ready for booster vaccination

In the new version, the federal Corona Warn app is able to quickly inform users about any upcoming refresher vaccinations.In the future, a text box will be displayed under each vaccination certificate that informs about the current status of the vaccination status.If refreshment vaccinations are necessary, the app informs those affected in this box.

The current version 2.10 will be gradually provided in the coming days.Users of an iPhone can manually download the current app version from Apple's store.Android users may have to spend a little more patience.The Google Play Store offers no way to initiate a manual update.

With the new version, the app also makes it easier to share stored vaccination certificates.The application can now create a print version of the certificates.This allows users to save or print them out as a PDF document.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has so far recorded 33.8 million downloads as the publisher of the app.The number of active users is below this value because some users uninstalled the app again or have not reinstalled after changing their smartphone.

11:36 am: judgment: no legal claim to distance lessons

A Düsseldorf high school student is not entitled to distance lessons even with a high Corona incidence.This was decided by the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Münster on Wednesday in the case of an eighth grader who saw his right to physical integrity violated by the duty of school.As a rule, there is only a right to distance lessons if the student endangered or from his family members, for example due to previous illnesses.However, the high school student did not lead such a health risk, but rather rely on a general health risk through pandemic.According to the chamber, it is justifiable at the moment to take part in the class in compliance with the mask requirement and the applicable participation and access restrictions.

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10:51 a.m.: Cologne offers recovery certificates online for the first time

As a nationwide, the city of Cologne offers the first municipality of Corona-Eleessenenzertificates via an online portal.From now on, Cologneers can call up the proof on a new website, as the city announced on Wednesday.So far, they had had to demonstrate their status at general practitioners or in pharmacies with certificates of positive test results.

"Our citizens' infection and recovery data are first of all in the municipal health department," said Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (non-party).Therefore, it was obvious to offer the new service as a city.In the online portal, recalls only have to enter an individual code, which all previously received a positive way to the virus has been automatically received from the health department since May 2021.

10:39 a.m.: 63.4 percent of Germans completely vaccinated

63.4 percent of people in Germany are now fully vaccinated against Corona.This emerges from the figures from the Robert Koch Institute on Wednesday (as of: 9:21 a.m.).Accordingly, vaccine doses administered on Tuesday 222 988 were reported.Around 56 million people (67.4 percent) have now received at least one vaccination, 52.7 million are fully vaccinated.According to RKI, at least 60 percent of the residents have received at least one first vaccination in 15 of the 16 federal states.Under this threshold there is only 57.2 percent.According to the data, Bremen recorded the highest proportion of first vacuum with 78.1 percent.

Current Corona numbers for vaccination in Bavaria and Germany

10.15 a.m.: Great Britain helps South Korea with vaccine

Great Britain helps South Korea in the care of Corona ide-ups from Biontech and Pfizer.The two countries agreed that Great Britain gave a million doses of the vacancy that are currently not needed, South Korea.The Asian country meanwhile undertaken to deliver the same amount by the end of the year."Due to the close cooperation with our friends in South Korea, this exchange of vaccine will maximize the speed of administration without affecting the British vaccine program," says British Minister of Health Sajid Javid.

10:00 a.m.: Ifo Institute lowers growth forecast

The IFO Institute lowers its forecast for the growth of the German economy this year due to persistent delivery bottlenecks in industry.Instead of the 3.3 expected only by 2.5 percent in June, the gross domestic product is likely to grow by 2.5 percent, according to the Munich economic researcher published on Wednesday."The strong recreation originally expected for the summer continues to move," said IFO economy head Timo Wollmerhäuser.At the same time, the forecast for 2022 was raised from 4.3 to 5.1 percent.In 2023 it should only be an increase of 1.5 percent.For comparison: in 2020 Europe's largest economy had broken down by 4.6 percent due to Corona pandemic.

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9:34 am: Amnesty International criticizes vaccine manufacturers

Shortly before the USA-oriented conference on Corona pandemic, Amnesty has practiced sharp criticism of the vaccine manufacturers and demanded more help for poorer countries."We are calling for the states and the pharmaceutical companies to do a drastic change of course and do everything to provide two billion vaccine sockets for countries with low and medium-sized incomes," said Amnesty boss Agnès Callamard on Wednesday.

In a report by the human rights organization, vaccine manufacturers are accused of letting the poorer countries down in corona pandemic.Although they themselves received government aids in billions, the pharmaceutical companies refused to agree to a suspension of the patents for corona vaccines, complained Amnesty.

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9:19 p.m.: Protests against vaccination and lockdown in Australia

In the Australian metropolis of Melbourne, hundreds of people protested the third day in a row against a corona vaccination for employees in the construction industry and the Lockdown in the region.The demonstration on Wednesday concentrated on the "Shrine of Remembrance", one of the largest war memorials in Down Under.The group has changed heavily armed police and arrested several participants, reported the AAP news agency. The Vice Prime Minister of the region, James Merlino, was horrified by the rallies."I won't even call it a protest because it is not a protest. This is a mob that is criminal," he said.

The regional government had recently ordered that all employees of the construction industry had to be vaccinated against the virus.On Monday, the authorities announced that the entire sector in the region will be closed for two weeks.On October 5, employees must then prove that they have received at least one vaccination dose before returning to work.The state in the east of the country has been in Lockdown again for weeks - it has been the sixth time since the beginning of pandemic.

8:59 p.m.: IFW: African countries not only in 2025 at a pre -crisis level

Due to the low vaccination rate, some African countries will only regain their pre -crisis level in 2025 according to the forecast of the Institute for World Economy (IFW).Economically particularly affected by Corona pandemic, countries with high importance of services, tourism and international trade such as South Africa and Tunisia, as the Kiel researchers announced on Wednesday.Oxporting countries such as Algeria, Angola and Nigeria, on the other hand, have now benefited from significantly increased raw material prices.Africa as a whole, the pre-crisis level in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita should not reach until 2023, many countries even only in 2025. "Especially people without training and women suffer from the economic consequences of pandemic," said IFW researcher Saskia Meuchelböck."Africa is now urgently dependent on international vaccination programs and debt releases to cope with the Pandemiefs."

One reason for the sluggish recovery from the consequences of Corona pandemic is the still dramatically low vaccination rate of only around five percent.For example, this leads to severe impairments in health care and continuing school closings, which also worsens the career prospects of people in the long term.Overall, the pandemic drove almost 30 million people into extreme poverty.

8:15 a.m.: Spahn defends plans to delete wage replacement payments for unvaccinated

In the run-up to the consultations with his counterparts from the federal states, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn defended plans to no longer pay wage replacement in Corona quartan.This is a legal regulation decided by the Bundestag, says the CDU politician in the ZDF morning magazine."Why should others pay for someone to decide for themselves not to be vaccinated."

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8:06 am: Fewer hospital treatments in Pandemie 2020

Corona pandemic led to significantly fewer hospital treatments in 2020.This emerges from figures from the Federal Statistical Office.Almost 13 percent fewer, i.e. 2.5 million fewer treatments were carried out last year and a good 690,000 fewer operations than in 2019. In contrast, there were 176,100 people who were treated with or because of a corona infection.According to the Federal Statistical Office, the decline in the first Corona wave in April 2020 was particularly strong with over a third of less inpatient treatment cases than in the same month.

To the article "Incides, vaccination quota, intensive care patients: Corona position in Bavaria"

07.20 p.m.: Federal election manager rejects criticism of postal voting

Federal election manager Georg Thiel rejected criticism of postal voting."Postal voting is just as safe as the urn gang," says Thiel in the ZDF morning magazine.The possibility of postal voting has existed in Germany since 1957. "Since then we have actually had no major incidents that somehow had somehow affected the result of the entire election."Thiel emphasized that the counting of the postal votes in the Bundestag election started like counting the urn election voices on Sunday from 6 p.m."This happens transparently, everyone can look at it, can come to the polling stations."

To the article "Postal voting: From when applying and how it works in detail"

5:55 p.m.: Spahn expects the end of pandemic in spring 2022

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) expects heren immunity against the Coronavirus and thus the end of pandemic in Germany by the coming spring."If no new virus variant appears against which vaccination does not protect, which is very unlikely, then we have overcome the pandemic in spring and can return to normal," says the CDU minister of the "Augsburg Allgemeine" according to a preliminary report.Herden immunity is always achieved, the question is only whether by vaccination or contagion."The vaccination is definitely the safer way there," said Spahn.

5.00 a.m.: Biden for fairer vaccine distribution worldwide

US President Joe Biden has convened an online summit on the Corona crisis for this Wednesday and wants to advance the fight against pandemic with further help commitments.The central topic at the meeting is to improve just access to vaccine in the world.The aim is to bring state and government heads with representatives of international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector together in order to agree on a "common vision of combating" Corona, it was said in advance from the White House.The occasion is the parallel UN Generalbatte in New York.

04.30 a.m.: Brazil's Minister of Health Tested positively

The Brazilian Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga has been tested positively for the coronavirus in New York.As the Brazilian government reports, Queiroga accompanies President Jair Bolsonaro to the United Nations General Assembly and will now go to quarantine."The minister is doing well," it says in an explanation.The other members of the delegation were negatively tested for the virus.

04.15 a.m.: Less positive tests than a week ago, incidence

The Robert Koch Institute reports 10,454 new positive tests.That was less in 2001 than on Wednesday a week ago when 12,455 new infections were reported.The seven-day incidence falls to 65.0 of 68.5 the day before.The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.71 other people died in connection with the virus.This increases the number of reported deaths to 93.123 within 24 hours.In total, almost 4.16 million corona tests have been positive in Germany.

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02.40 a.m.: IMF calls for specific action

The chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Gita Gopinath, calls for better action and greater responsibility in the international fight against Coronavirus pandemic."It is not enough to make announcements and commitments, you also have to keep them," says Gopinath in an interview with the Reuters news agency.This is the only way to ensure that 40 percent of all people worldwide were vaccinated by the end of 2021.Above all, large economies would have to increase their deliveries of vaccine in order to comply with their commitments.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

7.30 p.m.: Bolsonaro justifies in UN Corona

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro was surprised at the UN General Assembly of General Assembly with statements about his approach in Corona pandemic."We do not understand why many countries are against this treatment," emphasized Bolsonaro in New York on Tuesday, for example, the preventive use of medication, the effectiveness of which has not been proven against the coronavirus.

The right -wing radical head of state has emphasized several times that he has not yet been vaccinated against Corona.New York Mayor Bill de Blasio sent a message to Bolsonaro by saying: "You have to be vaccinated if you want to come here."The "honor system" applies to the UN: Anyone who enters the building in New York, for example, confirms that they have not been tested positively in the ten days before.

At the same time, Bolsonaro, who wore a protective mask at the beginning of his speech, emphasized how his government had progressed in the fight against pandemic."By November, anyone who has decided to vaccination in Brazil will get there," he said.According to data from the Ministry of Health in Brasília, around 222 million vaccine doses have been administered since the state -wide vaccination campaign in January.Around 70 percent of adult Brazilians have received a first dose, around 38 percent are fully vaccinated.

6:03 p.m.: A fifth of the Nigerians loses jobs

In Nigeria, according to the Corona crisis, about a fifth of the workers have lost their jobs.This emerges from calculations by the statistics authority.Nigeria is the most populous country and the largest economy in Africa.Around 70 percent of the government income depends on oil exports.The Corona crisis led to delivery interruptions and a decay of oil prices.According to the former World Bank estimates, more than eleven million of the approximately 200 million Nigerians will be driven to poverty by 2022 in the course of the Corona crisis.

5:50 p.m.: Talks about testing for some unvaccinated employees

According to "Handelsblatt", the federal and state governments want to advise on a test obligation for unvaccinated employees and the self -employed in certain industries.This emerges from a draft decision for the meeting of the health ministers on Wednesday, reports the newspaper.The rule should be introduced in view of the infection situation where employees with "external people come into direct contact".

5:10 p.m.: Argentina collects numerous corona measures

Argentine government has announced numerous loosening around a year and a half after the beginning of the Corona measures.Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outdoors, said Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti on Tuesday.Economic, cultural, religious and sporting activities are possible again 100 percent if the distance rules are observed, regular ventilation and with a mask.Discos can reopen for vaccinated with an occupancy rate of 50 percent.Large events will also be allowed again from October 1st.Football stadiums may then be used to be 50 percent busy.In addition, Argentina gradually opens its limits for foreigners.

Last year, the South American country had imposed very strict measures against the spread of Corona pandemic.The initial restrictions also applied as long as in hardly any other country in the world.In some cases, people were only allowed to leave their apartment for important purchases and visits to the doctor.Recently, however, the number of infections had dropped significantly.Despite delivery difficulties, almost 45 percent of the Argentine are now completely vaccinated.

To the article "'Freedom Day' ': Who is in Bavaria for it - and who against it"

4:18 p.m.: No earning compensation for unvaccinated in quarantine

According to "Handelsblatt", unvaccinated employees in quarantine must expect to have to do without part of their wages.In this case, employers should no longer receive government compensation for the loss of earnings at the latest from October 11th.This emerges from a draft decision on the meeting of the health ministers on Wednesday, as the newspaper reports.

Accordingly, from October 11 at the latest, "those people will no longer be able to provide compensation who, as contact persons or travel returners from a risk area," cannot show complete vaccination protection in the event of a quarantine, although there is a public recommendation for them.

