Sustainable power banks - are they at all?

Sustainable power banks - are they at all?

The narrow answer to the question of which Powerbank is currently the most sustainable: None to buy.Are you professional: r wilderness blogger: in or for another reason dependent on an additional battery, we introduce you to what the market has to offer in "sustainable" power banks.

Out of pure convenience to buy a power bank for charging the smartphone or tablet, corresponds to the current "smart" zeitgeist, but does not make sense ecologically.It is best to load the batteries of your Electronic Devices on the domestic socket with real green electricity.And if you are not at home, then at the campsite or in the café, in the waiting room, with friends or on another of the plenty of sockets.

Are you actually someone who wanders in the wilderness for several days, then you probably do that to enjoy and switch off nature.That means: Just as you ration your shampoo during this time, you can also use your battery a little more economically or switch off the cell phone.

If you don't want to do without a power bank, you will find six manufacturers below that do a lot better than conventional providers.Because power banks are affected with some problems.

Nachhaltige Powerbanks – gibt es die überhaupt?

What is a (sustainable) power bank from?

A power bank is nothing more than an external battery.Either a lithium-ion battery or a lithium polymer battery.Unfortunately, no ecological winner can be defined between these two battery types, because the raw material acquisition and manufacturing processes are too complex-and that is also the problem in the huge battery market.

Modern batteries need lithium, which is mainly obtained from Salzsee-Solen in South America and from rock in Australia as well as graphite.According to the eco-institute, both natural and synthetically produced graphite comes from China and both types of extraction leave a "significant ecological footprint" according to a study by 2020 ".In addition, there are rare resources such as cobalt, which is reduced in mines in the Congo under very poor working conditions and with bad consequences for the environment.

The producers of sustainable power banks cannot change anything about this raw material composition.In science, a lot is already on the move, as you could use sodium instead of lithium and food salt instead of lithium salt etc..- But as you can imagine, every new advantage brings different disadvantages.

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