Didn't get a PS5? This shopping cart trick gives you a second chance

Didn't get a PS5? This shopping cart trick gives you a second chance

There is a trick going around the web that will significantly increase your chances of getting a PS5. This requires a little patience, but it works. Some readers have confirmed this to us and the trick has also made some editors of the Gamepro editorial team happy.Didn't get a PS5? This shopping cart trick gives you a 2nd chance

This is how the shopping cart trick works

In principle, it's very simple: If you have the PS5 (or the Xbox Series X) in the shopping cart of the online retailer of your choice during a short-term availability, then definitely leave the console there, even if you don't have it unable to complete purchase. Now keep refreshing the browser and with a little luck you will be redirected to the purchase screen.

This works even after the end of a wave: forwarding takes place if another customer cancels their order or has payment problems. Of course, this is most likely right after the start of sales. But even after the end of the period, orders keep dropping. In some cases, fans were still able to get hold of a PS5 two hours after the wave.

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Of course, this is not a permanent solution. However, it will probably take until the second half of the year before the situation improves significantly. Sony itself says that they underestimated the high demand. You can find all current developments in our large overview article on the sales situation of the PS5.

Are you still waiting to get your hands on a PS5?