Wood prices and saw strikes: Will wood in Germany become too expensive and scarce?

Wood prices and saw strikes: Will wood in Germany become too expensive and scarce?

What solutions do you suggest to improve availability?

Bark beetle wood can be used like conventional timber as far as its load capacity is concerned because the bark beetle does not penetrate the wood.Therefore, the calamity wood in wet wood bearings should be stored instead of selling.This could keep prices and availability stable.With such measures, we want and must strengthen and consolidate regional raw materials.Only about 40 percent of the wood produced are used for building.The far larger part is used for toilet paper or packaging or fed to a thermal or other use.We believe that wood should primarily be used in terms of material - and we still have huge potential.Hamster purchases should also be omitted and wood with a sense of proportion should also be ordered so as not to tighten the market situation.

Will the price boom continue?

Holzpreise und Sägestreik: Wird Holz in Deutschland zu teuer und knapp?

There have always been market fluctuations, whether with wood or steel.The price situation is expected to calm down.It is expected that the tensions between Canada and the United States will be more likely to come loose and the trading situation stabilized.In the long term, wood is expected to increase by about 10 percent.This price increase is manageable.

How much more expensive does a wooden house become for the customer?

Let's calculate an example: I want to build a house with 50 cubic meters of wood.If, for example, the material costs would increase from 500 euros to 750 euros per cubic meter, the wood now costs 37,500 euros instead of 25,000 euros.If I build a house with a basement in our region, it costs a total of around 500,000 euros - the price increase in the material wood is relatively less dramatic.In my opinion, this is feasible, without it becoming too expensive for the customer also in terms of comparison and comparison with other building materials.It is always important to deal with resources.The goal is to build as many buildings as possible with as little wood as possible.One of these modern construction methods is wooden frame construction, which requires a house less wood.

What can politics do?

Politics must counter climate change, timber construction is a decisive factor.Wood construction is the future and should become equal to other construction methods.The market has to solve the fact that everyone in the value chain deserves their fair part - not politics.