According to the report, exceptions apply to the persons for whom up to eight weeks before the quarantine arrangement did not provide any vaccination recommendation."The same applies if a medical contraindication with regard to the COVID-19 consumption is confirmed by a medical certificate", it is cited from the paper.

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3:54 p.m.: UN boss warns to fight Corona and climate change

With drastic words, UN General Secretary António Guterres has asked the International Community to commit to fight the Corona pandemic and climate change at the start of the UN General Assembly."I am here to raise the alarm: the world has to wake up," said Guterres at the beginning of the 76th general debate of the UN General Assembly in New York."We stand on the edge of the abyss and move in the wrong direction. Our world has never been in greater danger and never split. We are facing the greatest cascade of crisis of our lifetime."

The unequal distribution of vaccine against the coronavirus, for example, described Guterres as obscenity."A majority of the richer world is vaccinated. But more than 90 percent of Africans are still waiting for their first dose. This is a moral charges of the state of our world," said Guterres."We passed the scientific test. But we failed in ethics."

In view of crises such as pandemic and climate change, the world is not sufficiently together, the UN chief complained."Instead of humility in view of these epic challenges, we see a presumption. Instead of the path of solidarity, we are in a dead end of destruction."

Nevertheless, he still has hope, said Guterres."The problems we have created are problems that we can solve. Humanity has shown that we can achieve great things when we work together."

After the general debate had mainly expired last year due to the corona pandemic, many heads of state and government traveled back to New York this year, albeit with significantly smaller delegations.The rest of the representatives of the 193 member states take part online.Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier should speak for Germany on Friday.

2.40 p.m.: In Vienna, 2G rule for night clubs and events will apply from October

In Vienna, the measures will be tightened from October, which the authorities justify with an increasing utilization of the intensive care units.The so-called 2G rule then applies to night catering and events of over 500 people.This means that only vaccinated and recovered access is given.For employees, proof by using a PCR test should also be possible.

According to Mayor Michael Ludwig, the low vaccination rate is to be increased in an international comparison."We see that all relevant numbers rise, especially on the intensive care units," he says.In addition, non -vital operations in the hospitals would have to be postponed to a later date.An FFP2 mask obligation is again prescribed for trading.The measures should initially apply for one month.The city government is precisely preceded by the Federal Government measures, which only decided on a 15 percent occupancy of the intensive care beds.

14.22 Uhr: Booster-Impfung soll Schutz von J&J-Vakzin deutlich erhöhen

Eine Corona-Auffrischimpfung mit dem Wirkstoff von Johnson & Johnson verstärkt nach Angaben des US-Pharmakonzerns die Wirkung deutlich. Eine Booster-Impfung etwa zwei Wochen nach der ersten Impfung erhöhe den Schutz vor einem moderaten bis schweren Verlauf einer Infektion auf 94 Prozent, teilt das Unternehmen unter Verweis auf Untersuchungsergebnisse mit. Im Vergleich dazu bietet eine Einzeldosis den Angaben zufolge einen Schutz von 70 Prozent.

Antibody formation is increased by four to six times, and the antibody mirrors even rose by twelve times six months after the first dose, it is said.The side effects of two doses are comparable to those that have been observed in studies in an individual vaccination.At the same time, the group emphasizes that a single dose of a single dose is still sufficient for its vacancy.

About the article: "What you need to know about the third vaccination"

1:52 p.m.: Hamburg Looses Measures as part of 2-G Rule

In Hamburg, football stadiums can be filled again to the last place under 2G conditions.In the clubs, too, vaccinated and recovered people are likely to dance again from Saturday without a mask and without distance, as the deputy spokeswoman Julia said openly.

A corresponding adjustment of the Corona insulation regulation, in which the mask obligation and capacity limits are eliminated below 2G conditions, is currently in the works and will come into force in time for Saturday, 0:00 a.m.Furthermore, the Senate decided that 12- to 17-year-olds are allowed to take part in 2G events "until further notice".So far, a transition period of six weeks has been true.

Hamburg was the first federal state to introduce the 2G option model at the end of August.Accordingly, operators can decide for themselves whether they only let vaccinated and recovered people, who are then freed from many Corona restrictions.Among other things, restaurants, pubs, cinemas, theater, museums and zoos can use their facilities fully again.

If you only get vaccinated and tested, there is no longer any restrictions on the capacity.The distance requirement and the test obligation in closed rooms are then canceled.However, the mask obligation initially remained.With the 2G option, according to a Senate spokesman, the infection protection was taken into account.Many facilities were given the opportunity to make their offers.

1:18 p.m.: Söder describes vaccination week as "marginal success"

Vaccination against the coronavirus is not progressing.The past week of vaccination only brought a “marginal success”, said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) after a cabinet meeting of the state government in Munich.The hoped -for vaccination progress will be stopped.Bavaria now rely on the end of the free Corona tests and the earnings payments for quarantine from October to give the vaccination a "clear thrust".

The Corona situation in Bavaria is stable, the incidence is stagnating at 87, the hospital car is on "green".In the case of twelve to 15-year-olds, however, the incidence is over 200, and the six to twelve-year-olds were just under 200, said Söder.He hoped that the vaccinations at schools and possibly a vaccination of children under the age of twelve will lead to an improvement here from next spring.Keeping the schools open is still a top priority.Testing in the educational institutions is going well, albeit with enormous effort.30 percent of primary and special schools started with the PCR pot tests, the rest should follow.

About the article: "What the Vaccination Week has brought in Bavaria"

1:06 p.m.: BDI welcomes the end of the US entrance restrictions for vaccinated Europeans

The Federal Association of German Industry has described the planned loosening of the entry restrictions to the USA as overdue.German companies and the economy in the United States could breathe a sigh of relief, said Wolfgang Niedermark, member of the BDI main management."Hopefully the past will be a thing of the past from November from November."From November, foreigners can return to the USA with a corona vaccination.

Personal encounters in the US business are important for the resumption of economic activities, said Niedermark.Specialists would have to be able to reach customers and locations that German companies active in the United States."The pandeme -related entry restrictions were no longer understandable with a view to the high vaccination rates in the EU."

11:52: Biontech founder Türeci and Sahin receive Paul-Ehrlich-Prize

The founders of the German pharmaceutical company Biontech, Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin, receive the renowned Paul-Ehrlich-and-Ludwig-Darmstaedter Prize.As the Board of Trustees of the Paul-Ehrlich Foundation announced on Tuesday in Frankfurt am Main, they will be awarded preventive and therapeutic purposes together with the biochemist Catalin Karikó for their research and development of messenger RNA.MRNA technology is also the basis of the Biontech Corona vaccine.

The researchers would have "established a technology platform that should initiate a paradigm shift in some areas of medicine," said the foundation.As an outstanding success, "the spectacularly fast development" of a highly effective corona vaccine was particularly recognized, which plays a crucial role in the global containment of the SARS-COV2 pandemic.

