Buy PS5: Tips for supplies - tricks to order a console

Buy PS5: Tips for supplies - tricks to order a console

By Alexandra Grimm


Even more than half a year after the release of the PS5, it's still difficult to order a console. So that the purchase works for you, we have a few tips for you.

Update from June 14th, 2021: Finally there are new PS5 consoles again. This time the console bundle for Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart in Focus, which was, is, or will be available from multiple retailers. And for this reason we want to bring you closer to our shopping cart trick for online shops like Saturn or MediaMarkt. This saves you time during the ordering process and can ensure that you might be able to secure a PS5 in the end. Just look further down in the text, there you will find all the important information.

Name of the console

PlayStation 5 (PS5)


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)


Stationary game console


09. console generation

Buy PS5: Tips on Replenishment - Tricks to order a console

Storage medium

Blu Ray


19. Nov 2020

Update from February 1st, 2021 - At the moment it seems to be getting a little quieter about new PS5 consoles. In the last two weeks there have been new deliveries in almost all online shops. But even at the weekend it was unfortunately quiet and no dealer had new consoles in stock. To ensure that you are really successful with the next PlayStation 5 drop, we recently told you about a shopping cart trick that has already helped many fans. But apparently there are still questions about how the trick really works.

In order to explain the trick with the shopping cart in various online shops, our colleague DrUnboxKing took the time to explain the whole thing again. In the latest PS5 shopping cart trick video on his channel, you get a detailed explanation of how the whole thing works. The video also gives you other useful tips on how to secure a new Sony console.

Tokyo, Japan – Owning a PS5 is still a dream for many gamers months after the console was released. For months it has been incredibly difficult for PlayStation fans to snag a PS5 from Sony. The console contingent is limited and when there are new consoles, they are sold out straight away. Now a gaming influencer on Instagram revealed a trick that players can use to get a PS5 faster than others. Here you can find out exactly how this trick works and what needs to be considered.

Buy PS5: Finally a console through the shopping cart trick

It's not easy to get hold of a PS5. Colleagues like the HNA * in the PS5 ticker * report the latest reports on the sale of the coveted console, but ultimately getting the windy piece of hardware in the shopping cart is a completely different story. The influencer "drunboxking" reveals in his story on Instagram how the so-called shopping cart trick works. First, the PS5 console must be added to the shopping cart. After that, “drunboxking” recommends updating the page again and again. "As soon as a drop comes, you automatically jump to the next screen: payment," says the influencer. Such so-called drops can include cancellations or payment problems from customers. Then you slide through the system and can buy the PS5 directly. Even if nothing happens for a long time and the console is just in the shopping cart, you should never delete it from the shopping cart, but continue to check and update it every day.

"Slip through the process while others are still trying to get the console into their cart," says drunboxking. According to the influencer, some interested parties sit in front of their cell phone or PC for one to two hours and keep updating their shopping cart until they can finally proceed to pay. During this time it could happen that nobody can put a PS5 in the shopping cart, "but you already have the console in the shopping cart before everyone else."

Buy PS5: Shopping cart trick gives you a decisive advantage

Scalpers make it difficult for gamers worldwide to snag one of the coveted PS5 consoles. Already at the release, they sometimes bought hundreds of consoles at once, so that many PlayStation fans went away empty-handed. Now the scalpers are selling their PS5 consoles at exorbitant prices on eBay, causing a stir among fans. There are hardly any consoles under 700 euros and some even offer the PS5 from Sony for double or triple the price on the online platform. Fortunately, eBay is now actively fighting scalpers and restricting sales. Nevertheless, the shopping cart trick could offer a cheap alternative here, where the buyer just has to be patient and have a bit of luck.

The shopping cart trick seems to be working. Some followers of "drunboxking" contacted him with the happy news that they had got hold of a PS5 with this trick: "It worked, thank you very much, in the 3rd attempt and 3 devices updated at the same time! My brother-in-law will be happy,” he writes. Maybe this trick can now be used by some players who have unfortunately not had any luck so far. The retailers keep supplying consoles from the Tokyo-based group Sony. In this regard, we have a few tips for a successful PS5 order. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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