Beacon 70 Shore Conference Football player of the week: Donovan Catholics Nunes Bukula IV

Beacon 70 Shore Conference Football player of the week: Donovan Catholics Nunes Bukula IV

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This season, the Shore Conference football fans have the opportunity every week to vote on our website for the Beacon 70/Shore Sports Network football player of the week.

Donovan Catholic dominated the headlines this week and this continues with the winner of the week 9 players of the week as Senior Runningback Nunes Bukula IV was chosen as the latest Beacon 70 football player of the week.Bukula ran 156 yards and two touchdowns at 21 Carrys to lead the griffins to a 28-7 victory over Red Bank Catholic.Bukula and all the players of the week of the week this season receive a gift card worth 25 USD for the Beacon 70 Restaurant.

Last Friday, Donovan traveled before the playoffs in a huge match against the high -ranking and unbeaten Red Bank Catholics in a huge match.All night everything was gripped and Bukula played an important role with a game high of 156 rushing yards and touchdown runs of seven and 52 yards.The Catholic offensive line of Donovan won the fight in front and Bukula did the rest to continue his excellent season.

The victory brought RBC his first loss and brought Donovan to first place in the current top 10 of the Jeep Store/Shore Sports Network.Donovan was also honored as our Jersey Mikes Week 9 Team of the Week.

With his latest performance, Bukula has the 1.000-yard brand cracked and is now 1.021 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns in nine games with an average of 8.2 yards per carry.

The Griffins are number 8 in the NJSiaa non-public a playoffs and will host Notre Dame on Friday evening.

Bukula won the survey of week 9 with 19.85 percent of the vote to win Raritan's Joe Campanella, with Manalapan Alex Dille fourth and Rumson-Fair Havens Geoff Schroeder took fourth place.

Beacon 70 Shore Conference Fußballspieler der Woche: Donovan Catholics Nunes Bukula IV


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