Online shops: Consumer advocates warn of these 23 shops

Online shops: Consumer advocates warn of these 23 shops

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I want to buy an apartment in Spain.Does anyone have experience with it?

Hello, I would like to buy an apartment (PISO) in Spain.Preferably near the beach.I would be really grateful if you give me tips and report your experiences with regard to buying real estate in Spain.Thank you very much Bea

Terminate drsmile contract

I received the first box a few months ago, the Aligner Step 1 and Step 2 did not fit (= of course not everyone else) We photographed and sent it in Berlin Kurfürstendamm, made new scan so that I will get new aligners that ultimately would fit. Now I got my next box, there is no step 1 and 2 but only starts from step 3 and the Aligner does not fit again. Before the beginning of the treatment, I spoke to the dentist that a few months ago I only got rid of my firm braces and whether my teeth did not move. She was of the opinion that teeth didn't shift so quickly - and I believed that. Now I have been paying for a few months and the Aligner still does not fit because now my question is whether I could somehow cancel the contract and could get my money back, because frankly I don't feel like going to Berlin anymore to show that Aligners do not fit and then wait for ages for new box. Slowly is enough for me too. The first simulation of my teeth also looked different from the second. The second looked a little worse and instead of 14 aligners I now have 12 ... that was not so defined .. now as I said they don't fit again and I can already think that the third simulation will be even worse, I will be Contract only signed because of the first simulation. Does anyone have experience how I could end the contract?

What do you think is globalization under China's leadership good or bad?

I recently read the book by Paul Ronzheimer "Sebastian Kurz - the biography" and thought about how globalization can ruin a person's lives overnight.We cannot deny that globalization is under China today.It is considered axiom that promotes the globalization of creating new jobs.And now I want to question this fact.In 2005, Josef Kurz (father of Sebastian Kurz) lost his job for relocating production for cost reasons to China.At that time, Philips worked.Josef refused to go to China because, in his opinion, the development and know-how can only pass in Vienna.But his colleague, who accepted this job, was cheated, so to speak.Josef Kurz: "He should train the Chinese. After a year, they said to him: We can now and have released it. He then got a heart attack".

How will it be proven in the future that the real estate seller has already paid his 50 % of the entire brokerage commission?

And how can counterfeits and incorrect information be discovered?From 23.12.2020 the real estate commission to be paid by real estate [b] buyer [/b], only max. 50 % of the total broker commission.In addition, the real estate [b] buyer [/b] of a property should only [b] be obliged [/b] to pay its share in the commission if the real estate [b] seller [/b] this [b]has already done [/b].

Employment office approval

Hello everyone, I have been in Germany since September 2016, I got a visa for 3 years and did an apprenticeship as a cook, then had to extend my visa (come from northern Macedonia) and got visa for 1 year, but then my job had to change because of itMy health, after a year now had to extend against my visa, but the employment office did not agree and they want that I only work as a cook even though I have also sent the certificate from doctor, and now waiting for an answer from them, my question isNow agree or say no again although I have allergy lg

Housing tour

Living Hamburg.Coron Assessment: From October 26, only up to ten people from a maximum of two households are allowed from October 26th.Brokers want to stay at the door and gradually send 2 interested parties from a household to the apartment. Is that OK or what can you do?

Onlineshops: Vor diesen 23 Shops warnen Verbraucherschützer

Corna period and finance

Hello, I would like to know how you have survived the Corona period financially so far?Do you have short -time work, do you have significantly less money available?Are you more economical at the moment or do you continue to live as before?Do you have any tips?

Spread the salary increase without warning

Hello, I have in my employment contract signed by both sides that I will get a salary increase from the 13th month.(without additional clause) That would have been the case from 01.07.2020.Now I had to see on my billing that this was not calculated.Upon request, I got the statement that the company decided not to carry out any salary increases until further notice.Is it that easy?How can I proceed?Can I do anything about it at all?It is in the employment contract and I was not informed before or I was not warned (neither verbally nor in writing) that I would not get the new salary.We have had short -time work since mid -March.From September it continues normally.Thanks in advance

Does the installation of a fire protection do my insurance protection?

We are currently considering changing the door from the garage to the house.We want to install a fire protection door T90.This is better than a T30 door, which means that it can happen that the insurance is changing?Our contact is currently on vacation, so I went on a search myself.

After a fire, the insurance requires the complete land register statement

After a house fire with my father, the building insurance wanted the land register that he is the owner.After we had started and sent part of the land register statement to the insurance company, the insurance now wants the complete copy.Only those who are the owner was required."Please send me the full land register, this is required to check whether there are still rights in the II. And III. Department." Do you have to send the complete copy to the insurance?

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Can it be that in Germany the muezzin, initially in some major cities, their loudspeakers in their incomprehensible language, above us?

For me, these are the Islamist cries for the Federal Republic of Germany, which, under the insanity of unbridled religious freedom, reveals their thousand -year -old culture, the annihilation.The Islamists in the African world celebrate this step as another victory against the unbelievers and will continue to turn this screw persistently until one day the cities like the residential area of Cairo sounds throughout Germany.No bell will be able to ring undisturbed, not even for the funeral of Merkel, who would have to answer for this.

Order tiles online?

Hey dear ones, I wanted to know your opinion whether I should leave it to order tiles for my bathroom online.There I sometimes get tiles from 10 € the M2.Or is that too cheap to be real?

Headphone connection on the TV device

Durch Nutzung vom Headphone connection on the TV device schalten sich die internen Lautsprecher aus. We kann ich beides nutzen?

The freight forwarder denied delivery

We bought a box spring bed (1.40x2.00) from trends in Haan.On the delivery day, the drivers of the freight forwarder came, looked at the stairs and said that didn't work.You didn't try or measured anything, nothing like that.But we have a bed of exactly this size in my son's room.This was delivered by XXXLutz.They could also do that. In addition, a living area of Möbel Hardeck is in my daughter's room in my daughter's room.They could do that too.I called trends several times and should be called back several times, which did not happen.Now the freight forwarder wants to invoice the delivery.Nothing has been delivered to this day.