Oracle's new Cloud Ki Services aim to enable the SMB masses immediately ready for use machine learning

Oracle's new Cloud Ki Services aim to enable the SMB masses immediately ready for use machine learning

Oracle has announced the availability of six new AI services for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.Applications will make it easier without the need for data science ", which will certainly be welcomed by small companies who want to search for this.

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Many companies take over AI projects without knowing how to implement their concepts, said Greg Pavlik, CTO of Oracle Cloud Platform. “It is important for companies to close the gap between the promise of AI and the implementation of AI,It helps you to achieve real results, ”said Pavlik. For many companies, these new services from Oracle are something that could help achieve their AI goals.

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Implementation problems such as a lack of data science know-how, difficulties in properly training AI models, breaking up of data silos or simply to get products in a live environment, according to Oracle, why no more areCompanies have switched to larger AI products. “As a result [of these problems], companies spend valuable time and resources if they need AI that are consistent, reaction fast and able to work in their business applications and operating environments to implement implementable resultsdeliver, ”said Oracle.

The six new AI services are fully managed parts of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and can be trained with business-oriented data or trained internally with the organizational data. The services cover the following application cases:

Die neuen Cloud-KI-Services von Oracle zielen darauf ab, den SMB-Massen sofort einsatzbereites maschinelles Lernen zu ermöglichen

Oci Language conducts text analyzes of documents, customer feedback, support tickets and social media for the purpose of mood analysis, name detection, text classification and key word extraction.

OCI Speech is an automatic real-time language recognition service that has been trained on native speakers and non-mother speakers. The service can create transcripts, provide subtitles, indicate and help in the analysis of videos.

OCI Vision is the picture identification tool from Oracle, which can be used for document analysis and processing as well as for image detection for several applications in various industries, for example for recognizing manufacturing errors.

OCI Anomaly Detection can recognize irregularities in products and services to accelerate error detection and correction.Prediction of device errors and everything else based on the detection of small anomalies to determine trends.

Oci Forecasting is a predictive analysis tool to predict a large number of business indicators such as sales, resource requirements, product demand and more.And how to make the right decisions with these predictions.

OCI Data Labeling is used to label data records that are used to train AI models. "Users can compile data, create and search data records and use user interfaces and public APIs to apply data records," said Oracle. Data sets can be exported andTo train and create models for the other OCI-KI services from Oracle.

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Oracle organizes a webinar on November 3, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time that deals with the new products.Interested parties can find out more on the AI and machine learning page.

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