Saving money: Mother reveals 10 savings tricks with which she saves 500 euros

Saving money: Mother reveals 10 savings tricks with which she saves 500 euros

A mother of triple from Great Britain has managed to save more than 500 euros per month - and that when spending on food and clothing.She says she has ten different tricks with which she keeps the bill as low as possible.

With three small children and only one working adult, you sometimes have to pay attention to money.This experience also has a young mother from Shrewsbury, England.Nevertheless, she managed to repay the family debts and then buy a used car.As the "Daily Mail" reports, the 28-year-old now saves over 500 euros a month, mostly in food costs and clothing.

With online surveys to small money

Over the years, the young woman has been looking for small tricks and opportunities with which she can earn a little money on the side.She says, while other housewives "drop in" their free time in between on social media or with television, take part in small online surveys.For them there is usually a small obolus or food vouchers.

Sometimes she also accepts small orders as a mystery shop.You can then keep the purchases.Because the 28-year-old is at home all day, she also manages to go shopping several times a day: in Great Britain, foods that soon run out are sold at half price at 3 p.m. and at 6 p.m.."Children are expensive, so I try to reduce the costs where I can," says the mother about "Daily Mail" and adds: "I found ten ways to save money every day."

People condemn their lifestyle

The young mother also reports that she is regularly hostile because of her "extreme" lifestyle."I don't think the bargain hunt must be associated with shame or embarrassment," she says."I'm a normal person, but I often think why should we work hard to spend a large part of our money on food when there are so many ways to get things cheaper or even free of charge," said the mother.All that only needs a little planning and research.

For the newspaper, the young woman summarized the top ten of her savings hacks:

Use the survey pages: some paid well and that adds up quickly.Other surveys are paid with points that can be exchanged for money or vouchers.

Clear out and sell used things on a fee -free sides.

Participate in studies outside of the house: The mother says that she once got money to take pictures of car washes.

Use cashback apps with which you can either get money or goods for free.

Geld sparen: Mutter verrät 10 Spar-Tricks, mit denen sie 500 Euro spart

Shopping several times a day to get perishable foods at an offer price.

Set goals: If you know what you save for, then it is easier to hold out.

Document and follow income and expenses.This allows cost wasters to be identified and thus eliminated.

Business in sales for the next season: The young woman has started buying clothes for the next summer at the end of this year of summer and buying Christmas presents on the first Christmas holiday of the year before.So many things would be significantly reduced.

Bring old clothes in "second-hand" shops.

Use apps like "Too Good to Go" that are used against food waste.So you could not only "save" food, but also save money.

Source: "Daily Mail"

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