Nintendo sues emulator pages for a total of $ 100 million

Nintendo sues emulator pages for a total of $ 100 million

Nintendo sues emulator pages forA total of $ 100 million

The Japanese manufacturer Nintendo wakes up particularly strictlyAbout his intellectual possession, youAlso know no mercy in relation to fan projects suchAs remakes or other new interpretations.EmulatorsAndAssociated websitesAreAlso included.Against two of them have now been filed.Emulators have beenA rather difficult topic forA long timeAnd sometimes move inA legal grayArea.Because emulators often make old game treasuresAccessible, which would otherwise be lostAnd forget.For example, there is onArchive.Org lots of classics that make new generationAnd old fansAccessible.Nintendo is considered completely "humorless" in relation to its brands.At the moment, two popular Rome host called LoveromsAnd Loveretro have been sued.TheAccusation: violation of brandAnd copyrights.Both offersAre probably operated byA single man, Jacob Mathias, or.ResponsibleAnd offerAccess toA variety of ROMs, many of them from Nintendo.

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Starting stations for illegal content

For Nintendo, the focus is on the illegalAspect,As Torrentfreak reports.The filesharing blog isAlso the lawsuit (PDF)And there it says that the two sides "are one of the most openAnd notorious online hubs for illegally copied video games".On the two sides, theAccused would reproduce, spread, listAnd showA "breathtaking number of non -authorized copies,And show themAll without the permission of Nintendo".More than that: The pagesAlso spread proprietary BIOS softwareAnd use logosAnd characters that belong to Nintendo,According to the lawsuit.The Japanese groupAlso emphasizes that this is notA "casual gamer", but "refined providers with detailed knowledge of Nintendo's mental possession".Nintendo demands 150.$,000 per gameAnd violationAs wellAs two million dollars per trademark.140 gamesAnd 40 trademark rightsAre sued, the bottom line is that theoretically,Around $ 100 million come out.In the meantime, Loveretro has gone offline, Loveroms (whichAccording toA Winfuture reader isA Warez page), on the other hand, has removedAll Nintendo titles.FreeAnd legal games by emulator:

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Nintendo sues emulator pages forA total of $ 100 million

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