Karikó, who is researching at the University of Pennsylvania, has been working on MRNA technology since the 1990s.Sahin and Türeci come from cancer research, where they have also been working on cancer vaccines based on mRNA since the mid -1990s.They then used this principle for the development of the Corona vaccine.Karikó joined Biontech in 2013.

The Paul-Ehrlich-and-Ludwig-Darmstaedter Prize is the most renowned medical award in Germany.He is endowed with 120,000 euros and is traditionally awarded on Ehrlich's birthday, March 14th, in the Frankfurt Paulskirche.

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11.45 p.m.: Tourism motto in Malaysia before the collapse

One and a half years after the beginning of Corona pandemic, the tourism sector in Malaysia is faced with experts in Malaysia.The "total collapse" industry is threatening it if the state does not help her financially, the Malaysian association of touring providers and travel agencies (Matta) said.The group asked finance minister Tengku Zafrul for targeted help to support the employees of the industry and prepare the industry for a comeback.

The borders of the Southeast Asian country have been closed to international guests for 18 months.Before the crisis, the country with its dream beaches and tropical rainforests still recorded the second highest number of visitors in the region in Thailand.Last week, the Langkawi archipelago was open for tourists for the first time - but only for local holidaymakers who are completely vaccinated.

The country with around 32 million inhabitants has previously recorded 2.1 million Corona infections.Around 23,000 people died in connection with the virus.

11.40 a.m.: Passau Clinic: Continued wages in quarantine only for vaccinated employees

Unpolished employees at the Passau Clinic cannot expect continued payments or compensation in the event of a quarantine.Plant manager Stefan Nowack confirmed to the BR that the workforce had been informed.The Passauer new press had first reported on it.

Nowack explained that all employees had already made a offer of vaccination against the Corona virus in March and thus the entitlement to continued wage by the employer or on quarantine compensation by the government.The clinic rely on the guidelines of the Lower Bavaria government.Nowack to the BR: "I think our employees should therefore think all the more about being vaccinated."The plant manager also confirmed that the Passauer AfD spoke in writing and described the procedure at the clinic as "obvious compulsory vaccination".

11:12 p.m.: Many self-employed pay in Corona crisis income

According to a study, Corona pandemic has hit the self-employed much more than employees.More than a third of them have lost income in the course of the crisis, as can be seen on Tuesday from an analysis of the WSI Institute of the Hans Böckler Foundation.The proportion of self -employed people who worry about their employment and economic existence is therefore around 50 percent higher than depending on employee.Solo self-employed in particular, who often worked under difficult conditions anyway, had heavily burdened the crisis.

A third has reduced the time scope of independence in the Corona crisis.For this purpose, over 40 percent of the affected people are responsible for operational reasons such as collapse in order or delivery bottlenecks.Two thirds of those who have reduced the independent activity justify this with legal requirements for virus pandemic.In contrast, 55 percent remained unchanged in 55 percent of their activity, 13 percent reported more work.

In April 2020, around 33 percent and 21 percent in April 2020, still noticeably less than before the pandemic - stated significantly more than employed.Working hours have broken massively for the solo self-employed parties: on average, in spring 2020 they only got two thirds of their usual workload.At an average of 31.9 hours per week, they are still well below the pre -crisis level of 37.7 hours, while working hours have largely normalized again for other respondents.

21 percent of the employee employee and 37 percent of the self-employed explain that the Corona crisis has had a negative impact on income.According to the WSI, it is even 44 percent among the solo self-employed.41 percent of them had to resort to their own savings compared to 22 percent of the dependent.

10.22 a.m.: Chancellor's head Braun: Warning prevented incidence of 850

Chancellor Minister Helge Braun has rejected allegations of "horror forecasts" in Corona pandemic.His warning from July that the incidence could increase to 850 until the Bundestag election was rather the reason for a subsequent change of political change, writes the CDU politician in the "BILD".The federal and state governments would then have decided on the nationwide introduction of the 3G rules and partial 2G options.Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had also warned of very high seven-day incidents in September and October for the calculation of the then infection dynamics.

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10.14 a.m.: New Zealand wants to proceed against violations of Corona rules

New Zealand wants to proceed with higher terms of money and prison against people who violate Corona rules."Our success is based on the fact that people were largely compliant," said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern."However, there were one or the other person who broke the rules and put others at risk."Someone who deliberately does not follow a Corona regulation, for example without permission, commits a criminal act and, in the event of a conviction, must now pay a fine of up to $ 12,000 in New Zealand (a good 7200 euros) or six months in prison.The fine is triple from what was previously due.

8:37 p.m.: Buses and trains with 18 percent fewer passengers in the first half of the year

Because of the corona pandemic, buses and trains are still used far less than in normal times.In the first half of the year, the passenger volume in line traffic fell by 18 percent to around 3.5 billion people in the same period last year, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday.This is primarily due to the burglary of 39 percent in the first quarter.In the spring, however, 20 percent more passengers were counted.

From January to June, the passenger number fell particularly strongly in rail rail traffic: there was a minus from 34 percent to 28.0 million travelers.Long -distance bus traffic even collapsed by 92 percent to 0.3 million passengers.There was a decline of 17 percent in local public transport, which is 99 percent of line traffic.

07:21: Social Association VdK against deletion of continued wages for unvaccinated

The social association VDK rejects the plans of several federal states to no longer pay wage replacement in Corona quartanta."The loss of earnings must be paid for a quarantine regardless of the vaccination status," says VDK President Verena Bentele.She appeals to the health ministers of the federal states to find a uniform regulation in their consultations on Wednesday.There is rightly not a general obligation to vaccinate.Then it shouldn't have any existence if a person with a chronic illness decides against vaccination due to a chronic illness."If half a monthly earnings falls out due to a quarantine, poorer people in particular will suffer disproportionately," says Bentele.

To the article "Designation for non-vaccinated: What does that mean specifically?"

06.30 a.m.: Further debate about "Freedom Day"

The chairwoman of the Marburger Bund, Susanne Johna, has sharply criticized demands for an end date for all Corona protection measures.A so-called "Freedom Day" can result in a burden on the clinics by more Corona patients, Johna warned in an interview with the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND).

To the article "'Freedom Day' ': Who is in Bavaria for it - and who against it"

04.17 a.m.: RKI registered 4,664 Corona new infections

The 7-day incidence in Germany is again slightly declining.The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated the value of the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Tuesday morning with 68.5.For comparison: the previous day the value was 71.0, a week ago at 81.1.The health authorities in Germany reported 4,664 Corona new infections to the RKI within one day.This emerges from numbers that reproduce the stand of the RKI dashboard from 04.04 a.m.A week ago, the value was 6,325.

According to the new information, 81 deaths were recorded within 24 hours.A week ago there were 68 deaths.The RKI has had shown infections with Sars-Cov-2 since the beginning of the pandemic.

