Kaufland: Customer buys watches online – then an odyssey begins

Kaufland: Customer buys watches online – then an odyssey begins

The corona pandemic has strengthened a trend that seemed unstoppable before: online orders. Many traditional supermarkets now also rely on online shops.

Also Kaufland. Unfortunately, things don't go the way one customer thought it would...

The Kaufland customer had ordered two watches for his children online from the supermarket chain. But then an odyssey began that he had not expected.

Kaufland: online shop takes a long time to place an order

First of all, the order took a relatively long time, as the man said on Twitter: "If you are used to fast shipping from online shops [...], the 'new' online shop from Kaufland seems like a dinosaur," the user already writes on May 18th. Six days earlier, on May 12, he had ordered the watches.


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"Ordered on Wednesday, dispatch announced electronically on Friday, sent yesterday, delivered tomorrow." That would have elapsed seven days from the time the order was placed until it arrived. In times when the package is often there the next day or the day after that, almost an eternity.

But that alone would not be a major annoyance: one day later the customer wrote on Twitter: "Out of two items from an order [...] only one arrived late today." This is particularly annoying for the father, because one of his For the time being, children are left without the promised watch.


This is Kaufland:

founded in 1968, company headquarters in Neckarsulm (Baden-Württemberg)

the company operates around 1,300 branches, 667 of which are in Germany, and has around 132,000 employees

Kaufland: Kunde kauft online Uhren – dann beginnt eine Odyssee

the chain is also present in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and the Republic of Moldova

is a subsidiary of the Schwarz Group (like Lidl)

Annual turnover: 21.42 billion euros (as of 2018)


Kaufland: Two separate packages sent

Kaufland has an explanation for the strange shipping practice: The fact that two packages were sent is due to “the fact that our site works according to an online marketplace principle. This means that you order your items from different sellers. So there are different shows.” So far so good. But the buyer is not satisfied and notes that in this case Kaufland was the seller for both watches.

The supermarket chain's social media team no longer responds to this, but wishes the father that the child would not have to wait long for the clock.

Then things will calm down for the time being in terms of Kaufland and watches. Until Friday, June 25: "And the drama with the Kaufland online shop continues," writes the father.


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Kaufland: Clock defective after one month

What happened? One of the clocks is already defective after one month. The father sees this as a return case and has contacted Kaufland again. The supermarket promised the man a full three euros in damages. For comparison: The watches at Kaufland cost up to 75 euros, depending on the color.

The father is not satisfied with that, writes to Kaufland again and gets an answer that leaves him incredulous and angry. Kaufland asks in the letter to apologize for the inconvenience, but first the goods have to be checked. This could take up to 30 days.

But that's not all: "We would also like to point out that, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we are entitled to request reimbursement from the buyer for third-party costs incurred as a result of the complaint (such as transport and processing fees, depending on customer service up to 100 euros, or travel costs). , if a warranty repair/test is ordered, but there is no warranty case - for example, if there are defects caused by improper use or damage."

This passage particularly annoys the man. In the worst case, he has to pay more. Other online retailers do it differently: He bought an item from a large supplier that did not correspond to the condition described. "I wanted to take pictures, etc. But it wasn't needed and I was offered a return, an exchange or a discount of 30 euros without a discussion," he writes.

It is questionable whether the customer will order from Kaufland again after this experience. (evo)