City of Schwalmstadt and G.U.T.Advertise for shopping on site

City of Schwalmstadt and G.U.T.Advertise for shopping on site

Ich kann es nicht mehr hören! Einzelhandel stärken hier, lebenswerte Stadt dort, Mittelzentrum woanders. Schwalmstadt war, ist und wird niemals ein Wirtschaftsstandort sein, in welchem es einen florierenden Einzelhandel gibt- hierzu wurde die letzten Jahre/Jahrzehnte zu viel verschlafen. Ich bin hier in Schwalmstadt geboren, lebe hier und arbeite in der Umgebung, weshalb ich diese Einschätzung so abgeben und unterstreichen kann. Die Lebensmittelgeschäfte, Restaurants und Discounter sind das einzige was in Schwalmstadt vermutlich gut läuft.Stadt Schwalmstadt und G.u.T. werben für das Einkaufen vor Ort Stadt Schwalmstadt und G.u.T. werben für das Einkaufen vor Ort

Why should I graze shops here in order to be said to be "we don't have there.But we could vlt.Order and would be there in 10-14 days ”?To get that clearly to the point: I don't care about what happens to the retailers on site.If they have the product that I am looking for and even at the same price as online, I would also buy it here.If this is not the case (which applies in 90% of cases) I buy it from the big A, where it is delivered to the front door for free the next day.Yes, here too it's about working conditions on which shoulders this consumption is held, etc.., but: I don't care either!In today's world they have at least something to give away and we live in a country where everyone can decide for whom or what they work.So if there are people who are satisfied with the work and the conditions there or elsewhere: great!

The best example is TV.Do you really want to drive to local providers to buy maybe 10-20% of the selection of the online offer at excessive prices?Then you have, for example.It starts for a 65 inch TV how to get the part home with the huge box with the huge box.Does the dealer offer a delivery?Does this delivery cost?Nope, everything too cumbersome.I pack my smartphone, start the A-app, click on "Buy" and get the device delivered directly to your home free of charge.

You can calmly pick up this comment, but that's how the world works today and will develop even more in this direction over the next few years.The only chance that the retailers have is to arrange, or.Develop new concepts to get something from the cake.