A large PS5 drop is currently running at Saturn

A large PS5 drop is currently running at Saturn

Lol, play the troll and call others' a troll 😅

Grade läuft ein großer PS5-Drop bei Saturn

Fits when you tear quotations out of context, because my naming of “usury prices” did not refer to PS5 sales at all.But yes, continue to troll by listing x (legal) details about the word “usury” and riding around on this word.

To what extent an eBay account cannot hide in anonymity afterwards, does not matter.For you there are also certain options and to what extent these in turn are at least dubious, under certain conditions illegally but at least contemptible and anti -social, does not matter again.You will definitely find enough legal details that defend such acting people.Well, then there will be a defense lawyer for criminal people who shamelessly exploit the ignorance of others and operate rip -off for their own advantage.

And again, you don't have to discuss how difficult it is to prevent a resale.This is a matter of course and, unfortunately, especially due to thinking like yours nowadays even more complicated.Modern society has long since moved away from every normal decent thinking and is only looking.As already said: where a will, there is a way.For example, one can make the purchase contract in such a way that such re -sales are prohibited (or at least extremely limited).I know that Z.B.From the area of strictly limited super sports cars, but of course you will only give X legal requirements and details again, which make it unnecessarily complicated.Such thinking then only means that even small Hänschen accepts if you can buy 2 PS5, your own was at least free of charge.The consequences and the current purchase situation of a PS5 are only logical and Hans never learns that more.

Beautiful new world, but with such argumentation and thus indirect and direct defense of such behavior, you really no longer need to be surprised.I haven't been doing for a long time with gamers, because to what extent a glitching violates TOS, such things have been vehemently denied for a long time and simply no longer makes any sense.Even here, the long -term consequences are no longer a miracle and it is only thanks to the publishers that nothing happens and thus only increasingly manifest such ways of thinking.Well then just “everyone is the next” and honestly, just not my problem.I do not agree with anti -social behaviors when I say: if even customer does not want to and is thoughtlessly, please do not complain because of the only logical consequences.Personally, I don't need all of this, because personally I don't need a PS5.And just to have a PS5, I also support neither bots nor recovery.This does not make it better, but only promotes such anti -social behavior and I am “the next one” and do not support something like that, not even mentally.I don't have to go into detail about that and really Eod on my side.