China: Alibaba founder Jack Ma appears surprisingly again - disappearing remains mysterious

China: Alibaba founder Jack Ma appears surprisingly again - disappearing remains mysterious

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The mysterious disappearance of billionaires in China provides speculation.Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, also disappeared without a trace.Now ma has surprisingly reappeared.

China: The Alibaba founder and richest man in China has disappeared without a trace.Did he fall out of favor?

Jack Ma: The disappeared tech billionaire previously criticized the government in China.

China: Alibaba founder Jack Ma surprisingly reappears.His disappearance remains mysterious.

Update from Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 10.15 a.m.: After months without signs of life of the Chinese Tech entrepreneur Jack Ma, a video of the billionaire has now been published.In a video for the anniversary of his foundation, Jack Ma turned to teachers: inside in rural areas in China and announced that he wanted to work more for charitable purposes.

Jack Ma: The Chinese Tech entrepreneur appears again in public after months

It had been speculated since October what happened to Jack Ma.The founder of Alibaba and Ant had critically commented on the Chinese economy and government at an event.Since then, Jack Ma had disappeared from the scene.Jack Ma, who was otherwise present on social media, completely retired from the public and no longer did any public appearances.The IPO of his company Ant was stopped almost simultaneously by the government in China.Again and again billionaires are supposed to disappear in China.It is believed that billionaire: inside and entrepreneurs: become too powerful in China inside and the Communist Party therefore wants to demonstrate its power.

China: Mysterious disappearance of the Alibaba founder-what happened to Jack Ma?

China: Alibaba-Gründer Jack Ma taucht überraschend wieder auf - Verschwinden bleibt mysteriös

First report on Thursday, January 7, 2021, 4.30 p.m.: Beijing - from the Chinese tech millionaire and richest man in China has been missing since October 2020.Jack Ma neither spoke up on his Twitter account, nor was he saw him in public appearances.Even at the final of his specially founded TV reality show "Africa’s Business Heroes", Jack MA did not appear, although the billionaire had previously announced how much he was looking forward to getting to know the candidate: getting to know inside.

China: Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been missing any trace since criticism of China

Now some observers are: the worst suspected: Jack Mas disappears disappears of other billionaires: inside that made the Chinese state disappear or stuck.A documentary entitled "China: billionaires simply disappear ...", which was also broadcast on the European TV station Arte, reveals the background of the disappearance of billionaires from China.According to the research, around 400 billionaires from China disappeared in 2019, as NGO's reported.

Jack Ma is a founding father of Alibaba and, among other things, runs a Chinese PayPal with Alipay.Before his disappearance, Jack Ma had held a very critical speech on the Finance Summit in Shanghai.We were talking about Chinese and criticized the Chinese financial system.Jack Ma said about the Chinese financial sector that it has no system.Apparently there was talk, which Jack Ma also held too critically for the leadership in China in the presence of the Vice President of the People's Republic of China Wang Qishan.Afterwards, Jack Ma is said to have been ordered by four government agencies, new stricter rules for microcreditors are said to have been initiated and an IPO of his company Ant Group is said to have been canceled.The measures of the Chinese regime are considered by China and can also try to try Jack Ma.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma: After criticism of China, undertaking or cold?

Others China-Expert: Inside, however, indicates that Jack Ma was first inaugurated after his critical speech and retain until some grass has grown about his criticism.This reports, among other things, "CNBC", citing anonymous sources.

Perhaps the Tech billionaire of the Chinese leadership has become too powerful and has exceeded the red line of the Communist Party in China with his speech.On Twitter, Jack Ma showed himself cosmopolitan and is committed to women's rights and environmental protection.

Jack Ma is also said that his success is also based on the good cooperation with the Chinese regime.Alibaba should also be on the black list of pentagon with companies that maintain connections to the Chinese military.Jack Ma had also met with Donald Trump, but the now outgoing US president for a collaboration between China and the United States had a cancellation.

China: Corporate critics are increasingly disappearing: inside of the Chinese leadership

The Chinese leadership in Beijing has been criticized for human rights violations and detention of critics: inside for decades.The fact that China also does not stop at the arrest of well -known and successful critics: inside or billionaire: inside that do not fit into the concept of the communist system does not stop at a whole series of examples.

So Fan Bingbing, one of the best-known actors: inside China, who also played in Hollywood films, disappeared for months before it was charged with a questionable procedure for tax fraud.The disappearance of the Chinese Interpol leader Meng Hongwei also hit high waves all over the world.Hongwei was charged with corruption in 2020 and has to serve a 13-year prison sentence.

The Alibaba share meanwhile broken into 5, 4 percentage points under the internal and foreign policy pressure, as reports "the shareholder".(Delia Friess) Alibaba: Loyal to the party - or to Wall Street?

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