Festival in humorless time?Leipzig laughing fair begins

Festival in humorless time?Leipzig laughing fair begins

Leipzig has had a lot to laugh about since this Sunday: The laughing fair takes place there for the 31st time - according to the organizers, the largest cabaret festival in the German -speaking area.Guests await a colorful program of cabaret and comedy until October 24, but also "Chanson, song and music, as well as literature, poetry and improvisation or pantomime, clowning and sophisticated nonsense", as the organizers said in advance.

Festival in humorloser Zeit? Leipziger Lachmesse beginnt

The international humor and satirical festival will open on Sunday evening with the awarding of the "Leipzig Löwenzahn" - a prize for the best program at the laughing fair last year.He goes to cabaret artist Lisa Eckhart."This decision made a public jury advised by specialist journalists and the Leipzig laughing fair," said Harald Pfeifer from the organizer association.

Corona will certainly be an issue at the laughing fair - but not the only one, Pfeifer promised.The political situation or gender roles also belonged to the stage."It's not about being monothematic. Awarf arts lives from diversity."

Pfeifer hopes for many visitors this year.So far, the sales sales have been rising, even if some events such as the opening have already been sold out.

"People only hesitantly buy cards, often only in the evening. We hope that many spectators will be added every day at the box office," said Pfeifer.In the past year, 11,500 people visited the festival - a good half of the 20,000, which were there in normal years.