Path of Exile Starter Guide

Path of Exile Starter Guide

If you are new to Path of Exile, then there is bound to be an awful lot for you to get your head around. You will have been inundated with phrases such as using PoE currency and how to use the market with PoE trade. Perhaps you have heard about items such as PoE uniques or wondered how PoE orbs work. Needless to say, theres a lot to look into when getting started, but fear not. This short guide will give you a better idea of how to start off in the popular ARPG title.


Choosing your character


There are seven different kinds of characters that you can choose from in Path of Exile. Firstly, theres the Duelist, who Is a melee-focused character that can summon an AI minion to help out. Then theres the Templar, which can fireballs of lightning and other projectiles. The Witch meanwhile is a powerful female spellcaster equipped with high intelligence, and the Ranger wields a bow as well as swords. Theres another helpful melee character with Marauder, which boasts heavy strength. Shadow is more of a fighter that uses intelligence and dexterity, and Scion is able to adapt to any PoE build.


Ultimately, choosing your character is vital in the sense that it needs to cater to your playstyle. However, there are options for you to have extra character slots, so you do have the chance to switch between them.


Selecting a League


Your next step is to select a League. These options will change the way in which you play the game. To start off with, your best bet is to use the Standard option. Once you get more familiar, you can move onto Hardcore, in which you will need to avoid dying, and if you do succumb to death you will be sent down to Standard. Then there are Challenge leagues, which offer you special rewards, and tend to take place for three months or so. Finally, you have Solo Self Found, which removes the co-op option.


Path of Exile Starter Guide


Gaining New Skills


How you gain skills can be a bit confusing. You have a skill grid, with each class starting in a different part of it. These skills can take you to the starting point, via a different path. To unlock skills, you can use skill gems. There are skill gems for new attacks, spells, and other features. Then there are support gems that can be used for buffs and other variants for your character.


These gems can be used by any class. Having said that, each has a particular stat requirement in order to be used. You can level them up by partaking in quests and killing enemies as many times as you like. Theres also loot to consider, which revolves around you collecting stuff you find. It is color-coded depending on how rare it is. You can probably avoid white items, but blue, yellow, and orange could be worth something.


Be Strong!


One of the most important pieces of advice that can be given is for you to make your character as strong as possible, and stay alive as much as you can. Yes! it sounds obvious, but there are particular reasons when it comes to Path of Exile. Your health doesnt regenerate, even though your mana will. Even though your mana does return, you should make sure to keep an eye on both. With that in mind, get yourself a decent flask. The better it is, the more it will help you out in the long run.


With this advice, you are now ready to get started in Path of Exile. Remember to garner as much PoE currency as you can, and take some time to research the market too with PoE trade. There is a lot to take on board, but it is more than worth it to experience the ARPG title.


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