Shopping tourism-CHF 300-franc border could soon be abolished

Shopping tourism-CHF 300-franc border could soon be abolished

Instead of buying VAT free of charge for the border for CHF 300, there should only be CHF 50 in the future.

After the National Council, the Council of States also accepted the proposal.

Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer warned in vain of the great effort.

For ten billion francs, people from Switzerland buy every year in near abroad.The trade suffers from this, the domestic retail trade and jobs are lost.

Shopping tourism is not only attractive from the prices, but also from taxes: the VAT on the case.That was unfair, the border cantons of Thurgau and ST.Gallen, and asked in a registry initiative that the value -free limit of CHF 300 is abolished.

Einkaufstourismus - 300-Franken-Freigrenze könnte bald abgeschafft werden

CHF 500 to CHF 600 million are missing

It is questionable to provide taxation for shopping tourism, said the Ständerstätin Brigitte Häberli-Koller, Thurgau's councilor.Because he was harmful: «As a result, the tax authorities escape around 500 to 600 million in VAT per year.Workplaces are lost and the retail trade must accept serious income in income.»

Your council colleague, the ST.Galler Council of States Benedikt Würth from the “Die Mitte” party, agreed with: “The fiscal discrimination in cross -border shopping experience is simply unacceptable.»The argument that a bureaucratic effort would arise if every small shopping at customs had to be declared that they did not apply: With the“ Quickzoll ”app, this could be easily possible.

Ruedi Noser pleads for exceptions

FDP Councilor Ruedi Noser from Zurich was not against the project, but advocated a differentiated procedure: «Nobody has anything against it when a family goes on vacation abroad and then returned with goods below the value limit of CHF 300.“He submitted a motion that has not yet been treated.

Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, who is also responsible for customs, fought against the taxation of purchasing tourism alone on a further hallway.It should only apply to the Swiss border VAT if the buyers have reclaimed the foreign VAT when they leave the country of origin from the country of origin.If you hadn't done that, it is difficult to prove.

You can't control that in customs, according to Maurer.300,000 to 500,000 people traveled to border foreign countries on individual days.«If you open every trunk, you have ten kilometers of traffic jams, that's impossible.“The smuggling will increase.

There is no point in demanding something that cannot be implemented and cannot be controlled, Maurer explained.“If you transfer this to us, you just need to know that this is a 'mission impossible', hardly to be fulfilled.»His warnings fought in effect in effectively.The Council of States transferred the advances with a clear majority.So shopping tourism should be a bit more expensive in the foreseeable future.