Aliexpress wants to significantly shorten delivery times to Europe

Aliexpress wants to significantly shorten delivery times to Europe

The Chinese marketplace Aliexpress plans to deliver to Europe even faster in the future.The company belonging to the Alibaba Group wants to shorten its delivery times to European countries up to 30 percent.This should succeed using a new flight route between China and Spain.

AliExpress will Lieferzeiten nach Europa deutlich verkürzen


Delivery times of ten days

From August there will be three flights between Hong Kong and Madrid every week, which are also led via Liège in Belgium.The new flight route will be realized using the Alibaba logistics Cainiao Network and the freight airline Volga Dnepr.A first flight with orders from Ali Express dealers went from Hong Kong to Madrid on July 14th.

The route would be delivered within ten days: "After their arrival in Liège and Madrid, the packages will quickly be distributed throughout Europe, so that the delivery periods of the entire process from China to Europe will be kept within 10 days," cited eCommercenews.These shorter delivery times increasingly means competition for German dealers.So far, the duration from the order to the delivery of the products from the Far East has been quite high - however, the consumer has hardly noted in the past studies to acquire the often cheaper articles.