15 Products of the Week from AliExpress. AirPods Battery Booster

 15 Products of the Week from AliExpress.  AirPods Battery Booster

We're closing the week with another selection of cool cool life hacking stuff from AliExpress with great discounts.

Everyone will find something for themselves.And almost no money is spent.

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1. Extra Reilim Battery for AirPods

The compact accessory doubles the charging case capacity of Apple's popular headphones. Charges via USB-C, works like a watch.

In an emergency, you can use it to charge your smartphone yourself, but that doesn't last long. By the way, you can buy a replacement charging case from the same seller.



1207 rubles

2. Charger Baseus

The most powerful proven charger from China: it can deliver up to 100W via a USB-C connector or up to 120W via a pair in 60+60 mode.

The device supports all major fast charging protocols, including all types of PD, QC4.0 and even rarer SCP, FCP, AFC.


3695 rubles

3. Mount the bike on the Sportin wall

The cycling season is almost over. Where do you store the "iron horse" in winter? On the wall, of course.

A set of wall brackets with hooks holds the bike by the wheels, taking up almost no space and providing convenient and compact storage.


from 1541

from 986 rubles.

4. Xiaomi Smart Hula Hoop

A small sport tire with a massage effect, a ball and a revolution counter based on an accelerometer.

Offers a modified working principle that fits more tightly than usual.An original gift for the female half in 2 sizes.



RUB 5107

5. Mileseey Laser Level

One of the cheapest laser levels on the market that even runs on its own battery and complete tripod.

The price is achieved by simplifying the functions, but for many it will be enough: only 2 lines, blue or red to choose from, the accuracy is 1.5 millimeters by 5 meters.



1432 rubles

6. Rock Charger for Apple Watch

Portable charging station for the world's most popular watches, which can be worn as a keychain or simply carried in your pocket.

Works great, inexpensive - a great way to forget about the low autonomy of the watch and extend its life during short breaks.




7. Baseus external battery

This model is designed for charging laptops.You don't even need to buy a cable: a cable suitable for transmitting 65 W to the consumer is already sticking out of the “can”.

The battery itself is charged in just one and a half hours using power supplies with a capacity of up to 65 W.



3274 rubleswith coupon 65WPB10

8. Telescope Pointer Shop

An original multifunctional accessory that is convenient to use during presentations: if you want, show it with a telescopic rod, if you want - with a laser pointer.

The retractable part is equipped with a magnet that allows you to find lost metal objects in remote places. It also works as a pen.


351 r

9. GameSir Bluetooth game controller

Best Chinese Gamepad: Works with iOS (MFi certified), Android, Nintendo Switch and desktop PCs.

Bluetooth is used for connection. Ergonomics close to Xbox controllers, only with smartphone holder.



3737 rubles

 15 Produkte der Woche von AliExpress.  AirPods-Akku-Booster

10. Car organizer Mobyto

A useful accessory for storing documents, glasses, flashlight and other useful items on the sun visor.

Serves a long time, excellent reviews.There is a convenient zippered compartment and can be used as a tote bag.



655 rubles

11. Hand-painted IDEA case

A simple silicone case at a great price. Includes a hand-copied drawing.

The manufacturer regularly changes the standard, so you can buy a pair of identical ones only in one batch.An excellent choice for budget fans of unique solutions.


from 165

from 137 rubles.

12. KZ wireless headphones

Best Fully Wireless Headphones For Listening To Music: KZ hybrid speakers definitely sound better than all classmates under 10,000.

There is support for AAC, aptX;Communication module - Bluetooth 5.2.Voice assistants are also supported, including Siri.



1327 rubleswith coupon P25X8YF9

13. Vertical Mouse Dareu

One of the cheapest vertical wireless manipulators. Copies the disappeared trust model.

The design allows for quick adjustment without breaking the habit. An easy way to try something new and the quality isn't bad either.



1652 rubleswith coupon DAREU202108

14. Cradle Hicbest with wireless charging

Practical car mount with two complete mounts: a "leg" with suction cup for the fairing and a clip for the air duct.

The built-in Qi charging is activated by a sensor signal after the smartphone has been installed and delivers up to 15W transmission power (the corresponding power supply unit is required).



1190 rubles

15. Hong wall heater

A simple way to heat a zone or an entire room locally: The fan heater is built directly into the socket.

There are a number of protections to ensure the safety of use. It heats well, for individual use it is a very good choice.



1070 rubles

Don't forget to use our promo code for new buyers from Russia and CIS countries:

► iphonesru500sept - a discount of 500 rubles for purchases of 1000 rubles or more.

Valid from September 2nd to October 31st or until the end of the number of activations.

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We close the week with another selection of cool cool life hacking things from AliExpress with great discounts.Everyone will find something for themselves.And almost no money will be spent.Especially if you use our special promo code: ► iphonesru500sept - a discount of 500 rubles for purchases from 1000 rubles.Works for new customers with delivery to the countries of Russia and the CIS (excluding Ukraine).Works with ...


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