Shop everywhere: When is a credit card worth it for me?

Shop everywhere: When is a credit card worth it for me?

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Friday, 25.06.2021, 3:30 p.m.

Girocard, Apple-Pay and PayPal-do you still need a credit card?Yes, says author Nils Matthiesen.In which cases the credit card really makes sense, read here.

You have a giro card-previously known as an EC card-sure.After all, nowadays everyone has a checking account and the matching card for cash and online shopping online.So why still a credit card?Above all, there is a big difference.If you pay with a checking card, the account is burdened promptly, usually one to two days later.With the credit card, this is usually only the case at the end of the month.This can be practical if, for example, ebb is in the account and you have to bridge a few more days until the next salary.In addition, credit cards offer a number of other advantages.

Advantages credit card

On vacation: Credit cards are practically accepted all over the world as a means of payment.Even if you want to book a trip or a hotel via the Internet, you can often only pay by credit card.Most rental car companies also require a credit card as security.

With online shopping: in principle you can pay for every dealer by credit card.Typed in credit card number, validity date and credit card test number - done.

Extra services: You can not only pay for credit cards.Depending on the credit card, there are sometimes some extras, for example discounts or insurance companies.

Disadvantages credit card

Fees: Depending on the provider and card, different fees are due, usually an annual fee.But there are also free credit cards.

Überall shoppen: Wann lohnt sich eine Kreditkarte für mich?

Seductive: Credit cards can be tempted to spend money that is not fluent.In addition: The monthly billing is at risk of losing an overview of the expenses.

High debit interest: If you are unable to fully compensate for the amounts incurred for the billing period, you will be punished with high borrowing interest.

Credit card: Not everyone needs

In the end, most of them probably do without a credit card, provided that they are not traveling much and regularly abroad.In fact, it only becomes difficult when booking rental cars.For this reason, it can be worth buying a credit card that is then only used for these exceptions.For this purpose, a credit card without an annual fee is sufficient.There are now many attractive offers without annual fees, billing on a monthly basis and interesting discounts.However, there is no perfect credit card.Each has its specific advantages and disadvantages, such as very low interest rates but high costs for payments abroad.For basic equipment with monthly debit, Zaster recommends the free DKB credit card, which you get in combination with a free checking account.

This article was written by Nils Matthiesen

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