Create your own online shop-it's that easy

Create your own online shop-it's that easy

Der E-Commerce boomt und es wird immer wichtiger, die eigenen Produkte auch in einem Online-Shop zu verkaufen. Wir zeigen dir deshalb, wie du in wenigen Schritten deinen eigenen Online-Shop erstellen kannst.Einen eigenen Online-Shop erstellen – so einfach funktioniert’s

Create online shop: What should I consider?

Do you have one or more products that you would like to sell in an online shop?Then you will find out in this article how you can build your own online shop step-by-step.In advance you should ask yourself a few questions:

What is the shop system suitable for my project?

What payment methods should I offer?

Who can help me if I want to create an online shop?

How expensive is an online shop?

What do I need for an online shop?

How long does it take to create an online shop?

We will answer these and other questions below.

Create online shop-use shop kit or shop software?

The first step in creating your shop is to find a suitable shop system.You can choose a shop kit or shop software.

Create online shop with a shop kit

An easy way to create your online shop is shop construction boxes at providers such as Ionos.With the help of the construction boxes, you create an online shop without having to have any programming knowledge.For a monthly fee that starts from one euro depending on the range of functions, you will register with the provider of your choice.

In the backend of your online shop, you will then change the design, the selection of payment methods and shipping methods.Then you upload your individual product images and add item descriptions and prices.As soon as you are satisfied, your customers can buy from the inside.

The creation of an online shop using a shop kit is therefore very simple.Shop building boxes are particularly suitable for people with little capital, few products and little technical know-how.

Create your online shop with ionos now

If you choose a shop kit, you have to be aware of some restrictions.The number of payment procedures is often limited and special design adjustments are often not possible.So if you have a large number of products from the start and want to create a large online shop, you should use another shop system.

In the following table we present the advantages and disadvantages of shop construction kits:



Practical complete solution with shop kit and own domain

Only limited design adjustments possible

No previous knowledge necessary

Payment procedures often restricted

Fast installation and furnishings

No free version

Low entry prices and flexible price models

For many industries there are prefabricated web designs

Create online shop with shop software

If you want to create a professional online shop right from the start, shop software can be the right system for you.Here you usually have higher starting costs, but also more freedom in the design of your design, a large selection of payment methods and can change all functions individually.

Shop systems are the software basis of an online shop and must be installed and set up alone or with the support of an agency on the web server.In Germany there are paid, but also free shop systems that differ from each other in their range of functions:

On-premise solutions: This is the acquisition of the software license for the shop system itself. This allows you to change or expand the software individually.You can either do that alone or have it supported by an agency.

Open source shop systems: These are shop systems that are available free of charge.There are many shop systems for different target groups that differ in terms of their interfaces to other systems and the availability of plugins or add-ons.

WordPress plugins: For existing WordPress websites, an online shop can be created using a plugin.The plugin integrates the shop directly into the website without needing an additional solution.The simple installation and integration into an existing website are plus points that weigh the limited range of functions.Other functions can often be purchased.

Depending on previous knowledge, expectations and investment, you can choose a shop software.

In der folgenden Tabelle stellen wir dir die Vor-und Disadvantages von Shopsoftware vor:



Free and paid software

Programming knowledge is an advantage

Large selection of templates

Unique high costs

Individual adjustments possible

Domain and hosting are additional costs

Large selection of add-ons

Professional online shop possible

I chose software - and now?

If you have chosen suitable software, you have taken the first important step.In the following we will explain what to do afterwards.

Install and set up online shop

If you manage technical support alone, the installation and furnishings of your online shop will be able to install and set up.In the first step, you have to upload the data of your shop to your hosting provider's web server to install the shop.

After the successful installation, you change some settings, such as:

Your available delivery options

The access data for your payment providers

All design and presentation options

Security of your website

The integration of legal content, such as the imprint or the data protection declaration

Category designations

The last step in the facility is one of the most important: setting your products that you want to sell.This includes high quality photos, clear product names, simple and good product descriptions and the right prices.

Registration with payment providers

So that you are successful with your online shop, the selection of payment providers is crucial.Many customers: Inside, see it as a prerequisite that you can choose the standard methods.This includes, for example: in Germany:

Purchase on invoice


Debit charge

Credit card

Depending on the payment provider, these four procedures are completely or only partially covered.Before the decision, however, you should check whether your shop system provides an interface to the relevant providers.

The conditions of the payment providers are sometimes different.You can choose providers who give you a fixed sum for use every year.However, there are also providers who do without fixed costs, but demand additional fees per sales transaction.

Recarating visitor through online marketing

When your online shop is finished, you shouldn't expect to buy all the products in the inside.Without suitable marketing campaigns, you will usually not be able to generate relevant sales.The simplest and most effective method is online marketing.

The possibilities for recruiting new visitors: inside and thus potential customers: Inside, optimize your online shop for search engines so that you are found better, send a newsletter to your existing customers or use social media to reach more people.

Local companies can also create a my-business entry on Google.This also shows the company on Google Maps.

What are the characteristics of a legally secure online shop?

In order for your online shop to become legally confident and you protect yourself from warning, some characteristics must be observed:

Imprint: Your online shop is a commercial website and therefore needs an imprint in Germany.Name, address, legal form and contact details are among the minimum information.

Price information of the products: The gross prices of the products must be specified for the sale.It must also be pointed out that the VAT is included in the price.

Right of cancellation and general terms and conditions: Customers: Inside must be pointed out to their right of withdrawal.

Order button: The word "order" must make it clear that the click causes a paid transaction.Therefore, use formulations such as "order for a fee".

Ordering order: After completing an order, you must send your customer: inside a written confirmation (for example by email).

Conclusion: creating an online shop is not difficult

You can see that creating your online shop is not difficult.Especially beginners without technical knowledge get a system with a shop kit that you can use to create your own online shop quickly and easily.

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