Interview with the online supermarket of the future: "Nobody comes up with the idea of asking customers" Current job offers (Junior) Expert Corporate Communications (W/M/D) in our marketing department marketing specialist Messe and Events (m/f/d) WE

Interview with the online supermarket of the future:
"Nobody comes up with the idea of asking customers" Current job offers (Junior) Expert Corporate Communications (W/M/D) in our marketing department marketing specialist Messe and Events (m/f/d) WE

Why do customers need a say everywhere today?Can you no longer score with products and offers "off the shelf"?

Bausch: In the course of digitization, man has learned that he can enter dialogue directly with brands and companies.That strengthened the consumer.Now he wants to get involved and have a say in.It is only logical that he no longer releases this power.

How has our shopping behavior changed and how will it change?What does that say about our society?

Bausch: We are currently going through a fundamental change in values in our society.People choose brands more often, the values of which match their own.You have to trust a brand to really want the products.The consumer mainly searches for orientation and inspiration and not for efficiency and specialization.He demands openness and honesty of brands and companies.Today's man wishes someone who responds to him, makes suggestions.Myenso, for example, serves these wishes with the central element "Wünsch-Dir-Was button" and brings manufacturers and consumers to a direct dialogue.

You work with a test market in Bremen in which you test consumer reactions for offers.What do you learn there?

Hegmann: We have already learned that consumers want things that are right in front of our eyes.Some of the ideas are so banal and obvious that we were surprised why she has not yet implemented any other player.For example, we have developed a "wish-to-what button" through which our customers can express their wishes for products, the shop itself or the like.At 1.000 likes we then implement the wish.In addition, we will introduce a cooling seal for the delivery boxes and a minimum preservation information in the online shop, including the corresponding discount, if the MHD is closer.

How do you deal with all the data and insights obtained?

Hegmann: We are based on the strict data protection regulations.We first treat every customer like someone you meet on the street.Only when you get to know each other better and the trust is there is the customer ready to release his data to optimize your purchase.For example, if he releases the data of his purchase, Myenso can put together a shopping list or make individual offers.

Bausch: We have not planned any data marketing.Manufacturers who book our knowledge packages receive the results based on non -personalized information on your category.For this we created so-called category partnerships in cooperation with cantaries TNS.

Customers can participate in Myenso - how does it work?

Hegmann: In the test market phase we are looking for pioneers in Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover, who support us in shaping the online supermarket of the future.A pioneer receives shopping vouchers for his participation and is involved in myenso depending on the time commitment.Later every customer can become a partner in myenso.For this purpose, part of myenso is organized in terms of cooperative.Everyone can do 100 to 10.000 euros acquire a share of myensso.Associated with this is a benefit program.Our long -term goal is that at some point myenso belongs almost completely Germany or that all customers hold a share of myenso.

What can other dealers learn from you?

Bausch: Only those who listen to the consumer and include the insights obtained into product development, their concept will be successful.

Language assistants, smart homes, drones - where is the trade in 20 years?What does the supermarket of the future look like?

Bausch: In twenty years the supermarket will be the way the consumer wants it.If the customer wants to have delivered his purchase by drone, then he gets it by drone.If you want to order via Alexa, you can order via Alexa.However, we still see a lot of innovation potential in the near future.Robots can be used in logistics to make logistics profitable and in IT the shop usability can be improved in order to transport the feeling of inpatient shopping into the online world.Technologies such as augmented reality can be used to make online purchasing more tangible.

* Source: Kantar TNS, extrapolation from the concept test with 800 respondents, 2016