IMPEACHMENT: "A fiasco for Donald Trump, for politicians in Washington a satisfaction"

IMPEACHMENT: "A fiasco for Donald Trump, for politicians in Washington a satisfaction"

The pictures from Washington also appear almost a week later.The US capital slowly recovers from the attack on the Capitol-and is preparing for further riots.

Roland Nelles, Der Spiegel: »Washington, D.C., like a fortress at the time.After the unrest last week, the whole area around the Capitol has been cordoned off here.So you have built a large, stable fence here.There are 15.000 soldiers who are supposed to guard the capital in the next few days because you can just be taken up to Joe Biden on 20.January expects new unrest."

While the Congress wanted to confirm Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election last Wednesday, supporters of the inferior Donald Trump penetrated into the government building - spurred on by the President himself.Five people died in the unrest, including a police officer.

Roland Nelles, Der Spiegel: »So there is really a real shock moment about what happened in the past week in the whole city, but also in the whole country, but also in the whole country."

At the same time the political work is running.The Democrats want to remove Trump of the Office - although his term of office ends in the coming week anyway.

Nancy Pelosi, a democratic spokeswoman for the House of Representatives: »I join the leader of the Democrats in the Senate and ask the Vice President by the 25.To remove additional items of the office.If the vice president and the cabinet do not act, the congress will initiate the impeachment."

Impeachment: »Für Donald Trump ein Fiasko, für Politiker in Washington eine Genugtuung

Many wonder if this is necessary.In fact, it makes a big difference for Trump's political future.

Roland Nelles, Der Spiegel: »Even if Donald Trump would already leave the office on 20.January and they would judge him afterwards, they could also decide that Trump must never run for the presidency again.And that would of course be a fiasco for Trump, but also for the politicians in Washington a certain satisfaction because they could be sure that they are going to be rid of it forever, that there is no risk that he could move into the White House again,for example 2024."

Whether it gets that far depends on both possible ways, especially on the Republicans.With the 25.Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet can deduct the constitutional addition if they are unable to office.But Pence apparently rejects this.In this case, the Democrats want to have the House of Representatives voted on an indictment against Trump.According to the constitution, this so -called impeachment results in an office creation procedure in the Senate.And there is a success again on the voices of the Republicans: a two-thirds majority and the Democrats are only half of the MPs.

Some inhabitants of Washington, D.C., refer to this very clearly:

Sherman Wilhelm, residents in Washington: »Just because you are president does not mean that you are freed from the law that you should be held accountable."Rhett Johnson, Anwalt in Wahsington:»Die Geschichte wird darauf zurückblicken und wenn wir in diesem Moment nicht handeln, haben wir versagt."

And even for ambitious politicians from Trump's own party, an impeachment could mean new opportunities.

Roland Nelles, Der Spiegel: »Especially for those who calculate opportunities themselves and who would like to become president themselves.For them is of course good if they are Trump forever, because then the way would be clear to compete in 2024 in the whole story."

There is another third option: Trump could step down himself.However, a government employee already announced that Trump was up to 20.January wants to stay in office.