07.10.2021 Emission of hazardous substances

07.10.2021 Emission of hazardous substances

(Bt) in Limesstraße and in the Germanenring this morning there were disputes of substance, in which large quantities of diesel fuel were released. Five trucks parked in the commercial area of Galgengarten had been filled with a sharp object by unknown persons. According to the first estimates of the fire brigade, several hundreds of litres of diesel have entered the sewerage without hindrance. The Limesstraße and the Germanenring had to be completely closed for several hours to eliminate pollution. The police have already started the investigation.

07.10.2021 Gefahrstoffaustritt

Gardening at the building yard in the early morning, during work in the commercial area, a truck was noticed, from whose tank diesel fuel was discharged and distributed on the road. The alerted fire brigade later discovered four more trucks, at which unknown persons had also stabbed the fuel tanks with a pointed object. "by the time the damage was discovered, several hundreds of litres of diesel fuel had already run into the sewer inlets of Limesstraße. In addition to all this, one of the damaged trucks already drove away until our arrival and thus distributed further fuel in the Germanenring, "said Head of Operations Marc Wittig. The employees of the building yard gave oil alarm and stopped the transfer of the waste water towards Hanau in order to be able to capture and drain the fuel at the lift station.

In the meantime, the fire brigade captured the fuel that continued to run out and collected it in larger containers. An employee of the Bauhaus was able to temporarily seal the punctures on the tanks with an adhesive mass in order to prevent further leakage. In addition, the Limesstraße was also covered on a large scale with binders to bind the fuel. "for this purpose, Limesstraße and the Germanenring had to be closed for several hours. Further staff at the Bauhaus later picked up the granulate with a sweeper to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner, "the head of the operations continued. The police, who are also alarmed, have started investigations.

Photos: Wittig, Scholl and Sehring / FF Stadt Bruchköbel-Innenstadt