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02.22 p.m.: After protests: all construction sites in Melbourne closed

The Australian authorities close all construction sites in the five million city of Melbourne for two weeks.Despite a strict lockdown, hundreds of people had protested against a obligation to vaccinate for construction workers at the weekend.The non -approved demonstration turned into violence, which was also directed against union representatives.The largest Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne and the capital Canberra have been in the Lockdown for weeks to curb a outbreak of the highly contagious delta variant.

01.49 p.m.: Experts expect restriction in March 2022

The chairman of the Bundestag's health committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), expects an end to the Corona restrictions from the coming spring."I expect full normality from March 2022," said Rüddel to the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND)."Until then, the unvaccinated people have to weigh up what is important to them," he emphasized.

A kind of "Freedom Day" based on the British model, as Processional President Andreas Gassen had proposed for October 30, the CDU politician ruled out."I think the proposal is not helpful in the current situation, shortly before a possible fourth wave," said Rüddel.

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00:45 p.m.: More US citizens died of Corona than through the Spanish flu

As a result of Corona pandemic, more US citizens have died than through the Spanish flu.According to a count of the Johns-Hopkins University published on Monday, more than 675,700 died in connection with Corona infection in the United States.The Spanish flu, which raged between 1918 and 1919, cost life 675,000 people in the United States, according to the US health authority.

The Spanish flu, at least in absolute numbers, lost its title as the heaviest pandemic in recent US history on Monday.According to historians, at least 50 million people died through the Spanish flu worldwide.

Unlike the Coronavirus, the Spanish flu often ended, especially for young people - especially people under the age of five or between 20 and 40 years of age were often affected.

00.01: Commissioner Westerfellhaus against the obligation to vaccinate for nursing staff

The Federal Government's nursing officer, Andreas Westerfellhaus, has spoken out against a corona vaccination for nursing staff.At the present time, he considered the discussion about it "neither sensible nor is necessary," he told the "Editorial Network Germany".It should continue to be given on information and easy access to the vaccinations.However, it would be true that employers should ask whether someone was vaccinated so that unvaccinated staff no longer had any direct contact, Westerfellhaus emphasized.

The Corona situation on the care stations is currently manageable, the representative said.Nevertheless, nurses looked at autumn with concern: "Most nurses have little understanding that Germany does not have sufficient vaccination among the population."

Monday, August 16, 2021

8:41 p.m.: Epidemiologist from Kries against the obligation to vaccinate: Would be "ineffective"

The pediatrician and epidemiologist Rüdiger von Kries spoke out against the introduction of a corona vaccination on BR television. There are both doubters and hardliners among the people who were not at the moment. The hardliners will never be convinced. But those who are doubts would be offended with an obligation to vaccinate, said von Kries in the evening in the BR24 Rundschau. "The decisive factor is convincing. A vaccination is something that, frankly, is never justified. Not because it would be unethical, but because it is ineffective in a freedom society in which we fortunately live." The epidemiologist who himself is a member The constant vaccination commission (STIKO) recommends that young people are vaccinated against Corona. However, he also emphasizes that vaccination is even more important for adults. The epidemiologist believes that parents were generally afraid of long -term further effects. This is very unlikely. "We saw a problem at the time when the flu shot that we had not expected. Now it is the case that the vaccination against covid has been done with the mRNA vaccines for a good six months. If something really burned, we should have noticed that. "

6.45 p.m.: Corona detection dogs in action: University draws a positive intermediate conclusion

After the first practice of Corona detection dogs at a concert, the Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine has drawn a positive intermediate conclusion.The dogs had recognized all built -in welding samples, the university announced on Monday.How many rehearsals were at first was not known.Five to six dogs should be in use, but the animals should not run through the crowd, but should sniff the samples separately.

The aim of the research project "Back to Culture" at the Hanover University of Veterinary Medicine as well as Hannover Concerts and Proevent Hannover is to find out whether the use of the dogs is an option at major events, said Lower Saxony's Minister of Science Björn Thümler."There is interest in the project worldwide," emphasized the CDU politician.

6:08 p.m.: Petrol station employee shot in the dispute over Corona mask

In the dispute over the wearing of a Corona mask, a 49-year-old is said to have shot a petrol station treasurer in Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate).The man annoyed himself because the employee did not want to sell him because he had not worn mouth-nose protection, said chief prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann on Monday in Idar-Oberstein.A warrant was against the German suspect.He confessed that he had killed the 20 -year -old student in his head with a targeted shot, said Fuhrmann.As a motive, he stated that the situation of Corona pandemic was heavily burdening him.He felt crowded into the corner and "saw no other way out" than to set a sign.The victim seemed "responsible for the overall situation because it enforced the rules," said Fuhrmann.

According to the previous investigations, the 49-year-old had entered the sales room of the petrol station without a mask on Saturday evening and put two six-pack beer on the counter at the cash register.The cashier pointed out the man on mask obligation - whereupon the man left the room and threatened to raise his hand.A good hour later he appeared again in the petrol station-this time he wore a mouth-nose cover, took a six-pack beer again and went to the cash register."There he dropped the oral nose cover," said Fuhrmann.The cashier again pointed out the man to comply with mask obligation: then the perpetrator pulled a revolver and shot the 20-year-old.

5:24 p.m.: Corona vaccine at Wöhrl in Nuremberg

Under the motto "Freedom for our customers, freedom for our employees", a Corona vaccination at the Wöhrl fashion house in Nuremberg will start tomorrow.In cooperation with the city of Nuremberg, the fashion retailer offers vaccinations in the main house on Ludwigsplatz, according to a message from the company.Both Wöhrl customers and all other citizens can get their first or second vaccination against the Coronavirus free of charge.The campaign was presented by owner Christian Greiner and Nuremberg's Mayor Marcus König (CSU) on site.

4.32 p.m.: USA will open borders for vaccinated travelers from November

The United States wants to loosen the corona-related entry bans, among others, for EU citizens and British.Fully vaccinated foreign citizens should be allowed to be allowed to re-enact from the beginning of November, said Jeffrey Zents, Corona coordinator of the White House, on Monday.In March last year, the United States imposed entry bans in March last year for pandemic for citizens from EU countries and Great Britain.The travel restrictions state that only US citizens and owners of a Green Card and their family members are allowed to enter the USA if they have been in the EU or Great Britain in the past 14 days.Everyone else currently needs special permission.The travel bans are also increasingly controversial in the United States.

3:54 p.m.: Czech Republic starts refreshing vaccinations

The first Czechs already received their third syringe on Monday.The condition for the refresher vaccination is that the second vaccination was more than eight months ago.The Ministry of Health in Prague recommends the so-called booster vaccination for seniors from 60, members of risk groups and health and nursing staff.

