Prince Harry: Does he impress with this controversial statement?

Prince Harry: Does he impress with this controversial statement?

Unlike the British audience, the US Prince Harry is well-disposed. With one of his most recent statements, however, he alienated some.

Prinz Harry's, 36, interview for the "Armchair Expert" podcast is a bang on many levels. Not only because he talks about the damage to his mental health and accuses his father Prince Charles, 72, of having passed on to him experienced "pain" and experienced "suffering" in his upbringing. But also because he makes disparaging remarks about an important part of the US Constitution.

Photo hunt for Prince Harry and his family

In the podcast Conversation with Hollywood star Dax Shepard, 46, released May 13, 2021, Harry discusses the media frenzy that has ensued after he, Duchess Meghan, 39, and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, 2, im March 2020 moved to the USA. The family first lived in Beverly Hills, in a villa owned by music producer Tyler Perry, 51. There were several incidents with paparazzi, who used drones and cut through fences, among other things. Meghan and Harry took legal action against the resulting shootings of Archie.

Prince Harry does not understand this part of the US Constitution

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects, among other things, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. A topic that Harry has apparently dealt with due to his own situation. In the podcast, he says, "I have as much to say about the First Amendment as I understand it, but it's stupid." Apparently, Harry thinks the freedoms are going too far, because you can "find a gap in anything" and make a profit out of it.

Americans are outraged

Prince Harry: Is he alienated with this controversy Statement the Americans?

Prince Harry's controversial comments have been met with sharp criticism on Twitter. British politician Nigel Farage says: "When Prince Harry condemns the US First Amendment, it shows that he has lost track. Soon he will no longer be welcome on either side of the Atlantic." Another sarcastically notes, "Imagine being completely bewildered by the idea that people have the right to speak their mind without fear of being arrested." This user also thinks little of the prince's attitude: "Harry manages to be one of the few people who can upset two different countries at the same time." US politician Michael Steele is outraged: "Dude, you know where the hell you are, right? What part of the First Amendment is 'stupid'? Freedom of religion? Freedom of assembly? Freedom to petition the government? or freedom of the press?"

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