Disney: Revealed! Absurd fact about "Moiana" is really laughable

 Disney: Revealed!  Absurd fact about "Moiana" is really laughable

For the vast majority, without Disney, their childhood would have been deprived of a few fond memories. Since 1937, with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the production company's first full-length feature film, saw the light of day, children all over the world have been growing up with Disney fantasies - and their own imaginations are also stimulated by them. At least that is proven by a study that can only have been drawn up by fans: In this, Disney icons were checked for their reality content.

That is to say: CasinoOnline.de has carefully analyzed six well-known Disney characters in order to estimate their proportions and dimensions and to compare them with those of the average woman and man. Cinderella, Elsa, Aladdin, Hercules, Maui and Moiana were examined. A funny gimmick in which the proportions of a figure are particularly surprising.

Fun facts for Disney fans: their favorite characters are this tall

Disney: Enhüllt! Absurder Fakt über

A lot of data was collected to compare the respective characters to the average man or woman: Height, head width, eye width, upper body width, arm length, leg length, etc. Each Disney character has a few distinctive features. Cinderella, for example, is 162.6cm tall, which is closest to the average woman (160cm). However, her waist is only 12.6cm wide, which is more than half the size of the average female waist (28cm).

Elsa from "Frozen" and Aladdin are relatively realistic. At 170.2 cm, Elsa is within range, and her other figures hardly deviate significantly from the average woman. Only the width of her eyes is 59% larger than that of the average woman. With Aladdin, it's quite amusing that he is above average height at 182.9 cm - after all, the Disney artists were optically inspired by Tom Cruise, who is known to be one of the smaller men in Hollywood cinema.

Hercules is quite a giant at 198.1cm compared to the average male (175.3cm), but what is most impressive is his torso width. It is 69.7cm and is almost twice as wide as that of an average man. Well, he's also a Greek demigod...

The characters from "Moiana" are the most amazing, namely Moiana herself and Maui. Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson in the film, is the tallest of the Disney characters analyzed at 94 inches tall. Almost all of his stats are more than 150% greater than the average male. Its head is 63.9 cm wide and its mouth is a spectacular 31.3 cm wide. And Hercules wouldn't stand a chance against him either, because Maui's upper body width measures 178.9 cm.

Surprisingly, Moana is also a lot taller than one would expect: At 228.6 cm, it is hardly smaller than Maui and its other dimensions are also enormous in comparison. Exactly how this data was collected is described in the study itself: "The size is an approximation and the proportions were calculated after each character was illustrated using Original Disney references and the height scaled based on collected sources." The results should not be taken too seriously. However, they are certainly fascinating.