What3words: Exactly know where - Android app

What3words: Exactly know where - Android app

With the free What3words app, you can transmit locations to three meters precisely.

what3words: Genau wissen wo - Android App Hinweis

There are several ways to tell someone a certain location.For example, you can specify an address or if this is not possible, at least pass it on.With the Android app What3words there is now another option.

What3words: New type of geolocalization

What3words works with a grid, the boxes of which are three by three meters tall.Each of these fields is provided with an address consisting of three words.You can search for and select your desired point on a card.The corresponding three-word address is then displayed, which you can then note and pass on in various types.As a result, the application enables the sharing of extremely precise location information, regardless of street names or GPS coordinates.The addresses consist of English words by default, but they can also change in German in the settings.In addition, thanks to forwarding to corresponding apps, you can be navigated to the set location.The storage of locations as favorites is also supported, but is only accessible after registration.