Corona news on July 23rd: New infections in Turkey at the highest level since May

Corona news on July 23rd: New infections in Turkey at the highest level since May

Spain as a possible Corona vicinence area ensures concerns in Mallorca

10.55 a.m.: Reports that the Federal Government may want to classify the Corona hotspot Spain as a high incidence area, cause concerns in Mallorca."Mallorca and the rest of the islands (Balearic Islands) will make this decision," wrote the newspaper "última Hora" on Friday."That would be another blow for tourism," the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca" also fears.Because if you are not fully vaccinated or recovered by Corona, you have to be quarantined for ten days when returning from a high incidence area to Germany, which can only be shortened by a negative test after five days.

This is particularly affected by younger vacationers, many of whom have not yet been vaccinated.But even fully vaccinated parents could get into trouble if their children had to go to quarantine for at least five days after returning from the Mallorca vacation instead of being able to go to the after-school care center or kindergarten.The Funke Mediengruppe reported on Thursday that the Federal Government of Spain and the Netherlands wanted to declare the Corona vocational area this Friday.

Since the end of June, the corona elections have rapidly shot down everywhere in Spain.The country has the worst values all over Europe.In a month around 475.000 new infections counted, the seven-day incidence rose from 42 in June to 333, well above the 200 mark, from which Germany can explain a country to the high incidence area.In Mallorca, the value was last even 365.

The tourism industry had hoped for a much stronger recovery of the business this summer because of the progressive vaccination campaign.In normal times, tourism contributes more than twelve percent to the Spanish gross domestic product (GDP), on the Balearic Islands, which also include Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, as well as around 35 percent in the Canary Islands.The industry ensures hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Virologist drosts about vaccination progress

10.53 a.m.: The vaccination against the corona virus in Germany is currently not rapid enough for virologists Christian Drosten.He was "increasingly concerned about the step in the vaccination," said the head of the Berlin Charité virology in a written interview by the German Press Agency.»We don't make quick enough progress here, although there is enough vaccine available.«Many people thought they were in the wrong feeling of security in the face of low incidence in Germany.»It is important to do a lot more information now - even in the private environment, so that the vaccination rate increases faster.This reduces the likelihood of renewed painful interventions in winter, «explained Drosten.He also would like that restrictions on social life will not be necessary again.

More corona cases in the USA - low vaccination rate worried

Corona-News am 23.07: Neuinfektionen in Türkei auf Höchststand seit Mai

10.Midnight: In the USA, the number of Corona new infections recorded in one day continues to increase.The authorities reported 56 on Thursday.069 New cases such as the Johns-Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore from Friday morning (MESZ) emerged.That's about 27.600 more than exactly a week ago.The number of deaths with a confirmed corona infection rose from 283 to 330 in a week comparison.The previous maximum values were on 2.January with 300.462 new infections and on 12.In January with 4461 deaths.

As the government Corona coordinator, Jeff Zents, announced on Thursday in a press conference, the number of new infections in country parts with a lower vaccination rate increases particularly strongly.The states of Florida, Texas and Missouri, which in the nationwide comparison recorded fewer vaccinations, were currently making around 40 percent of all new cases in the United States.According to estimates by the CDC health authority, the particularly contagious Delta variant is now responsible for around 83 percent of all recorded infections in the country.

In the country with around 330 million inhabitants, almost 34.3 million people have been infected with the pathogen Sars-Cov-2, more than 610.000 people died.Measured in absolute numbers - but not relative to the population - this is more than in any other country in the world.So far, more than 56 percent of people have received at least the first vaccination in the United States, almost 49 percent are fully vaccinated.

The Johns Hopkins website is updated regularly and therefore shows a higher level than the official figures of the World Health Organization (WHO) or the CDC.In some cases, the numbers - including those of the new infections within 24 hours, but also those of the dead - are updated afterwards.

Seven-day incidence increases to 13.2

9.00 a.m.: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports new positive tests in 2089.That is 633 more than on Friday a week ago when 1456 new infections were reported.The seven-day incidence continues to increase to 13.2 out of 12.2 the day before.The value indicates how many people each 100.000 inhabitants have been infected with the coronavirus in the past seven days.34 other people died in connection with the virus.This increases the number of reported deaths within 24 hours to 91.492.In total, more than 3.75 million coronates tests have been positive in Germany so far.

According to the RKI, the increase in seven-day incidence in Germany has so far been observed, especially in people between the ages of 15 and 34.While the values in the groups from the age of 60 in the past few weeks have only changed minimally and at a very low level, the RKI is recorded for younger relatively strong growth.This emerges from a weekly COVID-19-layer report, which the RKI has recently been presented on Thursdays.

Head of the Federal Medical Association calls for more protective measures for students

03.42 a.m.: In view of the increasing Corona incidence and the spread of the high-containing delta variant, the President of the Federal Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, calls for more protective measures for students at the beginning of the new school year.As Reinhardt says the newspapers of the Funke media group, according to the preliminary report, the goal must be to enable daily tests before the class.In this way you can reduce the dynamics of infection and avoid change lessons.Reinhardt suggests the use of easily feasible, so-called Lolly tests.These should be made available for all students across the board.

Intensive care physicians want to increase vacuum

02.45 a.m.: Intensive care doctors require an increase in the vaccination tempo to keep a fourth wave with the high-containing delta variant under control.“It is the most important thing that as many as possible can be completely vaccinated.This is our most effective remedy for pandemic.This is the only way to weaken the fourth wave, «says the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi), Gernot Marx, according to the newspapers of the Funke Media Group according to a preliminary report.In order to be equipped against the Delta wave, a vaccination rate of 85 percent is necessary.Marx is concerned because about ten million people in Germany are not complete and 32 million are not vaccinated at all.