Horoscope: How do the zodiac signs deal with money?

Horoscope: How do the zodiac signs deal with money?

With money it is always such a thing.Horten or output?Our astrologist Roswitha Broszath knows that every zodiac sign has its preference.


Capricorns are often assumed to be stingy.But is not true!You just don't spend any money on useless and do not like to take financial risk.You can treat yourself to something nice.


Two hearts beat in his chest: on the one hand he has phases where he lives very economically, in others he hurls the money.If he spends too much in such a phase, he is annoyed in between too.


Geld ist fishesn nicht wirklich wichtig.Sometimes it literally runs through their fingers.They donate a lot and gladly, because they believe in it: everything they give will come back to them at some point.


Geld bis zum Tode horten? Das ist nichts für Aries.If you like something, it will be bought.Your motto: money is there to spend it!


bulle legen Wert auf Qualität, sie würden nie Geld für Unsinn ausgeben.Her motto: "We have little money, we can only afford the best."Especially when it comes to eating, they treat themselves to something good.


Twins sind alles andere als geizig.They like to give money or throw costly parties.You know that the universe does not have anything good for you when you cling to the money.


horoscope: Wie gehen die Star sign mit Geld um?

Cancere sind gerne abgesichert, auch bei den Finanzen.That's why they always have something saved on the high edge. Gerade die Cancer-Frau kann aber auch mal sagen: Ich gebe so viel, jetzt gönne ich mir selbst etwas Gutes.


Der Lion geizt nicht, sondern gibt gerne und viel Geld für Luxus aus.His motto: money that you spend on yourself is well invested.


Die Virgo überlegt sich genau, für was sie ihr Geld ausgibt.An expensive watch?Can make sense.Basically, however, it applies to her: she uses the money for good purposes.It is not stingy, especially in food, because its quality is very important.


Mit Geld geht die Scale locker um, weil sich ihr Leben nicht darum dreht.What she spends is somehow coming back in.So she hardly has to worry about money.


Scorpioe hüten ihr Geld.Even if you can afford something expensive, don't buy it.Because it feels like a big loss for them when the bills hike out of their wallet.


Der Protect schmeißt Geld nicht zum Fenster heraus, kann aber durchaus gut shoppen! Da er optimistisch und abenteuerlustig ist, scheut er es nicht, auch mal ins Casino zu gehen.

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