9 Recommended Korean Style Maternity Clothes That Are Comfortable and Trendy

9 Recommended Korean Style Maternity Clothes That Are Comfortable and Trendy

At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women experience many changes. One of the most visible, namely changes in body shape. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to feel insecure about their rapidly changing body shape.

Don't worry Mom! This is not a big problem as it can still be overcome. Thanks to the popularity of Korean culture in Indonesia, many people are imitating Korean fashion trends to create their Outfit of The Day (OOTD).

Due to the increasing interest in Indonesia, there are many online-based clothing stores that sell the typical ginseng-style outfit in various styles and sizes, including for pregnant women.

For mom who loves Korean fashion and is pregnant, Popmama.com has now prepared information on recommendations for comfortable and trendy Korean maternity clothes.

Come on Ma, check out the recommendations!

1. Anduo Maternity Clothing Store


Recommendations for Korean maternity clothes to choose when the belly is getting bigger, namely the dress.

Many Korean dresses are synonymous with floral motifs. One of the online stores that offers Korean style maternity clothes is Anduo Pregnancy Clothes Store.

Made from polyester material and designed with short sleeves, this shirt is ideal for stepping into the summer.

The loose design makes the baby bump feel no pressure. The floral motifs make pregnant women look more feminine and fashionable. If you are interested in this kind of dress, you can buy it with prices starting at IDR 250,000.

2. Eve motherhood


If you don't like floral dress motifs and prefer motifs that look plain or simple, you might like this type of dress.

This maternity dress from Eve Maternity is made of poly-cotton, making it very suitable for lounging or hanging out.

This dress is available in tan, army green, orange, light pink, and dark pink. Mom can get it with a price range of Rp. 300 thousand. The good news is that this store often gives buyers big discounts too, you know Ma.

Interested in duplicating Korean maternity dresses?

3.God Plaything Store


Many pregnant women get confused when choosing clothes that look casual when they leave the house.

If you need a recommendation, maybe this God Plaything Store dress can be included in the reference list for Korean style maternity wear.

Made of voile material, gives a smooth and soft touch when attached to the skin. The shirred detailing of the fabric makes this casual style dress look elegant. If interested, mom can get it with prices starting at Rp 280,000.

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4. Pregnant Mama Boutique


Korean Maternity Wear Recommendation is another type of dress that can be a recommendation, namely Mama Pregnant Boutique.

Mama Pregnant Boutique dresses are very suitable for mom who still wants to look trendy and fashionable despite her two-piece suit. This green pinafore dress may not look like a special maternity dress at first glance.

You don't have to worry though because this dress has a high quality moss crepe material that is cool so it doesn't get hot when you wear it. This type of material is lightweight and drapes so it looks good on the body.

Various colors are available ranging from pink, yellow, green, light blue and brown. Mom can get this dress with prices starting at Rp. 190,000.

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5. Monomial


Usually, most Korean outfits are the same with simple colors like nude colors. Supposedly, this type of dress is a bestseller or best seller from Monomom store. It would be a shame if Mom did not include this recommendation in the reference list.

This nude simple dress is functional you know Ma. Because it is very suitable for use at any event, from hangouts, dinners or any other formal events. The price starts from IDR 315 thousand.

Since it has buttons, this type of dress can be worn from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

6. Mama Baby House Store


Beige may not be your favorite colour, but this delicate shirt should still be in your closet. Why is it? Because beige is a natural color that combines well with other colours.

This makes it easier for mom to mix and match daily outfit needs. This maternity dress is a Korean style maternity dress collection from Mommy Baby House Store, made of polyester.

You can get Korean maternity clothes with this type of dress from IDR 440,000.

7. Nekobee


If you decide to buy clothes online, you need to make sure that the clothes you are buying are specially designed for pregnant women. In order to look fashionable and contemporary, mom needs to pay attention to the comfort of the little one, even in the womb, or ?

One of the Korean style maternity clothes that can be worn during pregnancy is a dress by Nekobee. This dress is maternity friendly and made of high quality crinkle cotton linen, so it is very suitable and comfortable when worn by pregnant women.

The price is also quite cheap, with only 130,000 rupees you can get this cute dress.

8. Mrs Nursing Clothes


Mrs. Nursing Wear dress is made of baby corduroy and combed cotton. Baby corduroy material is made of thick cotton fabric, which is smooth in texture, soft, not rough, durable, not see-through and light.

The cleavage on the right and bottom left of the shirt gives a feminine impression to pregnant women. This Korean style dress is available in four different colors namely brown, dark brown, navy and pink.

Sizes also vary so you can choose according to your body shape during pregnancy. Mom can also get it from Rp. 245 thousand.

9.Terri Berry


Hey, which one of you is a fan of floral print dresses? It's a pity if you don't have this beautiful Korean style dress by Terri Berri. The dress features a back zip closure and balloon sleeves with elasticated hems.

Made from Bengali fabric material, so pregnant women will feel stretchy and comfortable when wearing it.

This type of fabric has the function of absorbing moisture on the skin and keeping mom cool in a humid climate or in summer like in Indonesia. This type of dress is sold at prices starting at Rp. 130,000.

So how about this mom? Are you ready to shop unique Korean maternity dresses?

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