Corona news on April 25th: The most important developments on Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19

Corona news on April 25th: The most important developments on Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19

First case with Indian double mutant in Switzerland

12.45 a.m.: In Switzerland, the first case of an infection with the "double mutant" from India was demonstrated.The health authority announces that it is a passenger who did not enter Switzerland directly from India, but via transit airports.Germany has largely stopped entering from India.Already on Thursday, the Belgian authorities had reported the proof of the corona navarian to a 20-member Indian student group, which had come to Belgium via a stopover in Paris.

Vaccination center in Lower Saxony: Employee injects saline solution instead of vaccine

12.25 a.m.: Against an employee of the DRK district association Jeverland e.V.Investigations were taken up for possible bodily harm.As the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland police inspection reports, the woman on 21.April in six cases replaced the biontech vaccine with a saline solution.

The woman therefore had the task of preparing the syringes in the Friesland vaccination center.She stated to the police against having replaced an ampoule fell to the ground with the saline solution.She did not want to inform her colleagues about the broken ampoule, according to the woman.Later she confessed to a colleague from her deed who informed an employee of the district.The public prosecutor's office in Oldenburg is now checking whether the case is relevant under criminal law.

There is no health hazard for the six affected people due to the saline solution.However, it has not yet been able to understand which of the people who were vaccinated until noon on the corresponding day have received one of the six syringes.The district of Friesland therefore contacts those who may be affected from Sunday.There are a total of 200 people.You will receive an anti-test to determine whether the biontech vaccination has been made.In addition, the district has set up a citizen phone.

District Administrator Sven Ambrosy was horrified: »This case is deeply shocking and for me it is now a top priority to contact the affected citizens and prevent such an incident from being possible again.«He has now specified a four-eye principle in the vaccination center, so that from now on two people are always involved in dealing with the vaccine doses and raising the syringes.

Again security gap on corona fast tests

12.01 a.m.: Due to a security gap in a quick test software, unauthorized persons were able to access test results and other sensitive information again.As the "Tagesspiegel" reported, the data from more than 6000 registrations can be called up since the beginning of April, including sensitive information such as address and date of birth.

According to the newspaper, many other test stations, for example in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Würzburg or Heidelberg, also use the faulty software of the operator Innofabrik from Haßloch (Rhineland-Palatinate).

The security gap was fixed on Saturday "within a very short time", said Innofabrik managing director Dennis Messer on Sunday of the dpa.He deeply regretted the mistake, "data protection takes a very high priority with us".

Corona-News am 25.4.: Die wichtigsten Entwicklungen zu Sars-CoV-2 und Covid-19

In a random test of the »Tagesspiegel« in 13 test stations, which according to the first research of the newspaper use the Innofabrik software, it was also possible on Saturday to retrieve third -party data.According to the newspaper, more than 45.000 term data.Messer, on the other hand, assumes a significantly lower value: "We still have to check the exact number," he said.

In the past few weeks there have been weaknesses in the software of Corona fast-testing..In mid -March, for example, a security gap was discovered at 21DX and its service provider Medicus AI, about the data of around 130.000 those affected could be called up.

Economists: Boom could be at the door

11.35 a.m.: Thanks to the strong demand from the USA and China for industrial products Made in Germany, the economy in Germany is going.While the service industry continues, the industry is currently booming as it was last before the Corona crisis.

Up to the end of the Lockdown measures, economists of leading economic and financial organizations continue to assume a two-part economy, as a dpa survey showed.

As soon as the pandemic is under control, there could even be a real boom.“We expect a strong relaxation in the second quarter.The demand abroad, especially from China and the USA, is already driving the positive development in industry, ”said the» economy «Veronika Grimm.

"In the United States, retail sales went up by almost ten percent after the reopening," said Katharina Utermöhl from the Allianz Group.There are also first signs of a spring revival in the German service sector."You go into the starting holes," said Utermöhl.

"In the next few months it will be important to set the course for a successful upswing," said Fritzi Köhler-Geib, chief economist of the state KfW group.However, there are also warning voices - the pandemic should not be laid hastily Ad Acta.

"If we do not take any further measures, there will be a" yo-yo effect "," warned Grimm.»It takes more than the emergency brake to get the infection figures under control.It needs the vaccination progress and it needs the test obligation in the companies that should be implemented consistently, «said the professor of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Grimm fears the long -term negative effects on the economy through the educational misery prepared by pandemic."What we are currently neglecting in terms of education, the students we lose will deal with us for some time and have long -term significant effects on growth," she emphasized.

Number of fatalities after fire in Iraqi hospital increases to 82

11.2 p.m.: The number of fatalities after the fire at the Corona station of a hospital in Baghdad is even higher than before.82 people were killed in the incident in the Iraqi capital and 110 others were injured, the Interior Ministry of the State Agency Ina said on Sunday.

Shortly before, a member of the Iraqi Human Rights Commission elected by the parliament spoke of 58 deaths.The Commission described the incident as "crimes against patients" who had been looking for protection in the hospital after their corona infection."As a result, they were burned instead of recovering," said the Commission with.

How exactly the fire came in the Al-Khatib Hospital in the south of Baghdad remained unclear.