Boeing 737 will soon become freighter in Europ

Boeing 737 will soon become freighter in Europ

Lufthansa also relies on reconstructors. From the beginning of 2022, the German aviation group will use two smaller cargo aircraft that were previously passenger aircraft. In doing so, he has chosen Airbus A321, which will be converted with large cargo doors. Airbus A321 P2F (Passenger to Freight) is called after the conversion.

The A321 P2F was delivered for the first time last autumn. The Boeing 737, which has been converted into a freighter, has been more established on the market for a long time. Between May 2020 and February 2021 alone, the number of active units of the 737-800 BCF (Boeing converted Freighter) increased from 21 to 51. No other small freighter experienced a larger increase.

Naples will be the location of conversion

Boeing 737 werden bald auch in Europa zu Frachtern

In the future, 737 will also be converted into freighters in Europe. Israel Aerospace Industries IAI, which specialises in retrofitting, works with the Italian maintenance company Atitech. It was agreed that the partner in Naples would & quot; set up a location for the conversion of the Boeing 737-700 and -800 from passenger to cargo aircraft, & quot; said IAI.

In China, IAI already operates two sites for conversion. The move to Europe was a historic one, the company said. His conversion solution is called BDSF, which stands for Bedek Special Freighter. Bedek used to call itself the aerospace division of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Two aircraft simultaneously

Atitech stated that it was able to reconstruct two planes in parallel at the same time. IAI pointed to an increased demand for conversion owners, which are particularly well suited for the transport of e-commerce goods. It is the online trade that currently gives so much momentum to the conversion owners on the basis of the short and medium-haul jets.

In the video you can see how IAI & APOs; s 737 remodeling machines are created: