Alibaba: Sale of mining equipment is prohibited on October 8th

Alibaba: Sale of mining equipment is prohibited on October 8th

The investment banker's assessment remains divided: JPMorgan says that the “fair price” for BTC at 35.000 000, still expects an “outperformance” for cryptocurrencies.

Alibaba: Verkauf von Mining-Equipment wird am dem 8.Oktober verboten

The US investment bank JPMorgan has called one in its opinion realistic price for Bitcoin, which at only 35.$ $ 20 is significantly below the current course of the crypto-currency.This emerges from a report cited by Bloomberg, which the bank presented to its investors as part of a first view of the still young asset class in the old financial world.However, this assessment is by no means to be regarded as a short -term warning, because the forecast contained therein certifies crypto values an above -average performance lasting until 2022.

For digital assets, the JPMorgan experts predict an increase of 15 percent next year.In comparison, the expected return of hedge funds is only half and real estate is not rated so well with an expected increase of 12.5 percent.However, the wild fluctuations of cryptocurrencies reduced their attractiveness, according to JPMorgan's view.

JPmorgan CEO with ambiguous statements

The experts see the “fair value” of Bitcoin at around 35.$ $ 20, which is around 45 percent of the current trading price.However, they still hold a price target of 73.$ $ 20, the relative volatility should last until next year.On the whole, these statements fit the inconsistent statements that JPmorgan always met in the past regarding Bitcoin.At the end of September, CEO Jamie Dimon said, for example, that Bitcoin prices could still increase ten times.Nevertheless, he personally is not interested in an investment.A little later Dimon proclaimed that Bitcoin is “worthless”.