Android update: The Google Assistant becomes faster

Android update: The Google Assistant becomes faster

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Android update: The Google Assistant becomes faster


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Google announces a new Android update that brings a total of six new functions on smartphones.What's new for Google Assistant?

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Summer is there and with it the latest Android update.In a blog post on "The Keyword", Google announces six new functions for its mobile operating system.Including an earthquake warning system, more options in Google's messenger app and Android Auto as well as new features for the Google Assistant (Guide).

Google Assistant: voice control of apps

Google continuously donates new features to its language skis.Special functions for Google Assistant on Mother's Day were only recently published.


Even with the new Android summer update, the assistant does not go away empty-handed.For a long time it has been possible with the Google Assistant on Android smartphones to open various apps by voice command.Now there are more actions.

The command "Hey Google, Shortcuts" opens the corresponding menu.From there, the assistant is linked to compatible apps.After that, voice commands such as "Hey Google, looking for sneakers on eBay" or "Hey Google, show me the share prices in Yahoo Finance" to carry out the corresponding actions without display typer.

Voice Access receives eye recognition update

Voice access enables the telephone and app navigation with the voice.The function was mainly developed for people with motor restrictions.With the new view recognition, Voice Access will only respond in the future if you look at the screen.For example, accidental actions are prevented during discussions.A small facial symbol on the upper edge of the screen shows whether the function is active or not.

Password input via Voice Access has also been improved.The system now automatically recognizes a password field and enables the language input of capital letters, numbers and symbols.For example, it understands the spoken word "dollar sign" as a symbol and no longer writes the word.

Android warns of earthquakes

In the United States, the earthquake warning system on Android phones already exists in the states of California, Oregon and Washington.The service is also active in New Zealand and Greece.

Android update: The Google Assistant becomes faster

With the latest Android update, users can now look forward to the free warning system.

Seconds before there is an eruption, Android smartphones sound alarm.As a result, those affected should be able to protect themselves faster in risk areas.If the quake has calmed down again, Android delivers useful behavior to avoid the dangers of a wicker. without advertising banners

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In the United States, Google works with the United States Geological Survey and Shahaleert to get the warning on the smartphones as early as possible.In the rest of the world, the early warning system works via the acceleration sensors installed in the devices.They recognize seismic waves and the smartphone automatically sends a message to Google's earthquake recognition server.

There, all information and rough locations of the reports received are analyzed there and the corresponding warnings are sent.Google prioritizes countries with a high risk of earthquake and would like to spread the service in the course of the year.In addition, Google plans to enter into more cooperation with local organizations in order to be able to react even faster.

Messenger app gets encryption

The Google Messages app now finally gets an end-to-end encryption so that the chat processes of the users are safe.In future, important messages in the Messages app can be marked with a star.They are then saved in a corresponding category and then more easily found again.A similar system should already be known to most users from WhatsApp and the favorite marking.

The Android keyboard Gboard also receives an innovation.Emojis and stickers that were recently used are already displayed in a separate area via the buttons.In the future there will also be a context -based selection.So Gboard suggests suitable emojis to the text just typed.Currently, the Gboard features are only for the languages of English, Spanish and Portuguese from Android 6.0 available.

Android Auto becomes more personal

The Android car app, which enables, for example, to link smartphones and infotainment system, can be adaptable in the future.The start screen can be personalized directly on the smartphone so that frequently used elements appear at the top.There is a dark fashion, a "back to the beginning", registration tickets for the media apps or an A-BIS-Z sorting.

There are also new apps for charging electric vehicles, for parking and navigation.Preferred messaging apps can be accessed via the start screen in the future.New messages from WhatsApp or signal can therefore be read directly in the Android car app.According to Google, all new Android car functions are now available worldwide.You can find compatible vehicles on the Android website.

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