Fritzbox, TV, front door: With these clever tools you will automate the whole house

Fritzbox, TV, front door: With these clever tools you will automate the whole house

For smart home professionals: Home Assistant

FritzBox, Fernseher, Haustür: Mit diesen cleveren Tools automatisieren Sie das ganze Haus

If you already own a whole range of smart home devices or even want to equip your own devices with your own sensors, you will quickly reach the limits for app solutions such as Home Connect Plus.Home Assistant helps here-the free open source software is the most popular tool worldwide to build your own smart home solutions.

So-called integrations can be integrated here as well as all smart home devices that are currently on the market.In addition, Home Assistant is also able to connect to game consoles, Spotify or online services.Scenarios can then be defined using automation - for example, that all lights are automatically switched off as soon as they leave the house.But that's not all: Home Assistant allows you to build your own dashboards on which information is displayed and devices can be controlled.Users with programming skills can also build their own integrations and create dashboards with chic designs.

Home Assistant is intended to run on a Raspberry Pi or a Linux computer, but can also be installed under Windows or Mac.To do this, you only need virtualization software such as virtual box and can download the right file directly from the manufacturer.If you want to use Home Assistant permanently, the Raspberry Pi is the most stable and cheapest solution for you.The tool can be accessed by all devices in the home network via the corresponding IP address, and there are also suitable apps for Android and iOS.