Danger in the supermarket?Almost every third contact takes place while shopping

Danger in the supermarket?Almost every third contact takes place while shopping

However, while it can be assumed in clinics that, for example, an increased mask discipline and a particularly strict follow of the AHA rules, infections could be prevented in most cases, there were other conditions in the supermarkets.

"In view of the importance of their function, the employees do an excellent job," Net Check writes in the analysis."Unfortunately, they are left relatively alone with the task, even though the discount retail in the Corona crisis is above average earnings.Measures that are taken here could significantly reduce contact numbers across Germany in Germany."

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Gefahr im Supermarkt? Fast jeder dritte Kontakt findet beim Einkaufen statt

Extended opening times to reduce contacts?

Specifically, the data experts suggest input restrictions as well as consistent disinfection of the shopping floors as well as more staff for extended opening hours and a changed shelf lineup."If these measures may seem exaggerated, one should consider that more than the danger potential of the rest of the retail trade - around 20 percent of the contacts - can be intercepted here," explains the Berlin company.

Many contacts also calculate the evaluation (19 percent).In private apartments, the data analysts now count significantly fewer contacts.To what extent schools and daycare centers are pandemic drivers or not, the analysis cannot answer.Students and their contacts would not be taken into account for methodological reasons, it is said.

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Around 30 percent of the contacts take place after 8 p.m.

Also exciting: 28 to 32 percent of the contacts take place between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.16 to 19 percent even after 10 p.m..This explains the relatively good effectiveness of the output blocks in Bavaria, explains Net Check.The number of contacts there had dropped significantly since mid -March.