Aurora Store APK - Android app Note

Aurora Store APK - Android app Note

The free Android app "Aurora Store" is a source-open alternative to the Play Store.

Aurora Store APK - Android App Hinweis

The free Android app "Aurora Store" is perfect for downloading APK files.In this alternative to the common Google Play Store you can easily download a variety of apps.You can get the alternative store from us as an APK file.In addition to the current version, older versions are also available for download.The "Aurora Store" is based on categories.For example, you always have the latest apps at a glance at a glance.Or are you looking for apps on topics such as "money" or "sports / health"?In this alternative store you get all apps bundled to the category you have selected.Also an advantage: In the "Aurora Store" you will find apps that are not available in the conventional Google Play Store.

Without internet apps with friends

The alternative store also offers a very special function: very easily you can download apps without internet from people from your surrounding area.So you can easily exchange your favorite apps with each other.To do this, both users need F-Droid to be able to use the direct exchange.