Anyone who comes into question receives an SMS notification - on the first day it was almost 8,000 health insurers, and it should be a million by the end of the year.Only the Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna vaccines are used for the third vaccination.In the Czech Republic, almost 5.9 million people have already been fully vaccinated against Coronavirus - more than half of the 10.7 million inhabitants of the EU member state.

3:43 p.m.: India wants to export vaccine again from October

From October, India wants to export Corona vaccines again.As Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya announced on Monday, the vaccine exports exposed in April are to be resumed from the coming month.According to India's Minister of Health, 300 million vaccine cans are to be produced in October alone - and a billion vaccine doses by the end of the year.Mandaviya added that the country wanted to fulfill its obligations towards the Covax initiative.

The International Covax Initiative is intended to contribute to a fair worldwide distribution of corona vaccines, India was one of its most important suppliers.However, the vaccine deliveries to poorer countries stalled because the Indian government has no longer exhibited export permits in view of a violent second wave of Corona in the country since April.

2:59 p.m.: Johnson: Prevention of refreshment priority before donations to poorer countries

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to give a clear priority from the donation of vaccine cans to poorer states in the future.The conservative politician told the press on Monday.This week, more than 1.5 million people in England are expected to receive an invitation to the third vaccination.Overall, all over 50-year-olds, particularly endangered people as well as health and nursing staff, should receive refreshing vaccination.

He looked at what can cause refreshing vaccinations and "I have to say that this must be our priority and we will continue".Nevertheless, the government in London will make a "huge commitment" to support the rest of the world, Johnson emphasized.You generally agree that nobody is sure before not everyone is safe, said Johnson.

2:32 p.m.: Vatican introduces "Green Pass" against Covid-19

Anyone who visits the Vatican from October 1 must present a so-called Green passport, i.e. the digital proof that the or that has been vaccinated against covid-19, has been recovered or recently tested negatively.This now also applies to the facilities of the Holy Chair, the governorate announced on Monday: The regulation corresponds to the line of the Italian government.In Germany, this corresponds to the so-called 3-G rule.

Vatican certificates that apply across the EU are accepted and those of other countries, insofar as they meet the requirements.The regulation concerns not only the area of the Vatican state, but also all exterritorial facilities in the city of Rome and in Castelgandolfo.Their compliance is controlled by the Vatican gendarmerie.

However, there is an exception to this regulation: worshipers do not have to provide evidence.The admission rules apply to liturgical celebrations: minimum distance, mask and disinfection of the hands.

13.25 p.m.: Newspaper: Pandemy has made Italians even more into drivers

The pandemic has increasingly made Italians into drivers and pedestrians.Every third resident of the country has changed its mobility habits in terms of frequency, time of day and means of transport since the beginning of the crisis, showed a survey about which the newspaper "IL Messaggero" reports.Accordingly, Italy is the European country with the second highest motorization density.The survey also showed that around half of the people have been traveling less frequently since the pandemic.At the same time, the Italians avoid public transport, which increases the trend towards car traffic.According to observers, the savings effect is destroyed.

1:08 p.m.: Government initially against a fixed date for the end of Corona editions

The Federal Government has initially rejected demands for a fixed date for an end to the end of all Corona editions.Development of the infection in the past few days can be very happy, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin on Monday."But from today's perspective, there is no basis to say day X is the day when all restrictions fall."Rather, there is a good reason to accept basic measures such as the distance and mask obligation.

Seibert spoke, for example, with a view to the Corona infection figures and the occupancy of the hospitals of a "very good development" that showed that measures taken.The 3G rule - i.e. access to certain interior only for vaccinated, recovered and negatively tested - contributed to this success.However, this is not a development that can be said, now it is certain that autumn and winter would be good.

However, the government has rated the nationwide week of action for vaccinations against Coronavirus as a success.A little more than 500,000 first vaccinations are "a good result," said government spokesman Seibert.This is "worth a lot".

About the article: "End all measures? A lot of criticism of" Freedom Day "claim"

1:08 p.m.: Procedure against district administrator due to violation of vaccination priority

The public prosecutor in the Rhineland-Palatinate Kaiserslautern has hired a proceedings against the district administrator of the Donnersberg district due to the violation of the vaccine priority during the Corona pandemic.The authority said on Monday.The case started at the end of February.At that time, according to media reports, District Administrator Rainer Guth (independent) announced that he and other officials had been vaccinated since January.At this point, people from the highest prioritization group were vaccinated according to the constant vaccination commission.At that time, this included over 80-year-olds and people who were in close contact with vulnerable groups.As far as known, Guth was not one of them.Rather, the vaccine doses were left and otherwise would have had to be disposed of.

1:02 p.m.: Federal Congress of Youth Work: Building work after pandemic

On the occasion of the opening of the third Federal Congress of Child and Youth Work in Nuremberg, the director of the German Youth Institute, Thomas Rauschenbach, promoted new youth work after the Corona pandemic.Unlike school, youth work has to rebuild relationships.The congress could now give suggestions and encourage this development work, said Rauschenbach on Monday.The Federal Congress takes place live and digital from Nuremberg.

12:59 p.m.: First schools in Philippines are to open again after one and a half years

After more than a year and a half online lessons because of the Corona pandemic, the first schools are allowed to reopen in the Philippines.In a pilot test approved by President Rodrigo Duterte, however, only up to 120 schools in the Southeast Asian island state are intended to offer presence lessons restricted, as the government in Manila announced on Monday.All schools have been closed in the Philippines since March 2020.Now attendance lessons should be offered again, said Dutertes spokesman Harry Roque.It is not just about education, but also about the "mental health" of children and adolescents and the Filipino economy."We could lose a whole generation," warned Roque.

To the article "Vaccinations at schools: Chance or group compulsion?"

12.45 p.m.: Biontech/Pfizer: COVID-19-vaccine safe and effective in children

After positive study results, Biontech and Pfizer want to apply for the approval of their COVID-19 vaccine for use in children as quickly as possible.In the decisive study with five to eleven-year-olds, the vaccine was well tolerated and created a strong immune response, the two companies said on Monday.The data is now to be submitted to the European Medicines Authority EMA, the US authority FDA and other registration authorities worldwide.It is the first results from an admission-relevant study for a Covid 19 vaccine for children under the age of twelve.

In the study, Biontech and Pfizer tested a dose of their already approved vacancy of ten micrograms.Two doses were administered at a distance of 21 days.Vaccination for over twelve -year -olds provides for a dosage of 30 micrograms.

12:38 p.m.: Vaccination scandal in Friesland: Compensation for post -vaccination

In the vaccination scandal in the Friesland district of Lower Saxony, the state and the district offer a financial allowance affected by the people affected by post -vaccination on request.If you get an after vaccination, you can get a flat rate of 35 euros, the district announced on Friday on its website.With two vaccinations, it would be 50 euros.A total of 10,183 people could apply.The state of Lower Saxony covers the costs, the district pays the money.According to the previous investigations, a nurse had exchanged Corona vaccine for a saline solution in April in the Schortens-Roffhausen vaccination center in the Schortens-Roffhausen vaccination center.

