Consumer advice center warns of Wish and their crude return practices

Consumer advice center warns of Wish and their crude return practices

Consumer advice center warns of Wish and their crude return practices

The consumer center has now published a warning about the Wish shopping app - and that's not the first time.Lately, complaints have been increasingly received by the consumer advice centers nationwide.The current trouble about the Wish shopping app is about problems after returns.Users now report a quick blocking of the Wish customer account, which is accompanied by a strangely formulated letter in which Wish calls the customer to make further purchases to "unlock" the customer account again.

Registered users can find cheap items at Wish

Much is criticized...

Again and again there are problems after the purchase, the consumer center writes.Not only is the often inferior quality of the goods criticized, but also the very long delivery times and not preserved goods.In the case of complaints in this regard, Wish does not seem to have any fun.Customers report that their wish account was blocked so that they could not send any further complaints or take care of reversal or search for goods that have not been arrived.Without any warning, those affected lose access to customer service and thus the opportunity to cancel or complain open orders, according to the consumer center: "The provider accuses part of its customers to abuse the generous reimbursement and reimbursement reports'."

Consumer advice center warns of Wish and their crude return practices

Problem reimbursements

Then the users get the following message: "Your account was marked because of excessive reimbursements."What exactly Wish under" Excessive many reimbursements "understand remains in the dark.Because according to the complaints, such notifications were already made on the first attempt to report a complaint - customers are basically rejected immediately.However, according to the consumer advocates, this is not everything.Wish brazenly calls on his customers to continue shopping on the platform despite the blocking of the customer service.Because only through an unknown number of other purchases can you restore the "good reputation" of your account and reactivate access to the customer support.Such practices cannot be tolerated from the perspective of consumer protection, customers should not get involved.What will happen in these cases is unclear.See also: cheated buyers: Consumer advice center warns of Wish shopping app

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