12.35 p.m.: Durability of more than 100 million corona vaccine

At the end of the year, the durability of more than 100 million Corona vaccine doses worldwide.If you are not urgently redistributed, the vaccine will be wasted, the data analysis company Airfinity warned.More than 40 percent of these vaccine cans are in the EU, as Airfinity reported on Monday.If you consider that most recipient countries need at least two months of durability to carry out the vaccination campaigns, threatened 241 million vaccine doses.If these would be distributed immediately, this would be enough to vaccinate 70 percent of people in countries with low and medium -sized incomes against the Coronavirus together with the doses already purchased and provided and available, according to Airfinity.Among other things, the British institute evaluates company and science data.The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva has been going to a fairer distribution of vaccines for months.

11.50 a.m.: Austria introduces 3G rule on ski slopes

In Austria, the so-called 3G rule applies to the ski slopes in the coming winter sports season.Cable railway operators are only allowed to transport, tested or recovered against Covid-19, as the government announced on Monday in Vienna.There will be no distance rules and capacity restrictions for the ski lifts, but an FFP2 mask obligation will not be.If the utilization of the intensive care units increases with corona patients, the rules for unvaccinated winter sports enthusiasts are tightened."I am convinced that with these framework conditions a carefree, safe winter season will be possible in our country," said Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger at a press conference in Vienna.

Around 200 intensive care beds in Austria are currently occupied with COVID 19 patients.If the number increases to 300, unvaccinated can no longer visit après-ski restaurants-not even with a negative test result, said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein.From this stage, cable cars, gastronomy and hotels are also no longer allowed to accept self -tests.From an intensive utilization of 400 beds, unvaccinated negative PCR tests must have.The less precise antigen tests are then no longer sufficient.

To the article "Ischgl process: State Austria rejects comparison"

11.48 p.m.: Kitchen furniture manufacturers expect "extraordinarily good year"

The German kitchen builders have overcome the Corona delle with temporarily closed furniture stores.The Association of the German Kitchen Furniture Industry (VDDK) reported on Monday about rising sales and well -filled order books.The industry expects "an extraordinarily good financial year 2021," said VDDK managing director Jan Kurth.By July, sales of around 3.3 billion euros would have been 14.7 percent above the level of the comparison period of 2020 and also exceeded sales in the pre-corona year 2019.An increase of up to 10 percent is expected for the year 2021, said Kurth.

11.25 a.m.: Lower Saxony's Prime Minister against "Freedom Day"

The Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil speaks against a "Freedom Day" with the cancellation of all Corona measures."There is only one way out: no Freedom Day, but a higher vaccination rate," says the SPD politician of the "Rheinische Post" (Tuesday edition).It is known that in the cold season the infection figures would increase again and that the patients would be younger during the intensive care units and would also have to stay there longer.Therefore, effective infection protection will be needed in the next few months.

11.06 a.m.: 63.1 percent of all people in Germany fully vaccinated

In the Corona vaccinations in Germany, 63.1 percent of the population are now fully vaccinated.The most necessary second syringe received 52.5 million people, as can be seen from Monday data from the Federal Ministry of Health.Getting at least one first vaccination have almost 55.9 million people or 67.2 percent of all inhabitants.

Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) emphasized that 78 percent of adults in Germany are now vaccinated at least once-according to Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), 73.8 percent of over 18 year olds are fully vaccinated.Among the children between the ages of 12 and 17, 39 percent are now vaccinated at least once and 29.1 percent are fully vaccinated."Every single vaccination helps everyone for a safe winter," wrote Spahn on Twitter.

To the article "Corona vaccination: Should you wait for the deadly?"

10:33 a.m.: Bavarian foreign trade attracts

Bavarian foreign trade attracted a lot over the course of the year.In the first seven months of the year, exports were 16.8 and imports of 20.5 percent higher than a year ago, as the State Office for Statistics announced on Monday.In July it was no longer so strong.Among other things, the trade in electronic components and plastic goods clearly increased.In contrast, cars went down.However, if you compare a more differentiated picture over time before Corona: the 109.7 billion exports in the first seven months of the year are lower than in the same period 2019. During this, the imports have increased.

10.05 a.m.: Due to different regulations nationwide: The doctors cancel tour for 2021

The Berlin punk rock band The Doctors ("Noise") completely canceled the concerts of the "in the ä Tonight Tour" planned this year."Today is a black day," said Monday on the homepage of Bela B (58), Farin Urlaub (57) and Rodrigo Gonzalez (53)."For months, our tour operator KKT and our management together with other members of the organizer industry have tried to negotiate a nationwide uniform regulation for concerts," wrote the band to cancel."It didn't work (so shortly before the elections)."Depending on the state, concerts without a distance are regulated differently.A "as big tour as the one we planned with such a lot of uncertainty of the approval situation" is not possible.

The tour had already been postponed.The start of the sold -out concerts was recently planned for October 30 in Berlin.26 appearances in Germany, Switzerland and Austria were planned for the concert tour through 15 cities.

9:15 p.m.: Corona effect in 2020: number of traffic accidents of children decreased

In 2020, as few children in traffic in Germany have had a accident than ever since reunification.The Coronabea's low traffic was particularly difficult for the number of traffic accidents with children, the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden said on Monday.The number of accident victims under the age of 15 fell by almost 20 percent compared to 2019 and thus stronger than that of the accident victim as a whole.

According to this, 22,500 children were harmed last year in the event of accidents in road traffic.48 children were killed.During the first Lockdown from mid -March 2020, fewer children had an accident than in the same months last year, the Federal Statistical Office announced.The number rose again from May to July, but was still significantly below the level of the previous year.

To the article "Action 'Safe to School': Volunteering can save lives"

8:39 p.m.: Chief of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians hopes for additional vaccination motivation at the end of the Corona measures

The head of the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen, hopes for a higher vaccination rate for the end of all Corona measures.He thinks that "many people also take motivation" to be vaccinated, said Gassen on Monday in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin".If more than two thirds of the population are vaccinated or recovered, it must be considered whether measures are permanently necessary for all Germans.Gassen had brought in the demand for such a "Freedom Day" at the weekend and proposed the cancellation of all protective measures on October 30th.For this he had been sharply criticized from politics.

8:36 p.m.: New Zealand: Lockdown is also loosened up in the city of Auckland

After a month, the strict lockdown in the New Zealand million metropolis of Auckland is relaxed.The reason was the falling Corona numbers in the largest city in the country, which was considered the epicenter of the recent outbreak of the Delta variant in the Pacific state, the government announced on Monday.The restrictions would be loosened slightly from Wednesday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced.Shops and schools can then at least partially open again.However, older people asked Ardern to stay at home largely if they have not yet been vaccinated.

8.30 p.m.: Sales in the hospitality industry increased again in July

In view of the increasing relaxation of the Corona restrictions in July, sales in the hospitality industry continued to increase in July.As the Federal Statistical Office announced on Monday, sales increased by 20.8 percent compared to the previous month of June.The turnover in the catering and accommodation industry was still 23.5 percent below the level of February 2020, the month before the outbreak of corona pandemic in Germany.

Compared to the same month of July 2020, sales rose by 3.5 percent, as the Federal Office continued to share on the basis of preliminary results.Hotels and other accommodation companies were particularly able to increase their sales - they increased by 36.1 percent in July compared to the previous month of June and 7.3 percent compared to July 2020.Despite this increase, sales here were 25.4 percent lower than before the Corona crisis.

To the article "Lively start for the tavern wiesn"

07:55: Sibler announces 3G sample control at Bavarian universities

Before the winter semester, the Bavarian Science Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU) relies on 3G sample controls at the universities."As a rule, there will be structured and close samples," said the CSU politician in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bayern 2, radio world in the morning / moderator Kerstin Grundmann).

Unlike theater visitors, not every student can be checked, according to Sibler."Theater usually have one, two or three entrances. If you only take the Munich universities, you sometimes have many hundreds of buildings, so it will simply not be possible."In addition, you have to deal with people who have a high "measure of personal responsibility" on: "I am very, very optimistic that we will deal well with a good coexistence of close -knit controls, tests and a lot of reason here. "

05.40 a.m.: Australian researchers complain about data situation on children's vaccinations

The problem of long-covid in children and adolescents can hardly be assessed based on the current study situation.The writing Australian researchers in an overview article in "The Pediatric InfectIous Disease Journal".The question of long-covid-as the stopping of Corona symptoms over many weeks-is explosive because the syndrome could be an argument for child vaccinations should be widespread.

"The low risk of acute illness means that one of the main advantages of vaccination of children could be to protect them from long-covid," says Nigel Curtis from the University of Melbourne, one of the authors of the review article.He and his team summarized fourteen individual studies in Long-Covid, including around 19,426 children.The prevalence of typical symptoms varied between 4 and 66 percent depending on the study.The small patients complained of headache, sleep disorders, weakness in concentration, abdominal pain and muscle and joint complaints.After a maximum of twelve weeks, the majority of the children were symptom -free.Children seem to develop long -covid - but less long and pronounced than adults.

About the article: "Corona vaccination for children- soon also for five- to eleven-year-olds?"

05.30 a.m.: Alliance demands rapid care peaks

An alliance of welfare associations, unions and scientists calls for a rapid nursing summit in a fire letter to the candidates for chancellor.As soon as the new government has been formed, three concerns would have to be tackled: Support for home care, repositioning of professional care and a fair distribution of financial burden, quotes the "Augsburger Allgemeine" from the letter.The initiators of the letter, including the Diakonie, the DGB and the health insurance company DAK, are concerned that "the future government is resting on the few what was implemented in the current legislative period".

05.25 a.m.: Spahn for 2G model at events

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has spoken out for nationwide uniform corona rules for organizers.It is "again very confusing that every federal state goes its own way," said Spahn to the newspapers of the Funke media group."It would be ideal if all countries agree on the 2G model as an option."There are currently 16 different rules for concerts or events.

In more and more federal states, 2G option models for companies from the cultural and service industries are currently being introduced.With 2G option models, restaurateurs and organizers can voluntarily restrict access to vaccinated and recovered.

To the article "Medical Director Gassen demands" Freedom Day "in six weeks"

05.15 a.m.: RKI registered 3,736 Corona new infections

The downward trend in the number of infections has been stopped for the time being.After the 7-day incidence had fallen over six days in a row, it rose slightly again.The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated the value of the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Monday morning with 71.0.For comparison: the previous day the value was 70.5, a week ago at 81.9.The health authorities in Germany reported 3736 Corona new infections to the RKI within one day.This emerges from numbers that reproduce the stand of the RKI dashboard from 04.19 a.m.A week ago, the value was 5,511.

This is how the Corona numbers in Germany develop

05.10: Headmaster angry: Pool tests from Monday unrealistic

The so -called pool tests in primary and special schools should actually start from this Monday - but headmaster are on the barricades due to additional bureaucracy."The introduction of the pool tests (...) With this time pressure without solidly verified administrative lead, is unrealistic," wrote the chairwoman of the Bavarian School management association (BSV), Cäcilia Mischko, on Sunday in a letter to Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo.

It complains about the "immense" administrative effort in schools, the "completely unrealistic and unnecessary schedule" and an extensive medical familiarization of the headmaster.Many parents are skeptical about the new tests, but they need consent from them.In addition, sufficient self -tests are stored for many weeks in schools."What a waste of resources!"

On the article "Lollitests at daycare centers: City Day annoys by state government"

05.00: In early 2022 Corona vaccine for under-12-year-olds?

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn expects admission to a Corona vaccine for the youngest at the beginning of next year."I assume that admission to a vaccine for children under the age of twelve will come in the first quarter of 2022," the CDU politician told the newspapers of the Funke media group.Then you can also protect the younger ones even better.A few days ago, Biontech, for example, had announced that he would apply for the approval of his Corona vaccine for children between the ages of five and eleven in the coming weeks.

04.00 a.m.: Test verification for daycare employees applies

Unpolished employees in daycare centers in Bavaria have had to demonstrate since this Monday that they have been negatively tested for Corona.The tests must be carried out three times a week, as the Ministry of Family Affairs explained.Without evidence that there is no corona infection, the employees are not allowed to go into the facility.The rule had decided on the cabinet last week.In addition to their own employees, the obligation also applies to employees from outside, for example cleaning staff or music teachers.The Free State provides the daycare centers self -tests.This could also voluntarily test vaccinated or recovered employees.

02.03 p.m.: Tourism officer: Après-Ski in winter season is possible

Like Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the federal government's tourism officer believes a corona winter season in the mountains and après-ski possible under certain conditions."We want to make skiing holidays carefree again," said Thomas Bareiß (CDU) to the newspapers of the Funke media group.If the infection increase, there should be no closures, at the same time guests and hosts would have to be protected."In this case, it remains to be checked whether an antigen rapid test is still sufficient," said Bareiß."Vaccination remains the be -all and end -all."

In short, he thought he thought a safe winter season including après-ski is possible.If the situation is further tightened, instead of the currently applicable 3G rule, only vaccinated access to après-ski restaurants would be obtained.SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach reacted critically to this advance."Nobody can predict what the next winter season will look like - not even the Austrian Chancellor," Lauterbach told the Funke newspapers.From today's perspective, he would "advise against celebrating under Ischgl-like conditions" and referred to vaccination breakthroughs.

To the article "Ischgl process: State Austria rejects comparison"

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